Twin Flames: Quantum Physics Explains Soul Recognition

It is very hard for people who have never experienced being a Soul recognition in Twin Flame connection, to understand how it is different from any other romantic relationship that left a strong impression on you. Well, it is hard to understand for even these people who have experienced it. This is because it is a Soul experience, and our Mind has very limited capacity to understand Soul.

Twin Flame experience is something that seems the break your brain – this is how hard it is to explain. It is the same with quantum physics – a lot of rules are broken. Like, how can Schrödinger’s cat be dead and alive at the same time, right?

Luckily, there are many examples in quantum physics that do explain what is happening with Twin Flames. And these can hopefully be explained so that you understand the “mechanics” of it. This also might help you to understand why it does not work to heal or send loving energy to your Twin Flame.

The basics - body, astral body, Soul

Everybody knows that they have a body and the Soul. Some people know that they also have an astral body, some people do not believe in it. But even people who do not believe in astral body, would never say that they do not have a Soul.

From the science point of view – everybody knows what the physical body is and the physical world that surrounds us. You don’t need to be a scientist to prove that it is there because we are all able to experience it plainly by using our 5 senses.

Energetic bodies of a human being

The astral body is the metaphysical energy field that is surrounding our physical body. This can be measured using different scientific tools because it consists of material energy. This body is in the so-called astral plane – karma, chakras, thoughts and emotions, telepathy are all flowing around here in energy form. It is the plane of polarities – good and bad, light and dark, yin and yang, life and death, sickness and health, cause and effect etc..

This metaphysical energy, energy bodies of the human being, can be modified by focusing your energy. This is the field used for energy healing like reiki. But this is also where Ego is operating and using thoughts and emotions to hijack your being.

This is where the past life information is stored. It is duality/ separation consciousness. Einstein called it relativity. This is also the plane where Ego Death takes place. You believe that you are this body, mind, thoughts and emotions, roles you have taken on in this life – the false self = Ego.

The Soul that is your true Self is singularity. It just is – the unchangeable and infinite energy that is love, peace, freedom, bliss, Zen, nirvana, the knowing, stillness, silence. It is non-physical energy. There is no karma, no polarities, no emotions. It is also called unity consciousness. It can only be experienced because it is a state of being.

When 1 and 0 can be used to describe the physical reality and physical energy, but for singularity you cannot use anything. All the laws that physics uses break down. There you are nothing and infinity at the same time.

Once you have experienced it, you cannot help but to want more. You also want everyone else to experience it because it feels like heaven on Earth. And it is almost impossible to describe because human language and capacity to grasp it is just too limited.

Where do Twin Flames come from?

The Soul wants to experience itself and therefor has “polarised” into Twin Flames. This does not mean a split Soul – it is one at the Soul level, separate at the astral and physical level.

Everybody has a Twin Flame, if you did not have a Twin Flame, you would not be able to exist in this world on the plane of duality.

From science point of view energy always moves from positive to negative. Not to confuse with how electricity works but in general science. From the viewpoint of Twin Flames this is from the Divine Feminine to Divine Masculine. Never the other way around. Do not confuse the labels of DF and DM with any other terms that have similar names. You can read about it more in here.

It is also not like a magnet where you have accidentally turned your “wrong” polarity towards your Twin Flame, and this is why they run. So, some internet teachers tell you to balance your inner masculine and feminine energy to get them to come back. Yeah, well, this is not bad, but it will not work. The “work” needed for your Twin Flame to come back is only to operate from the Soul level. Remember, you are one being, not two magnets. One, only one.

It is like a tree (Soul) with only two roots (Twin Flames). The tree needs the roots to hold on to Earth and grow. The roots are tree – neither one of them is a half of a tree.

Quantum entanglement is explaining Twin Flames

DF is subconsciousness and DM is consciousness from the Soul point of view. The subconscious mind is driving what the conscious mind is doing. That is why DF is also called the Leading Twin and the DM, the Following Twin.

