Healing the whole

How to heal? Switch on your innate healing abilities


Nowadays it seems extremely important to know how to keep yourself healthy and also when already not feeling well, how to heal yourself fast. 

In order to do that people do all sorts of things – exercise, eat vitamins and minerals, do not eat certain things, the list is endless. It is because everyone has a different opinion on what is healthy and what is not. Healthy things are like trends – one day something is in, the other day it is out.

Some say that positive people do not get sick, but they do. Some say that it depends on your blood type, but that also has no foundation whatsoever. Then there are the ones who keep their physical form almost at the level of professional athletes and hope to keep their health this way. The list goes on and on.

I wrote about the mechanics of illnesses in a previous post, now let’s have a look at the health and healing possibilities.

The foundation to healing

Quants (prana, chi, qi, astral light, mana, bioenergy) is the main “material” that nature uses to create. First it creates the energy body, only after that the physical body is created. 

Quantum particles are invisible, energy vibrations waiting to be manifested in the physical form. At this stage – physical and energetic exist at the same plane. Prana vibration is first changed into electromagnetic impulses and then into materia. 

Impulses from an energetic body can create all sorts of changes in the physical. Meditation and praying are the usual means to get in touch with the inner quantum field. Everything that exists in our body can be changed by focus and strong intention. 

Modern medicine

Modern medicine does not look at human beings as a holistic system. It is more focussed on fighting symptoms than fixing the cause problems. Mostly because it has no idea what these are.

Aslo, it would not be beneficial for certain economic sectors, if everyone knew how to heal themselves or did not get sick at all. The effects of medicines are very often against the rules of natural evolution. This ends up forcing viruses to mutate and if our organism is not allowed to naturally find the best response to the newly “created” disease, then it will fail.

Considering how well developed modern medicine is, it is totally mind blowing how many people are sick or suffer under chronic illnesses. However, this is not to blame modern medicine, we are the ones responsible for our destiny.

pills to heal
Modern medicine uses “one-fits-all” approach and focuses on symptoms not the whole being.
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70% of the world’s illnesses can be healed by alternative medicine and only 30% by modern medicine. 

The holistic approach for healing

Our physical body has developed into such a state, that it tries to maintain balance within itself at all costs. It has a self-healing system that works miracles, if allowed. The one that has to do the allowing is our mind. The thought-forms have very strong energetic fields, especially when fortified by emotions, this often ends up disabling our self-healing mechanisms.

Ayurveda, shamanism, homoeopathy and many other traditional medicine fields use energetic planes and holistic approaches to provide healing. The best results always come from our own body healing itself.

The approach of such healing is based on soft, step-by-step changes as in nature and therefore these do not have any unwanted side effects. Instead of dealing with symptoms that push the cause of the disease deeper into our body (often creating chronic conditions), these stimulate our body to fight the cause and eliminate the sickness once and for all.

healing the whole
Just as the health of each leaf reflects the health of the roots, so does each symptom indicate to a deeper cause. Photo: @jeremybishop

The first step in such treatment is always finding the energetic cause of the condition. The cure is always taking into account the individuality of the person and the environment where he lives.

It is based on the fact that everything is energy. Life is energy. When the energy stops flowing in our body, death occurs. When the energy flow is blocked, we get sick. Every cell of our body is like an energy sponge sucking in all surrounding bioenergy and storing it. 

Even if we do not acknowledge or believe in energy, we are still submerged in it. And it has a huge effect on our body. This is why it is very important to consider the environment, the company we are keeping and the thoughts and emotions of our daily lives. Most illnesses are created from energy blockages caused by suppressed emotions and thoughts.

There is a direct link between our karma and mental and physical health. Every negative thought pattern shortens our life and reflects in our physical health. Every unease has to have a physical outcome because all our thoughts, feelings and emotions become chemical substances in our body.

Healing has to be different for each case if you look at the person and the evolution of the illness in that person as one whole. Even if two people have exactly the same diagnosis in modern medicine, then the background and cause for the disease might be totally different and therefore the cure for the condition should vary. 

Just breathe and heal

Energetic “breathing” is the basis for a healthy biorhythm in a cell. It consists of energy intake, energy storage and energy passage. One of the first indications is the cell’s ability to metabolize normally. 

It is very important to breathe correctly. Most people do not get enough energy from breathing just because they do not know how to breathe. Many people do not breathe without any pauses between breaths and exhale too much carbon dioxide. But this is vital for healthy bodily functions. 

Bioacoustic energy protects the body and is able to heal us. Each virus can be destroyed using a certain frequency. Even the strongest substance on Earth – diamond – can evaporate when exposed to a certain frequency of ultraviolet light.

It does not take much effort when using the right frequencies – either light or sound. Depending on the frequency it can either be healing or destructive to the cell. This is why people do not live very long if placed in a very noisy environment.

Certain frequencies make things appear and the others disappear. There is a universal law that you cannot destroy anything from the same frequency it was created from.

That is why when you create an illness from a certain emotional state, you cannot get rid of it from the same state of being. Your body needs a different frequency to get rid of it. So first you have to realign yourself with higher frequency and then you will get better.

