Manifestation: A 5-Step Guide And The Hidden Traps

There are countless articles to teach you how to manifest the life you want for yourself. I’m sure it will take you about 10 seconds to get a 5 to 10 step program on the internet.

There are even more courses that you can sign up to that claim to help you in a few simple steps to get the hang of manifestation. If it only was so easy. The only thing that will get “en-lightened” is your wallet.

Here I will discuss the basic technique and mistakes that people make when manifesting. Also – some vital points to consider that are often not mentioned when talking about the manifestation.

If you want to understand how the manifestation works viewed by the scientific explanation, then I suggest you read my previous post on the subject.

Step by step process for manifestation

The most important thing to keep in mind is that manifestation is easy. The moment it feels hard, you are not doing it.

Before you dive into it, you have to be totally present in the here and now. The place of your manifestation is always now. If you do not know what that means then I suggest you read a book called “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle. You have to quiet your thoughts and feel into the present moment. Once you are there, then you are ready.

Only from the present moment, the manifestation will work. Photo: @samaustin

Here is the step by step “manual” for manifesting anything you need.

  1. Let your heart tell you what you need
  2. Meditate – relax yourself and quiet your thoughts
  3. Manifest the feeling of having what you want:
    1. Really soak in that feeling for as long as you can
    2. Be grateful for having the outcome you are manifesting
    3. Ask your Higher Self for guidance to take steps towards your goal (yes, you actually have to do something yourself as well to get it :))
  4. Ask for signs to encourage you to ensure that you are on your right path
  5. End the meditation and forget about it 🙂

Sounds so simple, doesn’t it? Now I bet your focus got to the last point – how can I let go and forget about what I really-really want?

If we really-really-really want something, then we automatically radiate the energy of impatience, lack of the thing we want and resistance. The trick is to concentrate on something else. And it cannot be any other odd thing, because this dream that you are manifesting has a very strong pull. So you have to find yourself something that you will enjoy so very much that it will not take you much effort to switch your attention over.  

You will still have thoughts wandering towards the subject you are manifesting, but you have to relax and let these thoughts flow by like clouds. Do not get caught up in them. If you keep on thinking and stressing about it, you will kill the creation process. It is like when you plant a seed and dig it up every hour to see if it is growing. Checking is wrecking.

The secret key to manifesting successfully

Getting back to the list above – your focus should have been not on the last point, that seems so hard, but the fact that I did not write “manifest what you WANT, but what you NEED”. There is a huge difference. Your ego is the one that wants and your soul is the one that knows what you need. 

You can try to manifest from your ego, but this will either not work at all, work but you are not happy with the result, work but the result will not be permanent. Also – the price you pay to get it can be very high and knock you off your feet.

The hardest point here is to get into contact with your soul and find out what you really need. Only from that state can you manifest successfully things that make you happy, help you ahead in life and are permanent building blocks to build on.

I can give you an example of an outcome I wanted and tried to manifest. I followed all the steps except the first – getting into contact with my soul. So I really wanted a certain outcome in a relationship but the moment got to point 3 – feeling and wording my request, I got my answer. I had an overwhelming feeling that I do not need or even want it. The result was instant. My soul stepped in to stop me from spending energy on something useless for my growth. And I was at total peace with the whole subject. 

As it can be concluded that it is very hard or sometimes even almost impossible to invest your energy into something that you do not need to evolve to your greatest benefit.

It is good to start with small things or try to manifest something for someone close to you. Since your own interest is not as tied up in it, you might find it much easier to accomplish. This will give you momentum and confidence to try to manifest something bigger and more important in your own life.

Obstacles – the ego, no and want

When you are manifesting from your soul, your ego might kick in and try to keep you from the result. Usually the thoughts of doubt regarding how the request will manifest pop up. Or you might get thoughts of unworthiness. Especially if it is something big that you are trying to manifest that will take time. 

The more you do your inner work and tap into your soul, the more you can quiet down the ego. Your soul is very certain without any doubt that you can achieve your goals. It also helps you distinguish between the things you want and the things you really need. The soul will never support what ego wants.

Another important thing to keep in mind is stating your wishes from the point of what you want, not what you do not want. The universe does not understand the meaning of the word “no”. 

Instead of using the word “want” that also refers to lack, it is better to use words like “invite”, “attract” and “allow” for your manifestation. Also, the words that do not match your feelings do not help you with manifestation and can actually work as resistance. 

If it is hard, then it is not manifestation

It can be really frustrating to wait for the results of your manifestation. The trick is not to wait. You have to allow these things to take their sweet time to get to you and the more you allow it to happen, the faster it will come.

Also, you need to be that future you and live in that feeling of already having it before the things you manifested materialise. It does not have to be that you are spending the money you do not have to feel wealthy right now. You just need to feel like you are wealthy because of something you already have in your life and enjoy it to the full.

Acting as if has to be done from a rather relaxed state, not trying to push for it. If you push for it, it will start working as resistance. There is a good description about how acting as if works for changing your life for the better in a book called “Psyco-Cybernetics” by Maxwell Maltz.

Manifestation is not happening if it is hard work. Photo: Anthony Duran

The main rules that people break when trying to manifest anything are consistency, questioning how it will happen, not keeping in mind that you already have it and also – not taking steps yourself in order to move toward your goal. At the same time it cannot be hard work.

The fact is that if you are trying to manifest something that your soul needs, then it feels like the universe is carrying you towards your goal effortlessly. You just have to follow the signs and take the actions as these are presented to you.  A good example of following your destiny and allowing to be carried towards it is Paulo Coelho’s “Alchemist”.

Very often, because you are living in the feeling of already having it all, you stop wanting the result to happen. You just enjoy yourself – and that is the greatest magnet for your dreams to come true.

The price

Nothing is created out of nothing in this world. So every time we ask for something, we also must give something back. It is better to choose a vice as a currency and always create for everyone’s benefit to make sure you do not destroy energetic balance or create misery as a byproduct.

It is always better to start with “payment” – clearing up some negative thought pattern or bad habit. Because as we manifest, we use our energy. If we try to create something positive but carry a lot of negativity in our field, we automatically also increase the negative vibrations in our life. There is no way to select the energy you are creating from. It is always all or nothing. 

Clearing your energy is called “the shadow work”. It means that you dig deep inside yourself. Get to know all your demons and take them out to the light. You cannot get rid of all of them, but by acknowledging them, you can understand them and then next time the same automatic pattern gets into action, you will know what it is and can react to it differently. 

With many subjects you can also use reprogramming – acknowledging the emotion you are experiencing, allowing it fully, understanding where it originates (the original occurrence of it), understanding why it is there and then letting it go.

This raises the vibration of your energy body and as a result will automatically work as a magnet for more positive things to appear in your life. You can only attract at the level of your vibration. That also applies for the things you want to manifest. You cannot manifest abundance when you vibrate at a frequency of lacking.


If you master yourself then you also master the manifestation. 

So the key to manifesting anything is to find the goals in life that resonate with the goals of your Soul. Then manifest them and then let them go and go off and focus on raising your own energetic vibration to match the vibration you would be radiating when achieving your goals.

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