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How to find your talent: download your maximum life plan from universe

“We are wired for generosity but educated for creed” – Jay Shetty

In today’s society and information age we get bombarded with facts and stories that influence every decision we make in life. And it does not help that the fear of missing out is also pushing us to chase every single thing that we think we are able to do or that might make us happy.

But in order to live a happy and fulfilling life, we have to take our own unique journey utilizing the core talent that we were born here with.

The following is hopefully helping you to unlock your talent and guide you towards the happy life we all dream about.

Analyze your life to find your talent

One way to find your talent has been described in the book called The Celestine Prophecy where one of the teachings is to analyze the strengths of both of your parents. We inherit some of their strongest traits and have chosen these people as our parents just for that reason before our incarnation. You also have to look at the occupation that your parents’ are/were holding.

For example, both my parents were teachers. They loved each other very much and the main values that were taught to us as children were love, honesty, integrity and benevolence. 

After that you could analyse the main turning points/highlights of your own life. What is the common subject or theme that these carry? What was the lesson these came to teach you? 

All life-altering events I had in my life forced me to expand my ability to love and understand others’ pain. So it seems obvious that my talent lies in using this to help others. I can sense people’s thoughts, emotions and often the themes in the collective field as well.

Another way to get guidance to find your talent is to get it directly from your Soul. Your Soul can guide you to the maximum performance in life. And the way to be able to hear the message that your Soul is providing you is to be still. The way to your Soul is presence. It only happens when you can quiet your mind enough. 

It is good to test the messages by checking them with your heart. If it feels great – it is right for you. Your heart will not allow you to deviate from your Soul path.

One good example is from Eckhart Tolle. He has talked about it in his seminars. His Inner Self directed him to move to the South Coast of US without any explanation with such a strong indication that he said that he felt that he would die unless he followed this direction.

He had been sitting on the park bench for months in Hampstead Heath in London just being present. And after moving to the US he started writing his book “The Power of Now”. When he moved away from the South Coast for a short period of time, the writing stopped. When he returned – the writing resumed.

He also has spoken about how his own thoughts and also some people who knew about it, told him that it is such a bad idea to write about spirituality. That it is not very fashionable and he is probably wasting his time.

Now “The Power of Now” has sold more than 2 million copies worldwide. 

It is imperative to trust your journey once it has been lighted up for you.

Analyze yourself to find your talent

As I have also worked as a headhunter in London for a short period of time, I would also list one thing that I used when advising people on how to choose their career. 

You can analyze all the things you enjoy doing. Regardless if these things are somehow related to your regular job, your hobbies or your dreams. One list of favorites and one list of things you really do not like to do at all. By analyzing these two lists there might be some obvious direction that this leads to that helps you to find your talent in life.

Once you have made your list you should go through each item on this list and honestly and ask yourself – where did this come from? Did it come from talking to a friend, seeing something on the internet, hearing about someone doing this or did it come from your own heart?

Only the things that fill your heart with joy are the ones to be kept.

Another similar tool is something called Ikigai – that means “Reason for being”. It is a Japanese concept referring to something that gives a person a sense of purpose, a reason for living.

Using the graph below, write down all the things that you apply to each section. 

The formula to find your talent or reason for being – IKIGAI.

Then going forward choose to focus more on the things that you love and you are good at. And find time to invest more time into what you love and are not good at yet so that you can expand on the skills that fulfill you.

It is said that stress is no stress when you do something that you are passionate about.

Do not ever try to become someone else, regardless how successful they seem to be. Your own success can only come from yourself and focusing on your journey. You can study people who you consider successful, but you have to study their whole life – all the facts, to understand how they went about resolving problems and finding their path. You can use this as inspiration but not a roadmap.

By trying to be someone else you will spend 75% of your energy in the future imagining yourself as that person and only 25% is here and now doing what you are supposed to do. You are going to produce average or below average every time you approach your goals like this.

Follow your bliss to find your talent

In the movie Finding Joe, according to the teachings of Joseph Campbell (The Hero with a Thousand Faces), to find your true talent is to follow your bliss. And in order to find the thing that is your bliss takes some inner digging. A good place to start is thinking back about what made you stand out from everyone else when you were a child. What made you cry in the pillow thinking that you do not fit in? This right there is the key, start digging from there. 

The trick is not to think what others think, not to care when someone else is telling you that it doesn’t make sense. This includes your own inner critic – the Ego/Mind. You have to stay on the course and follow it, no matter what. Always choose from love, not from fear.

