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Why you need to get in alignment with yourself? No 1 thing to your new improved life

Being in alignment with yourself means that you are living in harmony with your Inner Self, your life purpose. You might think that you are doing ok, even though things could always be better, but why should you change anything? It is all good. Well, what if it could all be great, amazing, wonderful? What would be the 1st step to achieve a better life?

Where to start to get in alignment with yourself?

That is an easy question to answer, not so easy to put in practice though. The answer is – you have to take control of your life.

What it means is you have to understand that you are responsible for everything in your life. And it does not mean that you are finally starting to pay your own bills. It means you are literally responsible for everything that manifests each moment in your life. 

For example, if you had an unhappy childhood – it was you. You chose the parents before you were born into this world so that your childhood could help you to become the person you are today. This was necessary to give you these exact experiences in life to help you learn and grow.

You have to be thankful for all the people and circumstances in your life that have helped you to get here. As you stand here today and look at yourself – you are stronger and wiser and have your unique knowledge and skills in life only thanks to all of this.

Now you might argue that surely if someone else is nasty to me then it cannot be me who is responsible. I am good. The moment you think that it is someone else’s fault, means that someone else is ruling your life. That sounds rather odd and a bit scary to be honest. 

No one but you can see your life for what it is and no one else really cares for how all the tiny details in it work out. And if someone who is actually blind to see your life in its entirety, is ruling it, it is like you have given the wheel to a blind person and you are standing next to them screaming and blaming them for not seeing the tree in the middle of the road. Did you forget? – they are blind. 

Now, some of you might want to argue – but my mum did everything for me. No, don’t kid yourself. Even your mum can only see her own life in its entirety. If she is trying to live yours, she is simply not wanting to look at her own. And she is most loving but still a blind person behind the wheel that rules your life.

Why does it feel so hard to take control of your life?

Even if you don’t want to admit it, the reason probably is that you are scared or just lazy. If all the things happening to you are someone else’s fault, then there is nothing you can do about it. And yet, only you can do something about it.

It is not what you tell other people that matters. It is what you honestly tell yourself. What do you do about it? You only live for yourself. No one else really cares for your life as much as you do. They are far too busy with themselves.

And, yes, it feels sooooo hard in the beginning. You contradict yourself every moment you get. It is actually your ego that is trying to “keep you safe”. You can read more about the culprit called ego from my previous post

It takes some serious work to convince yourself that you will be safe if you take responsibility for your life. The blaming game is one very hard habit to break. Also – you actually have to make “ruling your life” one of your hobbies in a way. You need to put some time aside every day to analyse why things take place in your life and what is the trigger of it. It means your pace of life might get quite a bit slower but the quality will also improve as you do it. 

For example, if you have a conflict with your co-worker or boss, instead of blaming their actions or attitude, you would take time to think about what you have done to cause it. It is impossible to be in conflict with a person who is not in conflict with themselves. And the cause of the reaction from the world might lie in a totally different part of your life. It is usually something you did against your own character. 

We get so caught up with blaming the others and reacting to their reactions to our inner problems that we very often miss the signs. These conflicts are always indicating that we are not living the life we are supposed to. We are missing something really important. We should stop, think and feel. I’d say that the last is the most important one. Since we do tend to lie to ourselves more than to anyone else.

Now, how do you know you are lying to yourself or let’s not be so hard, try to convince yourself that you are on the right track with your life even though you are not. If you learn to feel your inner calling, your Inner Self, then you will know that the plan you are trying to force into existence is not right for you. It will feel wrong for you. 

It doesn’t matter how much you try to rationally convince yourself – it will still not feel 100% right. Remember, it can sound perfectly rational though. But if you are in alignment with yourself, you feel amazing, excited, happy and have no doubt that you will achieve it. Even if it seems impossible looking at your current circumstances.

Sometimes we try to convince ourselves so hard very hard that we are on the right track because we cannot see any alternative. Sometimes we get so busy with it that we cannot imagine anything more and we cannot imagine how to get there. And if we cannot see how to get there, then it cannot be right, right?

Universe will try to guide you to get in alignment with yourself
You have to look at the hardships in life as messages and analyse the reason behind it.

That is exactly where we usually fail ourselves. We do not have to see the whole road to the top of the mountain from the bottom of the valley. All you need is to just know that the top exists. And that there is always a way up there, but you do not need to know every step you take to get there before you set out to conquer it.

