What Should You Know About Karma?

Karma is a sum of all previous actions. And it is not defined by only this lifetime but all existence that your soul has previously gone through. And it is the energy from where your future arises.

It can also be defined by Newton’s 3rd law that in simple terms says that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

The laws of karma are really all based on one law – the law of a cause and consequence. It is also important to keep in mind that as long as these laws govern us, we do not really have free will as such. We do have a will but the state of freedom depends on how much the karmic laws govern our life.

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People tend to refer to karma as something negative but actually it just is – all good and bad. Since at the energetic level there is no duality, no good or bad – it just is. So how do we go about understanding karma and freeing ourselves from its grip?

How to clear karma?

There is a way to clear karma and create “good” karma that is considered the basis of a good future for oneself. In order for the “good” karma to work, we obviously have to clear all the “bad” karma generated before. Now to be realistic, it will take lifetimes to clear the karma of all previous lifetimes. However, you can be very mindful not to create any more unwanted future from this point forward.

And there is also a way to live so that we are free of karma and create our life from the present moment – this is called enlightenment. It is simple but not easy and what makes it hard is our brilliant brain.

Very often the way to enlightenment actually starts with clearing up at least some of past karma before our soul starts ascending and we become fully conscious. Some people “wake up” overnight, but for most people it happens after going through some extremely painful or challenging experience in life.

This is called The Ego Death in traditional Zen spiritualism or The Dark Night of The Soul in modern spiritualism. This can be triggered either by losing a job, the death of the loved one, the Twin Flame activation, divorce etc. I will write about this in more detail in another post. In any case, it is the undesired disruptive change in one’s life that is the trigger.

And yet, change is the only constant in the universe. So constantly changing and evolving is the basis for a more balanced and naturally flowing life. It is always good to flow with the changes in your life, because these will happen anyway. When life is forcing you to make the changes, then it usually makes you upset, miserable and unhappy. It would be wise to accept the changes before it gets too painful not to change.

And change does not mean walking home another route as usual or stepping out of the bed with another foot. I have found some YT videos that claim that already that is helpful, but you have to remember that the universe is energy. Every thought carries energy and the extent of the effect of this energy is depending on the intensity of the frequency it carries.

If you walk home or step out of the bed every day thinking the same thoughts and this change is not moving you along on your soul’s development then you can take 1000 different routes home but you will find that the universe is still throwing you a curve ball. A person is usually starting to change when not changing ends up being more painful than not doing it.

When it is time to make a change, you might notice some subtle signs in your life. You have to be at least somewhat conscious to notice these. But these are there to give you a nudge to let you know that it is time to move on and evolve. If you ignore these, then all hell may break loose, because the next nudge is carrying way more force.

In order to understand which way the change should take place, it is essential to be in contact with your soul. Otherwise you might start running in the wrong direction and the universe will use all means possible to direct you back to your soul’s journey. 

We have a free will to choose the road to get to our destiny. Our soul chose it long before we were born. So it is best to use our free will to choose the path of least resistance, that will take us to the heights by the shortest and easiest way so that we can get even further and aim even higher.

“Unlocking” yourself

So all we have to do is become conscious. It has been calculated that we create 95-98% of our life from the unconscious state. It is very easy and even comfortable to follow the rules of the culture, society and embedded beliefs in our mind. Most people never get to understand or sometimes even question why they are here living this life. But even a slight increase in consciousness makes a big impact.

A human being, or rather the human brain, is the pinnacle of evolution on this planet. Yet the majority of human beings tend to live like an advanced version of the animal kingdom and focus mainly on eating, sleeping, procreating and gathering more and more stuff. However the human brain was not created for that – we were created to be so much more. And once we become conscious human beings we can unlock the unlimited potential hidden inside of us.

It is very hard to engineer our own life and future when we do not understand how all the pieces in the puzzle fit together. Many spiritual and more awake people think that their mission is to make the world a better place, but they do not understand that the only way they can do it, is to fix themselves first. Only then can they have a positive effect on everything outside of them. 

We create our reality every second of every minute we live. And we are doing so mostly unconsciously, running the previously recorded karma again and again and then complaining that life is always such a misery and never gets any better.

Unless we make ourselves conscious, we are living our lives like in a dream where there is no control over anything except that one karma cycle that we have been caught into in this life. All we can do is add to the same cycle by supporting the same pattern with our thoughts.

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We can only change what we have acknowledged. So it is essential to become conscious. This is the only way to make life happen for us, not to us.

If your happiness depends on external factors, then it is an illusion. It can only be real if it is generated and maintained by yourself internally, regardless of what is going on in the outside world. So if you want to have a good tomorrow, become happy today. The trouble is, many people have no idea what happiness is.

Some think it’s the new car, new job, new relationship… but once they get it, they might find themselves “happy” for a short while and then they are chasing after the next thing to make them “happy”. They are always miserable in their heart, waiting for tomorrow that never comes, to make them happy without even knowing what it means. Sometimes they are so submerged into covering up their misery that they are unaware of it. But there usually comes a moment when the truth hits them and that can be very painful. Even if it happens a few minutes before they die.

