Hi, my name is Katherina.

In this life I am a woman, a lover, a partner, a mother, a friend, a daughter, a sister…

But who am I, really?

I’m an infinite spiritual being of energy and universal force. I am love, I am light, I am strength, I am wisdom, I am one with all that exists. I am perfect and complete and at the same in constant transformation of learning and growing.

I am… and I will not be the same ever again.

How did I get here?

When I was 3, my father died. Physically he was gone, but I have felt him standing beside me all my life. I guess that was one major event in my life that made me more aware of the world that exists beyond what we can see and touch.

Many weird things happened to me when I was younger that I didn’t understand or even notice. I was very sensitive to big crowds and places like graveyards made me physically ill, but I couldn’t make anything of it.

When I turned 30, everything changed. My life changed, I changed. I suddenly woke up – there were signs everywhere, there were whispers in the wind and water, there were vivid dreams and even what you might call hallucinations. I was going crazy for sure – that was my first thought.

Luckily I didn’t turn to the traditional doctor for help, but to someone who became my mentor. She assured me that all that was happening to me was perfectly normal, that I should not fight anything and listen carefully to the quiet voice inside. That at times was not quiet at all. She showed me the entrance to the world of miracles but I had to go down that rabbit hole all by myself.

I met my mentor 5 times over 10 years. And between these visits I read a lot of books, listened to many podcasts, went through subconscious mind cleansing hypnosis and meditated for countless hours.

I learned about energies, karma, metaphysics, crystals, different meditations, human energy bodies and so much more. It was not easy and at times my brain was hurting from all the information but it was all worth it.

I was in the 4th grade of my „basic school of life“ when I had a daughter. I did not only given birth to her, I had given birth to myself. My brain was suddenly so switched on as if someone had plugged me into some extra wavelengths to gain information.

The triggers that push as into ascension can be different for everyone. I have experience several different ones myself – death of a close family member, losing a job, losing love… and the “king” of them all – Soul recognition (Twin Flame). Each of these resulted with an Ego Death and every time I was pushed to move deeper into being – being Soul, being Life…

It can be horrifying to be awake. It will most definitely take quite some time to get used to. But at some point it becomes amazing, miraculous, inspiring and fulfilling. This is when you will understand your purpose, live it and be so happy. It brings endless joy and peace in your life and you can never turn back to the way things were before.

For the first 7 years I had no idea how to put the things I was experiencing into words. But then it started to crystallize and here I am, trying to write it down with a hope that it might help someone on the similar journey.

So welcome, dear Soul, to the journey of sweat and tears, love, joy and harmony.

With love,


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