Egregores aka energy fields influence humans

Information fields. What is an egregore? Good or bad?

It is said that we live in the age of information. Yet we rarely hear people mentioning egregores. Most people have never considered what information is and what it does in the world. And what is an egregore?

It is also said that information is power. How to use this power? Or does this power sometimes end up using us?

What is information?

Everything we know about the world and that we believe in is based on the information we have processed. Information is gathered from the surrounding environment continuously. This is why it can be said that information is the starting point for everything. But how to explain what information is? It cannot be seen or touched.

Information is energy that triggers material manifestation. We can rarely see the reason for the things materialising in our life, only the end results. Since everything that is happening is creating a chain reaction. It all must have started somewhere, but this was long before us and is not even that important right now. 

It is not possible to see information, but as energy it surrounds us. Image:

Important is the fact that we are living in the world of consequences. And we experience this world through our mind. So for a human being the mind is creating everything that is experienced.

Information should be understood and defined as certain energy in a space and time. Information cannot exist without its sources – processes or events. These three are inseparable – information, process and event/consequence. These three make up one energetic form.

Energy does not exist without information and vice versa. Different energy forms affect each other constantly. There is constant change and mutation depending on the events taking place in the energy field that is all connected throughout the universe. 

The connection between information, process and event/consequence is also the basis for explaining the karmic laws that is a subject of another article.

The Old (Material) World View

Before relativity theory and quantum physics made us see things from a totally new angle, we were sure that the world consists of material only. It was stated that the basis of our world were indivisible and indestructible atoms. These atoms existed in three dimensional space and the way the atoms moved was based on certain immutable laws.

We saw the world as one big machine and were certain that after unlocking the secrets of the laws driving it, we would be able to recreate everything that has ever happened and foresee the future. It was believed that as soon as we have the knowledge of these laws we will have the power over the universe.

Life, mind, people and creativity were all considered a byproduct of this machine that was created by chance from the materia. Humans were considered pieces of materia, highly developed subjects of the animal world or thinking biological machines. The brain created the consciousness and our skin was considered the border of who we really are.

Based on this material model human consciousness, intellect, ethics, art, religion and science itself was a byproduct of the brain processes.

The New (Energy) World View

Every person is a soul in a closed energo-informational space. The visible part of it is our body, where the soul “lives”. Human body reflects the state of the soul – sick soul, sick body etc. The physical body from an individual cell to the whole organism is a copy of the energy body, not in detail but still. Physical body is supposed to help the energetic body, It acts as its extension in a physical world. 

Human energo-informational structure is entwined with the surrounding world. It constantly reacts to the changes in the environment. One of the main purposes for the energo-informational field of the living organism is to ensure its existence by eliminating all negative influences possible that affect the organism within it and outside.

The health or malfunction of the body, its organs and processes are directly depending on the state of its energetic field. If the energetic field is not functioning properly, the harmony in the organism is also affected. The reason for such malfunctions in the energetic field can be caused by external influences or internal processes – unprocessed feelings, emotions and reactions.  I have written about health and sickness in a separate post.

The strength of our health and harmony depends on how strong our energy field is.

The strength and quality of each energetic field is determined by the harmony in it. The quality of it is based on the information. Our energetic field is constantly in contact with all the energy in our space and most of us are not conscious about it. We do notice the feelings that certain people and situations create in us and our reactions. 

Body’s energy systems are forming “the structure” for a human body and include the energetic information of each cell, organ, system, energy channel and chakra. An Etheric body is formed of the internal energy of each cell. 

Every day our energy field gets “contaminated” by the energy of our environment and the situations we live through. Each interaction with someone else is performed as an energy transaction which is not always a fair deal. If this is done unconsciously, we can end up very tired and sometimes even notice thoughts and emotions not native to our character disturbing us.

Sometimes we end up tuning out of situations and become passive when our energy field is “contaminated”. Other times we end up going with the general energetic pull and do something out of character (“mass psychosis”).

Sleep is required for our energy body to recover. It is like a memory foam that recovers itself to its former shape. Meditation has the same effect on our energetic field, as do walking in nature, music, incense, aromatherapy, and even food.

Nature acts as a charger for human body. It balances and purifies our energy fields.

Things that hurt our energy field on top of the environment are the things we do to ourselves – even something as simple as saying “yes” to things we do not resonate with to please other people and all the obvious things – drugs, alcohol, medication, self loathing etc.

The higher our energy vibration and healthier our energy field, less outer energy can push us out of sync with what we really are and healthier and happier we feel.

At the same time we are receiving information, we are also creating and submitting it continuously. We are creating collective information fields that have a huge effect on the environment and other people. This is called collective consciousness or egregores.

What are egregores?

Most egregores are created by humans – these are psychoenergetic energy fields that are created by human emotions, beliefs, energies etc.

We are surrounded by egregores continuously. Image:

People can sense the atmosphere of each individual group of people or even a country as either light or heavy. Every collective creates their own psychoenergetic informative field, sets the rules of its existence and existing internal and external relationships. In psychology this is called collective consciousness, psychoenergetic field or collective energo-informative field.

This is the sum of the psychoenergetic state of all the members of the group and many other conditions – goals, tasks, ideology, external conditions and a lot more. But the main influencer in setting the stage is still the human factor.