One can decide that life is what it is and this is how you want to live it – it is ok, to choose that. After all – we all have free will. But it is not ok to choose that and blame anything or anyone for your misery or lack of happiness. You are also the creator of your own life experience.

People tend to spend their days either fantasizing about tomorrow or thinking about the past. This is how they miss everything that really is and create unnecessary misery to themselves. The only thing that really is, is now – the endless present moment. We can only exist here and now. Eckhart Tolle has written about it in his book “The Power of Now”.

If someone decides that this is it, I will now clear all my “bad” karma and have a good life, then it is a good decision. This person is trying to make his life better and gain control of his/her own destiny. Some people think that they can clean up the past karma and then it is done.

However, it may take many lifetimes to dig up all the “bad” karma and what one defines as bad can also change over these lifetimes. This does not mean that you shouldn’t do this, but just that it doesn’t have to be that hard. The energy that we possess should be spent on living here and now, experiencing life as a miracle and expanding our unlimited potential. Also – once we get to enlightenment, there is unlimited energy inflow that we can use for creating even more.

Some people find it very hard to fully experience life because they are “forced” to kill time. They are trying to run from themselves so hard that they end up filling their life with many activities, joyful or destructive. It is their choice to live their life like that but in the end it is not a life anyone desires. 

Stepping out of karma

You have to understand and experience who you really are. You are not your body, you are not your gender, you are not your job title, you are not your self image, you are not your mind, you are not even your thoughts. You are your soul, the energy observing and experiencing everything. It is not something you can learn, it is purely experiential. It is I AM.

The moment you experience this, it is impossible not to want to get back into this state. You feel endless joy, love and peace in you. The whole world and everything you see feels different – abundant and beautiful. This is when you start to “see” through the veils of the physical world and really understand it all.

Once you understand or rather experience your essence you also understand that you are love. You are the energy that everything is made of. It is not the Hollywood movie’s romanticized love, but the force of creation. And this is exactly what you have to harness to create your life from now on.

Only from this state, it is possible to create a better life for yourself. And through being in that state you also have a profound effect on your surroundings. This is how you can make the world a better place.

Living a good life and reaching your full potential is not hard work. It does take some work, but not on the external but on the internal level. And you cannot even imagine how far you can go. The dreams your brain has come up with are usually very primitive compared to what you can achieve once you have accessed your unlimited potential.

This is when you can start listening to the wisdom within you, not forming your opinions and setting your goals based on rules of the society or advice from your friends and family. It is ok to listen and discuss with others, but all the important decisions about your life and goals should come from you. The real you.

This is the only way to actually feel fulfilled and happy every day of your life. Until then you can buy 10 cars, live in 5 houses and have the most suitable person to live with but you would still feel empty and missing something. Missing something you cannot even name, because your mind can never reach it. Your brain never knows what you heart and soul need. It is like trying to solve the most complex problem on a piece of paper (your brain) versus AI (soul wisdom).

What to do about your mind?

Your mind is there to help your soul, not the other way around. They say that the most brilliant minds are the most miserable very often because they do not know how to handle their intelligence. People get sick and die way too early because they do not know how to use their brain.

In another post I wrote about gaining control of your life through thinking good thoughts. It is not a very easy thing to do. Even harder is not to think at all. Our mind works so that if we are thinking about something or trying not to think about something then our mind either adds to it or multiplies. It is not possible to deduct anything or even stop it. 

So by focusing on our thoughts or mind will only make it work harder. The only way to get a handle of our thoughts is to set it free. To detach from it. Once you have managed to do that, nature’s most brilliant creation – your brain – will start working for you, not against you. So one of your goals should be to liberate your mind, not to control it.

Your soul is pure freedom and love, your mind should be free to match your essence. Otherwise you will have a war inside of you. It is not possible to create joy, happiness and peace from the state of war – not in your own life or in the world.

Once you are able to detach from your mind, you will also get a very clear understanding of how to use the mind. It is almost like you have liberated or gained access to much higher intelligence than before. Things start working out for you, your world will be filled with miracles and even people and animals react to you differently.

Once you have managed to create that balance and harmony between your mind and soul, you will also start creating amazing things outside of yourself. You do not even need rules or laws, you will become the highest version of yourself effortlessly. This is when you can create a better life for yourself and everyone around you.


So the only thing to do about karma, is really not to do anything but to be. To be in your authentic form. Because when you are living from your heart, walking your soul path from love, joy and peace you do not need to control your actions. From that place it is impossible to do anything that would create “bad” karma.

Once you get into that feeling of being in the state of “I AM”, it is like lights come on inside of you. People say that you radiate and they feel better after talking to you. All things look vibrant and amazing. That creates even more joy for you. You feel elevated emotions that can only be described as bliss.

Everything around you gets healed just by being in your energy field. The best part of it is that you do not force it or have to learn to do it, it just happens as a side effect. All you have to do is to remember how to be you. And that is some seriously GOOD KARMA :).

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