When I was trying to find my talent, my then teacher asked me countless times in a row “what is it, that makes you shine?”. In the beginning I tried to think of a good answer, and all of these were wrong. So I got a bit frustrated with my thought process and also a bit annoyed at my teacher – thinking, how can she know what is the right answer, it is my talent after all? How can all these brilliant offers I had come up with be wrong? 

But she did not accept anything, until I got it. It only took about 3 hours before my mind got so tired of trying to figure out the thing that it would never be able to figure out and I got into a state where I started sensing the answer rather than trying to think of one. 

Become the wizard

It might be that you feel some sort of interest towards developing skills that are considered supernatural to fill your soul calling. You feel the calling but do not know where to start. It also might be that you already have some talent – from strong intuition to clairvoyance and you would like to advance this skill.

The first thing that people usually do in such a case is start thinking about what they could do to enhance it. And very often find that the more they do, the less they can manifest the skill. You might be otherwise very intuitive but as you focus on being more intuitive, you find that it totally blocks it.

It happens because you are trying to work on it with your mind. But these types of talents always come from your Soul. The fact is that all people have these supernatural skills that very many “smart” people consider ridiculous.

These people are doing everything in their life with their mind and if there is no logical explanation or their brain cannot dissect it into edible pieces, they will have to label it something so that they can live with it. And this is their right, we all have different lessons to learn.

If you want to advance your supernatural talents you have to focus on being. The hard thing about it is that it is so easy. You do not have to do anything, you just have to be. Let your Soul into the driving seat to guide you. The moment you try to figure out an action-plan using your mind, your talent freezes up.

Let your Soul help you to find your talent

Your true talent is something you cannot make up in your mind. You can think for days and try different ways to go about starting a business or doing something similar that your idols or friends are doing, but you get nowhere. Or you might even get somewhere but you are still not satisfied – no bliss.

Each of us is unique and even when trying something that someone else has already done,
when we focus on our calling, it will succeed. Photo: @crisio

In order to get divine guidance from your Soul you have to walk the road nobody has walked before. That means that you only have to listen to your inner guidance, not your thoughts, not some ideas that google offers you when you type in “10 best business ideas” or “how to get rich fast”… You have to listen to what guidance you get and follow it. When you follow your bliss, the universe will move mountains to help you. 

So how can you get online with your Soul? First you will have to stop thinking, or at least slow it down or quiet your mind enough for you to be able to notice the messages that come from your Soul. When your energy centers (chakras) are all working in full power and you are connected with the cosmic energy/information field, an unimaginable inspiration flows through you.

Now you might think that you don’t even believe in the chakras or energy fields or any of that mumbo-jumbo. Well, you don’t have to believe in gravitation either but it still works on you. 

Most people use only 3 of their lower chakras in life and a tiny bit of the fourth (Heart chakra) which means that they hardly get any energy/information from the universal field. This is where the Wheel of Life concept comes from – that you only have a limited amount of energy and in order to be successful in one area you will have to cut back in another. It is so true if you are running on your survival battery bank. But when you are plugged in, you have no limitations.

To open up all the higher energy centers, all you have to do is open your heart. Once your fourth chakra is open and functioning properly, the higher chakras will automatically start opening on their own with little action required from your part.

So how do you open your heart? You have to give up fear, judgement, control and all other functions arising from your Ego. You have to start trusting yourself, loving yourself, believing in yourself. Stop all the negative self-talk, distance yourself from all people who have a negative effect on you, stop watching the TV programs that pull you into negativity.  

The way to a fulfilling and happy life is to give the world your talent that is unique for each person. Photo: @hikarinoshita

As always, meditation is very helpful. I think I have said that in most of my posts. But it really does work. It doesn’t matter if you do it sitting cross-legged, eyes closed or walking in nature being present, it will work. This will let you hear your heart guiding you. You Soul always “speaks” through your heart.


Finding your talent to live a fulfilling and meaningful life is one of the most important things we must do in this lifetime. Unfortunately many people make these decisions using their brain and that is feeding in the total overall dissatisfaction in our society.

Do not get discouraged if someone does not understand your passion. There is no limit on how many very successful and rich people there can be in this world. If you feel it is right – it is right.

The trick is to find something that you love doing so much that you enjoy it even if you fail. 

So I really hope that you can find the passion where to invest your energy and your life.

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