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  • Twin Flames: Quantum Physics Explains Soul Recognition
    It is very hard for people who have never experienced being a Soul recognition in Twin Flame connection, to understand how it is different from any other romantic relationship that left a strong impression
  • Being Human: How To Work With Your Energetic Bodies?

    During my time in medical school, one of the things we had to learn was the anatomy of the human body. We memorized hundreds of muscle, bone, organ etc names in Latin with the functions that these were carrying out in the body.

    However – there was not a single word about the energetic makeup of the body. I have learned about it now after reading lots of books on spirituality, energetics and quantum physics.

    In the following I will try to describe what I have learned about the energetic makeup of the human body.

  • The Dark Night of The Soul: Why is it happening? How to get out of it?
    Everyone of us has some low periods in life, but some of them stand out. These are usually the ones that start very suddenly and bring with it the biggest changes in our lives. Sometimes it can be such a big change in life circumstances that it ends up changing our personality and general direction in life. These periods feel like hell and there seems to be no way out.
  • A New Angle: Health, Energy and Sickness
    These days it is especially important to understand how to maintain our health. I bet most people have not really understood the mechanics of how we get sick. And by most people I would also include health professionals.I have also finished a medical school and none of this what I am about to write here was covered in our curriculum.
  • What Should You Know About Karma?
    Karma is a sum of all previous actions. And it is not defined by only this lifetime but all existence that your soul has previously gone through. And it is the energy from where your future arises.
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