Every human association has a psycho-energetic field – family, organisation, nation, nationality, state and whole humanity. A loving couple who has lived in harmony their whole life investing in creating the atmosphere of goodness, peace and love has much bigger effect to the evolution of the nation then some spectacular leader.

Egregore is a non-material entity that is created from separation of human psychic energy into the collective like tribe, state, political party or religious organization. They do not have monades, but have temporary concentrated charge of will and equivalency to consciousness.

Where do egregores come from?

Every egregore carries in itself dependency. Egregore depends on the energy of the people that feed it and people in return depend on the ideas, worldview and energy that the egregore carries.

Even a little dissatisfaction with today ruins the harmony in a human being, resulting with his life here and now being less worthy. This dissatisfaction with oneself and one’s life makes a person take action and if there is not enough strength to amend the problem, then that person turns to egregore or creates one.

Self-sacrifice is necessary for egregore. The basis for this is losing part of one’s individuality. The further away a person is from his real self, the higher his ability and readiness for self-sacrifice. The more unreachable the goals, the more these appeal to an unsatisfied person.

Egregores almost always use (consciously or subconsciously) the magic of thoughts, words and actions. Traditions, holidays, rituals, miracles, visions and other such things – these are all magical deeds. The more precise these are, the more power they carry and the bigger effect these have on people.

The negativity of the egregore is coming into full force when it is trying to push down the individuality of a human being. This is when a person becomes its slave. Another negative moment appears when a developing egregore is starting to fight with other egregores to make room for itself. This brings on energetic wars.

Giving up some of your own individuality is a minimum price for joining with egregores. Image:

Being constantly busy supports people to start imitating others. Imitation and obedience help to connect people and create an egregore. Rushing also encourages uniformity. This is why it is always important to be yourself, even in details. 

Even diseases have their own egregore, more strength the egregore of the disease is collecting, the worse the condition to endure. When a person gets diagnosed, he or she plugs into the egregore and that person starts to feed the egregore with his thoughts, emotions and energies of suffering. Egregore in return starts to feed the illness inside the person.

Very often the doctors who are supposed to help the person to get better, also end up feeding the egregore. If the doctor is subconsciously living off the existence of the condition, it might actually work against the patient with the best intentions. The right approach would be for the doctor to focus on restoring the health of the patient, not fighting the disease. 

“Working” with egregores

Egregores are part of our life, they are usually influencing huge groups of people who are also inseparable part of humanity and the world. When we try to divide something from the whole then it is not whole any more. That is why it is important to learn to work together with egregores that could help to change the egregores that stop evolution and people from having a happy life.

Egregore gains consciousness when there is a critical mass of people who are supporting it. Very often egregores use fear to control people. There are also (sometimes extraterrestrial) egregores that try to help people and the planet.

There is a key to live your life fully – to feel love for oneself and for people, not for egregore. It is also possible to gain friendly partnership between people and egregore but that requires for people to act with integrity, wisdom and honor with all people and egregores. This can only be achieved by these individuals who are pure of heart, live their life from their heart and use love as their main life force.

Nothing can happen to a person without it giving permission for everything. For one person an egregore can be helpful, for another the same one can cripple evolution. So each and every one of us should work out with which forces we want to join.

All energies are interconnected and every human has an effect to the overall vibrational levels of the universe. Image:

There is polarity in each and every egregore – there are no pure good or evil energies. That is why each energy can be modified to become more positive.

Disharmonious person who is looking for freedom outside of itself is perfect material for creating an egregore. Not a single egregore will ever be able to gain control over all people in the world.

It is important to understand that the characteristics of the type of egregore we live with are dependent on each and every one of us and it is also the flavour of our life.

The biggest global egregores ruling the masses in the world are:

  • Money
  • Power
  • Sex
  • Society

Depending on which egregore has the most power in the world, there are certain things happening in history. There can be wars, there can be global movements, there can be pandemics etc.

Good or bad?

The only thing constant in this world is change and when someone is trying very hard to fight against evolution, it is a total waste of energy. If a person is working on evolution within, the changes will also happen in the outside world, but it will happen without cataclysms and suffering.

If there is no development within a human then external force will be applied to provoke evolutionary change. This can happen when a person gets stuck with an egregore that does not support the growth any longer.

For example, when a person is not ready to change and is holding on to the old with all its might, the need for evolution can be performed by external forces. For instance the person might lose their business, their home or their job for no good reason.

The same thing applies in the relationships, when there is a standstill, then the tragedy will follow. This explains the need for continuous development, even if the changes made are very small.

If you think that the egregore that you are part of is good then you must always keep in mind that accession is not part of the aggregation but subtraction. Eventually we are giving up part of our individuality, freedom of choice, freedom of decision and natural behaviour. This is why human beings are destined to be inferior within egregore.

Fear is making a slave and a master out of a human being. Fear forces us to want the power and submiss the others. Love is the greatest energy that is limitless and exists in every human being. Knowledge, faith and love liberate a person from submission. 


When a human being understands the purpose of his life and opens the full potential within then there is no need for egregores because he is happy and content within himself.

If we are not in our full power then when joining with someone always lose a part of ourselves. If we know our real self, we are able to see the possibilities and have freedom to stay ourselves when being part of something else.

This is not possible until we have consciously acknowledged who we are and why we are. The basis for the balance in life is listening to your heart. The main aim for any human is to become independent of the external energies by knowing oneself in the full force.

If you are more interested in egregores or how to gain control over you destiny then there are following books that are great:

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