Restoring health seems to be such a hard task – especially when we are trying to resolve it with our mind. Our mind likes to slice things up to understand but restoring health is quite the opposite – restoring the wholeness, the balance.

Are you going to worry yourself out of a problem?

Eckhart Tolle

We are trying to “fix” something that does not need fixing. We are trying to create something that we have no idea how it was created in the first place. Our mind has got this grand idea that if we crack one or other mystery, then it becomes all powerful. When actually this power is already inside of us, but the mind has nothing to do with it.

Our body cannot believe or not believe. Our mind can, therefore our mind has a huge influence over our body. Unless we become conscious and gain control of our mind, the vices of our mind will slowly start to destroy our body.

Dr. Joe Dispenza has recorded countless recoveries from incurable conditions by teaching people to use their own inner power. Science is good for measuring and recording, but it is not able to create miracles. These recoveries have all come from within.

Healing yourself

The best cure for everything is conscious livingbeing present.

For example, stress is the number one cause for diseases. Stress is always caused by past grievances that we expect to happen in the future. This causes us unlimited suffering and it is totally generated by ourselves using our thoughts and focussing on something that does not exist here and now.

If a person is capable of creating the disease, he is also capable of curing it. Diseases can be cured by getting to know your true self. The energy that surrounds us and flows through us has a huge impact on us. 

Consciousness is very powerful and it can help even with the most hopeless cases and result with miracle recoveries.

All people are not able to step into the present moment because their mind is still too active. They would need to work out something to do to help themselves. One of such things they can try is clearing karma. This has very fast effects on the immune system. We cannot stay healthy when there is conflict either inside or outside of us.

Another thing to keep in mind is what you consume. Besides food our body also “feeds” on energy that is formed by emotions and thoughts. So just as important as it is to eat healthy, is to observe what kind of thoughts occupy your mind. 

Opening and balancing the energy channels is also beneficial. Opening the energy channel does not always mean instant healing, because the energy body is weakened and the channel closes again after a little while. So the healing has to start from strengthening the overall energy body and then it will help us to heal ourselves.

The energy flow of our etheric body can be disturbed easily and it can happen very fast in certain circumstances and then our natural resistance to disease will fall rapidly. The faster such decline is happening, the harder the disease.

Sometimes we are stopping ourselves from healing because we are so used to our thought patterns and often even addicted to certain emotions and body chemistry that accompanies it. Suppressed feelings and chronic stress are very hard to fight.

Healing others

In order to become someone who can heal others using energy, we have to heal ourselves first. The level on which we can access higher energies for healing others depends on how high our own vibration is. We do not heal anyone, we first become the mirror to feel the patient using our own energy body by disregarding our “self”.

The level we can step out of our self is the level we can access the other. Then we become the channel through which the higher energy flows through and heals the patient. The higher our vibration, the stronger the energy and the effect of the healing are also stronger and are more permanent. 

All diseases should be treated the same way – by helping the patient to get back to health, not fighting the condition. Our body knows how to heal itself if we are strong enough. The patient will start to move towards recovery once they have regained the lost energetic balance.

Energetic massages have an effect on the physical and etheric body. But no massage is able to have any effect on higher energy bodies. In order to heal higher energy bodies it is required to have a conversation during which all the problems are mapped and different methods are introduced to the patient.

This can only help if the patient is open and ready to understand their own responsibility for healing that starts with changing internally. Some shamanic or other spiritual rituals can also help with this. Usually healing involves changing well established thought or emotional patterns in the patient and to enable the patient the power to tackle these, we have to start with other methods to add more strength to the patient. 

The Goal

The main goal for medicine should be to keep people from getting sick. If a person does not want to get better and is not cooperating or if the patient is working against the healer, he sides with the disease and it is impossible to heal them.

However, the true healing of the patient is always the job of the patient. The healer can only assist and show the way but the work has to be done by the one feeding the illness. True healing is restoring health and also preventing any relapses. 

It is also said that if the patient is unable to pay for the healing, it is caused by their karma and such a person should not be healed. This means that they are so far off from their soul path that nobody from outside is unable to help them. And in such cases the disease is there to purify and teach the patient. 

It is also not allowed to heal someone who is dying. The suffering can be eased but it is a waste of healer’s energy to try to heal such a person.

Since such healing is not science but art, one cannot really teach it but can learn it. The way to learn it is to start working on yourself. More we know ourselves, the deeper you can go and the more you can understand and are able to sense the patients. There are no rules, only enlightenment


Being unwell is a clear indicator that some of your energies are not flowing freely and you should look deep within yourself. Even though you would like to escape the uncomfortable situation of being ill, it is really the time to be extra present. In fact the time of illness is really the time for deep inner inspection. You are your own best healer. 

The best way to keep your health is to not allow the imbalances inside yourself grow so far that physical imbalances appear. It is totally possible to be untouched by all the viruses during the flu season when you are totally balanced. The virus is after all a certain type of frequency of energy that needs to find a match to be able to stay in place and grow.

Once you are in contact with your Inner Self, it is easy to keep the balance. It takes no effort whatsoever – you exercise as much as you need, you eat what is good for you, your mind is calm and your emotions are balanced. More balanced you are inside, the more balanced everything in the outside world – including your body.

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