That is also the reason why when you have a deep energetic shift of consciousness, they unblock you, reach out to you, run into you or search for contact. They don’t know why they are doing it, but it is just energy that they can feel that leads them to do it.

So, we are all individual souls and at the same time at the higher level we are one soul. So, the physical world is created with non-material and material energy. It is almost impossible for the brain to understand singularity, to understand Soul. And therefore, understand life. Yet, we allow it to be the ruler of our life when it is actually a tool for us to get through the dualistic reality. The Soul is supposed to rule the life and use brain when needed.

Quantum entanglement - Soul recognition

Quantum entanglement is the best way to explain what happens during the Soul recognition. The polarisation of the Soul kicks in at full strength.


Quantum entanglement describes two electrons that are entangled. Once one of them is measured – the direction of its spin gets identified, we automatically know that the other is spinning to the opposite direction

This is what happens when the Soul recognition is taking place with Twin Flames. The moment of Soul recognition is like the point of measurement. The moment it happens, one is identified as the positive polarity of the Soul – the DF and the other is therefore the negative polarity of the Soul – the DM. It will never change and that is why when the energy shifts in DF, there is always a shift taking place in DM as well. The energy of the one Soul in two bodies represents the quantum entanglement.

The Soul is still one – even when polarised. The thing that is polarised is the metaphysical energy that this Soul carries in the two physical bodies. You do not really need the physical body for the polarisation to happen. It can happen even when your Twin Flame is not born in this physical plane. There are Twin Flames (DFs) who experience this journey fully on the energetic plane only.

Before you recognise your Soul, you were just a potential described in quantum physics, but at the moment recognition, it is like the act of observation in quantum physics where one particle observed and measured as positive and automatically the other takes on the opposite charge.

Two entangled particles seem to be separate, but these are actually one. These are described by a single wave function. Sounds a lot like Twin Flame experience, doesn’t it? When two objects are described by the same wave function then they are mathematically speaking, one object. And mathematics can be used to describe the whole physical universe.

Before you met your Twin Flame, you are like the single particle before entanglement. There is a way to measure your part of the wave that describes you. And there is a part of wave that describes your Twin Flame that you have never met. At this point you are like any other person living in this world, without any weird energy stuff going on with you. You might have some, but not as weird as after you have met your Twin Flame and have experienced the quantum entanglement on your own skin.

Separation Consciousness vs. Unity Consciousness

The separation consciousness is when the one measured particle (DF) experiences itself as isolated and cut off from the other particle (DM). From the quantum physics point of view this has been proven to be untrue.

The two particles once measured – can move very far from each other but will always act as one. And the connection between these is faster than the speed of light. This is the reason why all the energetic shifts that the DF experiences, are also experienced by the DM. The experience itself it not the same because these are opposites, but DM will always also experience all the energetic shifts that happen to DF.

Once the measured particle (DF) starts shifting its focus and allows the illusion to subside. It will experience the oneness with the other particle (DM). This is the unity consciousness.

Energetically there are many different levels that are involved in this shift, but it is shifting from duality to singularity energetically. Using a human experience to describe it can be like being in the crowded marketplace between people (duality) being pushed by the masses and not seeing anything or having the best experience to suddenly being able to fly and float above the people and actually see the whole marketplace with all its shows and lights etc.


The reason I like quantum physics a lot even though there are still many things it cannot explain, is because it is already proving how all known and unknown things in the universe are interconnected by energy. It has proved how everything that is stopping to exist will be transferred as energy into something new. So, the energy only changes form, there is nothing lost, ever.

There are still a lot to discover but I would say that being a “normal” human being, not a scientist myself, it is best to just experience. The experience itself is magical and a lot of things start to make sense.

It is said that magic is just the science undiscovered. So, in the end it really does not matter if we call it magic or quantum physics or something else – it is all life that is here to be just experienced.

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