your thoughts unlock your full potential

Your thoughts can unlock your happiness and full potential

What if I told you that if you want to be healthy and successful you should reprogram your thoughts? For most of us thoughts are just something that happens. We don’t really give it too much thought. Not sure if you have noticed but very often the events going on in our head end up happening in our life.

Your thoughts have a huge impact on the achievements and happiness in your life in general. So learning how to think is probably the most important skill that they don’t teach us at school.

Ever thought about your thoughts?

It is funny but most people do not ever think about their own thoughts. They don’t analyse where these come from, they just go with it. Some think that it is the voice of reason coming from their brain. Well, the brain has something to do with it but I’m not going to go into that here since it will not help us in any way. There is no pill you can take that makes you think “right”.

Control your thoughts
Gaining control over your thoughts can also change your personality.
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Your thoughts are heard as words in your head. And these words can come from either your Ego or the Inner Self. You can read more about the Ego and the Inner Self in my previous post here.

In any case – if your Ego is responsible for your thoughts then these words are fast and loud and clear. Often not carrying the best of sensation. Most of the time these thoughts actually stop us from advancing as much as we would expect. This is what we should try to avoid.

Your thoughts should originate from your heart (Inner Self). It is just a feeling first and then after carefully listening, we get to the message that this feeling is carrying. It is not fast or loud and not very clear in the beginning. Sometimes is comes as pictures, sometimes as just knowing that are formulated into words.

When your heart is the source of your thoughts and ruling your will-power then you are filling the purpose of your Soul. This is the main reason why we should practice thinking.

Gain control over your thoughts

There are very many different practices that can be used to gain control of your thoughts. Usually our subconscious is already filled with negative memories that make reprogramming your thoughts from negative to positive very hard. 

Every time we experience something that is labelled negative in our memories, an energetic nod forms in our energy body. If there are big ones or very many these will manifest as illnesses in our physical body. Some people use the tapping method or liberation breathing technique in order to release such blocks. 

If you have a feeling that you have more than one thing eating you away and you do not know where to start then I strongly suggest getting some professional help from a holistic therapist. One very powerful technique that also gives you a list of tools to continue the work whenever something pops up, is subconscious mind cleansing therapy. 

I went through two week subconscious mind cleansing therapy over 10 years ago and that really triggered a great development in me. During this therapy I learned some techniques that I have used over all these years to reprogram my thoughts and clear negative memories.

I remember my first session at the subconscious mind cleansing therapy. I cried a lot but when I walked out of there, it felt like a boulder had been unattached from my feet and I was flying.

It is interesting how a strong negative memory can totally fade away once you have taken the emotion out of it. You can still remember it, but it is very vague and almost like black and white movie with a very bad sound quality that you are observing rather than living through again.

Very often I use meditation to find the source of the negative feeling or the origin of the negative thought. Usually it is either a fear for something or some sort of painful memory. Once it is located, it can be neutralised and if done properly, it will never come back. That sounds so simple, doesn’t it?

Few examples how reprogramming your thoughts improves your health

Recently I had such experience that had to do with my fear of getting hurt. It felt like I was standing on guard all the time for getting hurt by something or someone since I had just come through a rather hard period in my life that was very educational but nevertheless – hard.

That had caused an energetic block that was causing muscle tension in the upper back and shoulders. Fear of getting hurt can even cause a slight tenderness or headache at the back of your head. Not a nice feeling. I noticed that it was really eating me up inside since my Ego loved it and had started to expand it. For me it actually feels like a burn or acid if the Ego is working on me.

During the meditation I first concentrated on the tension in my body and started to go deep into it to find the source for it. After understanding the reason behind the tension, I acknowledged that it is there and then released it.

I was not only thinking feeling safe, but also really felt secure and safe. That relaxed all the muscles in my body that were affected. I imagined being somewhere where I felt the safest and the feeling started to fade and my body relaxed.

Another very common physical symptom comes from feeling that someone has been unfair to us – the common cold. Every time I get the feeling that I’m about to go down with it, I analyse – who has wronged me in my opinion. After saying it out loud the cold already gives in. If you manage to talk to the person and clear it out, the effect is very strong and instant.

I suggest you try it out next time Mr. Sniffles is about to attack you.

