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  • How to Heal Yourself into Enlightenment?
    All the people who have ascended tell you that you do not need healing for ascension. But then you do have your Ego/Mind that is telling you to try a million things to “fix this” situation that you are in. And you are actually in the process of dismantling the Ego/Mind. So, of course your Ego/Mind will try to control this situation to stop you on your tracks.Saying that, healing is not bad. But it must be kept in mind that healing IS NOT ASCENSION. Ascension really does not require any healing but in order to get to the process of ascending, you must wear your Ego/Mind down.
  • Being Human: How to end suffering for good?

    Most decisions in life are driven by our wish to lessen suffering in our life. To make it more comfortable, more enjoyable, more peaceful and fulfilling. Somehow this life is always in the future and not here. This is because we are so good at creating suffering for ourselves without noticing.

    Every human being who is born into this world will have a pain body, as Eckhart Tolle calls it. A lot of it is formed from the experiences that we label as negative over the course of our life.

  • Being Human: Painful ascension? Blissful enlightenment.
    Many people experience Ego Death sometimes in their life. If they are not spiritual, they might not call it that. Some might think that this is ascension, but it is not.

    These painful experiences can act as triggers to ascension. But what really is ascension? And what is enlightenment where the ascension path leads? How can we get there?

    One thing for sure – there is no 10-step program you can follow to reach enlightenment. And there is a very simple reason why.

  • How to heal? Switch on your innate healing abilities
    If we look at the whole human body, then it reaches far beyond our physical world. It is an extremely sophisticated system that has self-repair programs built into it. In order to keep ourselves healthy and if needed, to heal ourselves and others, it is very important to understand the whole system.

    It is also important to understand the universal laws that govern all things – including our body and healing abilities. It is also important to understand the reason for the illness and approach healing accordingly.

  • Being Human: How To Work With Your Energetic Bodies?

    During my time in medical school, one of the things we had to learn was the anatomy of the human body. We memorized hundreds of muscle, bone, organ etc names in Latin with the functions that these were carrying out in the body.

    However – there was not a single word about the energetic makeup of the body. I have learned about it now after reading lots of books on spirituality, energetics and quantum physics.

    In the following I will try to describe what I have learned about the energetic makeup of the human body.

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