The many benefits of being in alignment with yourself

The first one to see the goods of living the life that is true to your Inner Self is, of course, you. And that will make you much happier. It would be silly to think that you are isolated from the world, you are actually part of a bigger picture. And a very important part – all people connected to you will benefit from you getting in alignment with yourself. 

Magic of living in alignment with yourself
Life feels so much better when you get in alignment with yourself.

You will see how others in your family might start getting lucky breaks. Surely, it is a coincidence. Yes, it is, until you understand that you are responsible for your life. And you are not responsible for your family members but if you take responsibility for you, then their life will also get better and you can be happy about their successes as well. 

It can be scientifically proven by quantum physics, but I am trying to keep this post an easy read. I will write about it in another post. Just saying that we are all living in one energy field and if one member of the close connections is raising their vibration, it will have a pulling effect on everyone else in the same grid.

How to know if you are on the right track?

Now you might have done all the hard work and follow the right path in your life… for the whole 2 hours or 2 weeks. And you start to doubt if it is the right thing – is there really a way up to that mountain you are aiming to conquer?

You might even think that you need someone to confirm that you are on a right track and ask your friends or family. It can help you or it can stop you – it very much depends on the person you are asking. Sometimes we can have too high aims for the person who we are asking for confirmation and then if they doubt in it, our own doubts only grow bigger.

The easiest way to know if you are on the right track is to check with your Inner Self when starting to doubt. Does this still feel right? There are also many signs that can confirm you are on a right track. Some might say that you will always see what you want in the world. But the trick with these signs is that you are not actively looking for them, you discover them. 

It is like a story of the expedition of Kon Tiki – when the Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl set out to cross the Pacific Ocean from South America to the Polynesian islands on a raft. He did not expect that the knots in the ropes would tighten as the wood expanded when it got wet. Or that the flying fish would jump on the raft so that he had a fresh fish for breakfast every day.

If you do the right thing, you will find that life and people “accidentally” help you with your cause. You start your business that follows your life purpose and your friends will give you the books to read. Or some random post on Facebook will provide you the exact information that will help you over the obstacle that you thought will need some professional help to get you over.

Also, you will notice that people are friendlier with you and life seems better. It feels like you are doing much less, but constantly getting more than you did when you were trying very hard on the wrong track. It is the sum of all positive signs that the universe is giving you. Same as with the warning signs that we talked about before.

This is called synchronicity.

what is synchronicity
Synchronicity is like a message to confirm that you are in alignment with yourself.

What is synchronicity?

The term synchronicity was first introduced by analytical psychologist Carl Jung which holds that events are “meaningful coincidences” if they occur with no causal relationship yet seem to be meaningfully related (

In other words synchronicity occurs when the “random” events that happen in your life that help you to become and stay in alignment with yourself. If you are in alignment with yourself then it feels like miracles. It really does feel like a miracle when something helps you with your project out of the blue.

If you are in alignment with yourself, it seems that the universe is making you little presents every day that make your heart sing. Now you can imagine the universe to be a heavenly father to all of us who pets us on the back and gives us candy when we do something right. But it is actually us who make things happen and attract all events into our lives. We have just stopped ourselves from stopping these good things from coming into our lives.

This why it is called being in the flow. Photo: @blakeverdoorn

Now synchronicity is usually used to describe positive events in our lives but it can also “confirm” that you are off the rails. If you notice that things are moving backwards in your life. It is sometimes hard to notice the signs in our own life since we are too close to it. But you would definitely notice if something is up with your family members.

When you get in alignment with yourself, you might notice that your closest family members start telling you their happy news. Your brother might get his dream job. Your sister might get married.

If you see the opposite, that your nearest and dearest seem to take steps back in their life, you should take it as a warning sign to re-evaluate your life. As we are part of a big network, we are also responsible for affecting those closest to us. There is a karmic connection between all family members. I will write about karma in more detail in a separate post.


So being in alignment with yourself feels like your life carries you to all the right places and right people at the right time. You might think that it is too hard work, but when you try it even a little, it feels amazing. If you decide not to do it, then you should also understand that has also been your own choice.

There is really no point in saying that you don’t want to be responsible for this or that. You are responsible for your life. It is your karma – there is no running away from it. If you try to run, it will catch you with bigger vengeance and can only hurt the ones you love the most. Starting with your dearest self.

So I hope you are brave enough to grab the wheel and go for your highest goals. You get the hang of it quite quickly and it is an amazing ride. Enjoy!

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