You need to know if Ego is bad + 3 new rulers of your life

Some think that Ego is who we are, some consider egoistic people the worst in the world. Until Ego runs free, it is the main thing ruling you and therefore extremely important. After reading and researching the subject quite a bit, I found out that Ego is actually not very important at all after you have gained control over it.

How did I get to finding out about Ego?

Now, I must emphasise that the following is purely my understanding of human energetic setup. It is based on the books I have read, visions I have had during deep meditations and things experienced during the past life regression hypnosis that was performed on me years ago in London.

Each of us should form their own understanding of life, but reading about other’s experiences can help you to find your own truth and this is exactly why I share this with you.

I have always struggled with believing that we are only the physical body that comes to this world so helpless and usually exits again in a quite helpless state.

I have graduated from medical school and studied human anatomy. It is quite clever machinery. Yet it is obvious that it takes something that we cannot put our finger on, that gives us personality and drives us through life.

I was about 28 when my friend gave me a book to read. She was trying to convince me to do the past life regression hypnosis with her. It was done individually, but still, this is how the girls are. The book was called „Life between Lives“ by Michael Newton.

The book was very interesting and it was hard to dismiss the things written in there since it was based on the past life hypnosis of more than six thousand people, or so it claims.

Anyway, I got interested enough to sign up for the hypnosis. And to be honest, I was not ready for what was expecting me. It was a life-altering experience. It took 7 hours and the things that I experienced during that time cleared up so many questions I had about myself as a human being.

In a course of that I also experienced my death and the world beyond it. You really can’t explain what it feels or looks like. All I can say that I have not yet experienced so much love and peace and light anywhere in this world.

Past life regression hypnosis
Past life regression hypnosis takes you through your previously lived life, death and to the world between lives. It may be performed only by a certified practitioner.
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It really opened my eyes about being responsible for everything in my life. From the parents we have chosen, to the gender and body and country we live in. There are many things we have decided before entering this life that are driving us. There is a purpose for the Soul to accomplish certain things and all we can do is to toughen up and get on with it.

Years later when I met up with my mentor, I had got to a point where she felt it necessary to introduce me to the different „rulers“ of the human being. I had seen these during one of my meditations and could not put it into words.

Ego and the Self who should be ruling us

To list the few of the energy bodies that are playing bigger or smaller role in moving us along in this world – there are the Shadow, the Ego, the Body Self, the Inner Self, the Middle Self, the Higher Self, the Spirit, the Soul, the Collective Consciousness and so on.

I will go through the few main characters in this post, starting with the most popular one.

The Ego-Self and the Middle Self

In Hawaiian it is called A-uhane – it translates to “the spirit that talks”. Which is You, the conscious self. It is the voice in your head you like to call you. Most of the time people don’t even think about it and consider it to be the voice of their physical body – their reason.

The Middle Self is the one giving the voice to the messages. But where do these messages come from. There are two sources – one of them is the Ego and another is the Spirit or the Inner Self.

It is also called our Ego-Self if it carries the message from the Ego. And in most cases, it is exactly who rules our lives. Ego is the one that we are all aware of since it is the easiest to identify with. In very many cases it is the only part of Self that we ever know in this life.

The Ego is only interested in fulfilling its endless needs and it enjoys the current status. The Ego hates development and change. It rules with fear and negativity, self-doubt and self-worthlessness. When the Ego rules our life there is a certain limit to what we can become or accomplish in life.

Ego is limiting your abilities to learn and grow. Therefore it is not good to have Ego set your goals in life and direct your will-power.
The Ego is limiting your abilities to learn and grow. Therefore it is not good to have the Ego set your goals in life and direct your will-power. Photo from:

I once heard someone say that the ceiling of what Ego can come up with as our life goal is in the cellar of what our Spirit is capable of. Therefore it is quite a waste of a life to let „the voice of reason“ as we also call Ego’s voice, rule our lives.

Everyone can still hear the quiet whispers of our inner Spirit every now and then amongst the loud chatter of the Ego. But we must learn to listen to it more and quiet down our Ego. That is the greatest challenge of all.

The Ego’s language is negative thoughts and feelings that are put into words. It reacts to our own and also outside power of thought. It always reflects itself.