Different sources of negative thoughts

The truth is that our strength gets tested all the time or we would not grow. Our Soul is here to grow and expand. For most of us all positive and negative sensations originate from ourselves. 

Negative thoughts come from our Ego that keeps questioning everything and trying to keep us from development. The Ego feeds off the negativity, so it uses every chance it gets to spread it in your thoughts. 

For some of us who are more sensitive to all energies around us, the things happening in the world around us can also have a huge effect on how we feel. Sometimes there are some large scale global energetic changes that can cause sensitive people to feel really bad or simply edgy.

Usually, the sensation is different then. We don’t feel these global energy changes as sharp and personally attaching us, these just linger in the back of your mind. Also you are not getting any of “the Ego talk” accompanying these feelings. 

For example, about 4 months before the COVID-19 pandemic reached our country, I had this weird feeling that something really big is about to change. I couldn’t say what it was or even guess anything like that. 

There have been many cases of different viruses in the world during my lifetime but none of them have ever been so extensive as to reach our country. We were all forced to work from home, spend time with only our family and keep away from everyone on the street.

It ended up being a very interesting and relaxing time for me. I got to work from home that stopped my growing over-working cycle. I read a lot of books. One of which was Quiet : The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain. Reading this made me realize that I’m actually an introvert and I really do not need that many people in my daily life.

In case of this type of global energetic shift, we can only stay strong and positive. But in case the origin of negativity is inside us, we can do so much more. After all, we are in control of our life, right.

How to know where your thoughts originate from?

You know that it is your Ego talking when your thoughts are either attacking you, questioning your abilities or seem to know that other people are negative or against you without even ever having spoken with the them. Ego wants to survive and it cannot survive or prosper if your Inner Self is calling the shots.

There are few questions you can use to determine if the source of your thoughts is your heart (The Inner Self) or your Ego.

1.    How does it make you feel?

The Inner self is always „talking“ with love and its words will always make you feel good. Even in the worst of circumstances. In case you feel fear or guilt or worthlessness or anything else negative, then it is your ego talking.

2.    Where does the message come from?

Some people are able to determine the place in the body where the message originates. My Inner Self always talks from my heart, my ego usually from my gut or head, it moves around.

Also, your body is relaxed and warm when it is your Inner Self, and gets stressed and tensed when your Ego is speaking. You can even feel very sharp physical sensation at the source of the thought on your body.

3.    What is the nature of the message?      

The message of the Inner Self is more like a certain knowing that starts with a feeling rather than a thought. Ego’s messages are always thoughts/words and often accompanied by negative emotions or doubt.

Ego vs. Self

There is another benefit from learning to listen to your heart. Your Inner Self is the one guarding your Soul. This is the way to gain access to your Higher Self. The Higher Self has access to limitless universal knowledge. 

If you want to know more about the Ego, the Inner Self, the Middle Self or your Higher Self then I wrote about these in my previous post.

How to communicate with the Higher Self?

If you meditate or even sit quietly very still then the Inner Self is the one observing your thoughts. Once the random thoughts subside then you have the knowledge of the Inner Self. This is when you can ask your Higher Self anything. It is very powerful. It takes a lot of practice but it is so worth it.

If you approach your Higher Self it must be respectful but not submissive. You have to ask a clear question simply with trust and respect. It is good to write the questions down since the answer might come in many different ways and not always at the time when you ask it but some time later.

You have to be alert to not miss the answer – it might come as a symbol, synchronicity or sudden happening in your life.

If you have never mediated before then it is good to use some guided YouTube videos. I am adding one here that is directed for connecting with your Higher Self.

You can use this guided Higher Self meditation to help you reach contact with your Higher Self. All types of meditation can help you quiet the Ego.


It is very important to think good thoughts or not to think at all. And it is not easy to train yourself to do that. But there are so many ways to learn it.

Clearing out your negative emotions is not an easy task, but probably one of the most rewarding things you can ever do for yourself. You can forgive many people without having to see the person that hurt you. It will make you feel so much better and your health will also improve. Your physical body will feel it instantly.

Once you know how to control your thoughts, there are so many more things that you can learn that use this technique. Like manifesting, but I will write about this in a separate post.

So I guess that the saying that your happiness is in your own hands is very true. I would re-word it and say that your happiness is in your thoughts. You are the only one who can control your thoughts and feelings and by learning how to do that we gain control of our life and unlock the happiness.

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