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Being Human: How To Work With Your Energetic Bodies?


During my time in medical school, one of the things we had to learn was the anatomy of the human body. We memorized hundreds of muscle, bone, organ etc names in Latin with the functions that these were carrying out in the body.

It was fascinating – the human body is like a very sophisticated biomachine. There is nothing for nothing and all of it is working together as a clockwork. Or so it should.

However – there was not a single word about the energetic makeup of the body. I have learned about it now after reading lots of books on spirituality, energetics and quantum physics.

Since even people with medical education only get half of the information, it is only natural that most people have no idea how to operate the bioenergetic system that a human being really is. 

Energetic Structure of Human Being

A human being can be described as a multidimensional bioenergetic system. 

One of the people who has been trying to explain how the physical and energetic work together in a human being is Joe Dispenza. That is why his meditations have resulted in miraculous recoveries from diseases that have no cure. He has described these experiences and experiments in his book “Becoming Supernatural”.

Everyone agrees that we do have the physical body. It can be seen and touched by ourselves and others. Many people feel that this is all they are. Or maybe this and their thoughts. And often it is agreed upon that the thoughts are produced by our brain. Actually this is not so. Thoughts are energy forms, just like emotions. These are both part of the human metaphysical plane. 

In the following I will try to describe what I have learned about the energetic makeup of the human body. Let’s start with a little picture that is very primitive, but might give you some idea.

Energetic bodies of a human being
Energetic bodies of a Human Being.
Most people only have conscious experience with one, some with two, very few with all three of them.


  1. Physical plane – physical body. Can be felt and seen by every human being. This is where our physical sensations take place.
  2. Metaphysical plane – our energy body that includes chakras and our physical body’s energy field. This is where the thought and emotional patterns get attached and form our personality. This is where the Ego/Mind is ruling us until we push it off the throne. This is also the plane that allows telepathy, reiki, energy readings to work. Because there are tiny particles of energy and light that can be detected and molded. This can be felt and seen by more sensitive people, the ability is available for all people but most have this muted due to excessive thought activities. It can be measured by certain scientific equipment.


  1. Non-physical plane – Soul energy. This is being, knowing and intuition. There are no words to describe it because the moment you try to say something about it, it is incorrect. Our language is based on duality and there are no words to describe something that just is. It is no-thing. It is the unborn, unnamed as Buddha called it. It can only be experienced, not measured.

All the physical has its roots in the metaphysical. And metaphysical energy is heavily influenced by singularity. This is why there is always an energetic pattern present in the metaphysical field before the disease is developed in our body. I have talked more about how this works in another post.

How does it all work?

As we are born to this world, we start to accumulate energy patterns (thoughts, emotions) through life experiences. This is what we use to make up our personality. That is why most people list their jobs and main personality traits when asked who they are.

The most painful emotions along with certain thought patterns that “feed” these that are especially strongly attached to us form our so-called pain body. As its name refers, the pain body loves pain. The way it feeds can be explained like this:

  1. Some external event activates a certain emotion from our past (something that we have experienced and did not make us feel good)
  2. Then the thought patterns kick in that make the emotion stronger
  3. It also helps when someone else that we can share these thoughts and feelings is agreeing to it.

The only way this energy entity that is not you can feed off your energy, is when you identify with it. The moment you step out of it and acknowledge and observe, it is cut off. Some of the stronger patterns might try again another time, but then these will also be weaker, until totally diminished.

And then there is the Ego – energetic entity that is part of us but not really who we are, who has the job of keeping us alive in a way. But very often it has gone haywire and is controlling our life and very strongly tries to protect the personality. Because this is what it has identified as you. And you are the one who has allowed it. 

You are not your personality, you are not your body, you are not your mind or your job or your great sense of humor that makes you The Funny Guy. You are the energy behind all activities in your life observing it all – your thoughts, emotions, ups and downs.

The reason why we have come so far from the essence of who we are is because nobody has taught us how to operate the extremely complex bioenergetic machine called human being. If we were taught from our childhood what our emotions and thoughts are and how to handle them, our lives and the world in general would be a totally different place.

In order to gain access to our Soul, we have to break through the “package” that we carry in our metaphysical plane. That is why the Dark Night of the Soul/Ego Death leads to awakening. There are also people who awaken instantly, without the Ego Death but these are not as common as the first group.

Energetic field - astral body
This is what our dualistic energetic body – astral body, looks like with all the thoughts and emotions attached to it. This also illustrates our pain body being formed by stronger thought and emotional patterns and our personality.
Our Ego is the one guarding all of this.

Most people have their life run by their Ego/Mind. They think that they are in charge of their life, when in fact they are totally unable to exercise their free will because without knowing all their decisions and actions are executed by the pre-programmed patterns of their mind. These are influenced by society, religion, personal experiences and actions of idols.

