• How to find your talent: download your maximum life plan from universe
    In this post we see how to analyze your family, your own life and passions to find your talent.
  • The Dark Night of The Soul: Why is it happening? How to get out of it?
    Everyone of us has some low periods in life, but some of them stand out. These are usually the ones that start very suddenly and bring with it the biggest changes in our lives. Sometimes it can be such a big change in life circumstances that it ends up changing our personality and general direction in life. These periods feel like hell and there seems to be no way out.
  • A New Angle: Health, Energy and Sickness
    These days it is especially important to understand how to maintain our health. I bet most people have not really understood the mechanics of how we get sick. And by most people I would also include health professionals. I have also finished a medical school and none of this what I am about to write here was covered in our curriculum.
  • Fear – a bad ally, a good teacher. The best ways to fight fear.
    Fear is a false experience that feels real. Very often we imagine that we are somehow in danger from a situation when there is no real threat. Since our brains are highly evolved there is not a single thing in the world that someone was not afraid of. And all these fears are driving from one fear – the fear of death. 
  • Manifestation: A 5-Step Guide And The Hidden Traps
    Here I will discuss the basic technique and mistakes that people make when manifesting. Also – some vital points to consider that are often not mentioned when talking about the manifestation.
  • What Should You Know About Karma?
    Karma is a sum of all previous actions. And it is not defined by only this lifetime but all existence that your soul has previously gone through. And it is the energy from where your future arises.
  • Information fields. What is an egregore? Good or bad?
    How information and egregores are connected? How egregores make us do certain things in life? Is there a way to become free and step out of the unwanted energies?
  • Why Is Your Vibration Important? And 5 Ways To A Better Life
    The law of attraction states that you can only manifest what matches your vibration. So in order to get a happy life, you have to vibrate at the “happy” frequency. Raising your frequency sounds like a science experiment. It is not as complicated as you might think.
  • How to use quantum physics for manifestation and activate the law of attraction
    Quantum physics is the new approach to explain the way our universe operates. It also gives us scientific explanation how energy affects the physical world. This is also how the manifestation actually works.
  • Why you need to get in alignment with yourself? No 1 thing to your new improved life
    Being in alignment with yourself means that you are living in harmony with your Inner Self, your life purpose. You might think that you are doing ok, even though things could always be better, but why should you change anything? It is all good. Well, what if it could all be great, amazing, wonderful? What would be the 1st step to achieve a better life?
  • Your thoughts can unlock your happiness and full potential
    I believe every person has had a moment in life when their thoughts are racing without the “owner” having no control over it. How can we be mindful of our thoughts and how do thoughts affect our life?
  • You need to know if Ego is bad + 3 new rulers of your life
    Some think that Ego is who we are, some consider egoistic people the worst in the world. Until Ego runs free, it is the main thing ruling you and therefore extremely important. After reading and researching the subject quite a bit, I found out that Ego is actually not very important at all after you have gained control over it.