Some believe that Ego is the one keeping us alive but that is actually our Body Self that warns us of the dangers that might danger our physical existence. I will go into this subject more deeply in future posts. Now back to the Middle Self.

The Middle Self’s language is words and it labels all memories either bad or good. Memories that are stored in our subconscious. So it is very important not to let the ever negative Ego to label our memories and program us.

We have to work hard to switch the source of our voice of the Middle Self to become the voice of the Inner Spirit (Inner Self). It is also very important since the Will-power that makes us act and channel our energy to achieve goals in life has to serve the needs of the Spirit not the insatiable wishes of the Ego. The malfunctioning of the Will derives directly from connecting the Will to our Ego rather than to our Spirit.

If we gain ability to access all levels of our Selves with our Middle Self then our full potential is released.

The Inner or Lower Self

In Hawaiian it is called A-unihipili – it translates to “the spirit that clings”, the subconscious. It is also called the Inner Child and it clings to our Middle Self for information. The Middle Self is a god for the Inner Self. So, you see how important it is to gain control over the messages from the Middle Self and restrain your Ego.

The Inner Self is your Spirit force that should be leading all our other Selves within us. Unfortunately, Ego is the loudest one and in most cases pushes the Inner Self off the throne. our goal is for the Inner Self to take responsibility for this life.

The Inner Self stores all conscious and unconscious memories, including all ancestral memories. It is responsible for genetic programming and cell memories. The Inner Self saves all the  experiences from all our lives ever lived. The label of the memory being good or bad always comes from the Middle Self.

The Inner Self can access the collective unconscious through the Higher Self. It also regulates unconscious bodily functions. We can access the Body Self through Inner Self. In a way it is the middleman to „talk“ to other Selves besides the Middle Self.

The development and growth of the Inner Self is dependent on learning and knowing more. It learns through repetition or command. It gets all its information from the Middle Self that determines which facts are allowed to be stored in the subconscious.

The things your heart believes in (subconscious) are the things you expect and therefore perceive in your life. People who only believe in extremes have only one way to be happy. This subject has actually been researched thoroughly over the years by scientists and has been known for many decades.

The language of the Inner Self is not words but imagery and impressions. In order for the Inner Self to understand and decode the messages in images, it needs feelings that are genuine. Often, it is required to really go deep into the feeling so that you sense it with the physical body.

The Inner Self is sometimes also referred to as one’s Power Animal. It is not something from outside that possesses you but rather your internal energy pattern that you own.

Your Inner Self is the one supposed to rule you instead of your Ego. In order to get to know it meditation and shamanic drum journey can be used.
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The Inner Self uses the aspect of the mind that is below the level of your consciousness. So we might say that our Inner Self uses a process (mind) that is hidden beneath the surface of the awareness and which is not analytical or logical, but literal and factual. In other words – it takes all that it gets from the Middle Self literally and exactly. It processes words and verbalised thoughts and converts them into imagery patterns and stores them in its memory bank (subconscious).

The Inner Self is rooted in love. Choices made from this place are always for your highest good and greatest benefit, and for the best interest of everyone around you.

It lives in your heart.

The Higher Self

In Hawaiian it is called Aumakua – it has many translations but my favourite one is “to flow through that which holds together generations”. The Higher Self, also called our Soul Self, is our unconscious.

The Higher Self functions in the Soul body. It is located above our head. It can see our past, present and future. It is our link to the Universal Source of knowledge and to the Collective Mind. It functions as an observer.

We can tap to its knowledge when we connect to our Inner Self. In order to be able to communicate with your Higher Self you must first understand that you are inherently linked with the creative Intelligence that exists outside of Time and Space. Next, you must want to communicate with it since it only responds when it is asked to do so.

The Higher Self will not intervene in your life unless you invite it. It can only be approached through your Inner Self. The unconscious of your mind can only be accessed through the subconscious. Your Inner Self also guards the entrance to your Soul.


So you see that by knowing your many Selves and learning to control your Ego can help you greatly to gain control of your life. Instead of letting life happen to you, you can make it happen for you through following your true potential and fulfilling the goals of your Soul rather than the needs of the Ego.

If you would like to know more about how to reprogram your thoughts, you can read about it in my other post here.

If you would like to read more about the many spiritual rulers of a human then I suggest a book „Shamanic Spirit: A Practical Guide to Personal Fulfillment“ by Kenneth Meadows.

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