There is no coming to consciousness without pain. People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own Soul. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of lights, but by making the darkness conscious.

– C.G. Jung

Living like this is like trying to fill the bottomless cup. There are glimpses of satisfaction but never real feeling of fulfillment. It very often also results in choosing a life path that takes up a lot of energy and causes stress to keep going at it. It is like that because it is not really your path. And unhappy people tend to lash out at others and their environment. We all can see the result of that with our own eyes.

How to Access Your Soul

Most people think that they have to do something in the physical plane to change their life. But the whole world actually works from inside out. This is why they say “As within, so without”. The place where everything starts is actually the non-physical plane. This is what you need to become really familiar with. 

The only way to experience the Soul energy is in the present moment, because that is the only state in the dualistic life that is singularity. The present moment just is… right now. Same as the energy in singularity. When you feel it, the thoughts will lose their power or subside for periods of time.

There is no need to fight the thoughts. You just have to accept them as they are but not to become them. You have to observe them and know that this is not you. You will notice how they fade away – even the meanest ones. And you will learn to distinguish between the energy of your mind and your Soul. As you ascend, your mind also gets sneakier and tries harder to “play” your Soul energy.

Eckhart Tolle has described in his teachings how to access the present moment. It is good to read and live by the book called “The Power of Now”

Being present has to become the primary mode of living. You can still get pulled into thoughts but as you get used to bringing yourself back into the present moment over and over again, your thoughts run out of energy. You do not even have to heal any thought or emotional patterns because these will just subside. Because you are changing your core frequency to the frequency of your Soul, these nagging thoughts or destructive emotional patterns no longer have anywhere to attach and will run their course.

The Two States of Being

There are only two main energies you are operating from – Soul and Mind. This could also be said as being conscious versus being unconscious. Most people operate from their Mind. 

The key to get to your Soul energy is to accept the current moment as it is – it is perfect right now because you designed it for yourself. The next step is to be really present here and now and feel the stillness in it. This will lead you to feel the love, peace, zen energy of your Soul. And that love is not the fear-based love that people are chasing most of their lives but unconditional love that just is.

Access to Soul Energy through being present. Accepting the present moment as perfect and being fully conscious in it. I AM is the Observer, pure consciousness, self-awareness.

In order to move from the Mind energy to the Soul energy, it will take time and patience. It is not hard to focus on the present moment, but it can be hard and painful when the layers of Ego/Mind start to break down. It is not called Ego Death for the fun of it – death is painful.

This is probably one reason why most people end up not doing the job. Even after getting out of the Ego Death, the energy is still fluctuating until it is balancing out. But this is when you are already conscious and can understand what is going on with you. 

Energy balancing
This is just an illustration of how your energies balance out after the Ego Death and during the Awakening process.

There are different phases in this process that you go through. You cannot skip any of these steps or speed them up in any way. You can extend it though if you resist it. In any case, if you decide or are forced to make the shift and work through it, it is so worth it. 

Effects of Being Present

By practicing, you remain in your Soul frequency for longer and longer and it will become your permanent state of being. This affects your metaphysical plane and through that also your physical life. Your life situation will improve and you will find that life carries you to the exact place and people and actions that feel deeply satisfying.

The non-physical energy is the basis of everything you experience in your life. Once you shift into this frequency, your thoughts will change. You become more productive because your energy is only focused on the things you try to achieve, not going all over the place. You will not be back in your childhood fighting with the neighbour’s kid when you are trying to write an article or playing with your kid. You will not be somewhere in the future imagining a happier life when talking to your spouse. 

You are more present with everything and everyone. You become a better person in all areas of your life. 

Another thing that might happen, is that you might change your profession. Your Soul will try to carry you to the life path that you were meant to walk. Sometimes, especially when one fights it, these changes will happen suddenly and there will be chaos for a period of time in your life.

But if you let yourself be carried, the change will happen almost seamlessly and one day you just wake up and notice how you are in a totally new place in your life. And it is always more fulfilling and blissful.

All adversities in life become easier to overcome. The strength that comes from the inner peace and balance is not affected by the external circumstances. You know that you can overcome everything and that it is all good for something. You stop fighting with your life and start living it. You actually start enjoying life and feel amazing. And it is all coming from inside of you. 


So in order to be “a fully fledged human being” as Sadhguru loves to say, you would have to work with all you are. It is much easier to do that once you have some knowledge of it and are able to consciously direct your energy. 

It can take time and does require patience to step on this journey. The best guide for you is your Soul that speaks to you through your heart. These messages come to you through intuition as knowing or feeling. Something that cannot be explained by your mind and that you have no doubt about. 

I hope that one day all our children will be taught this as they are growing up for this would make the whole of humanity and this planet a much nicer place.

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