Manifestation and quantum physics

How to use quantum physics for manifestation and activate the law of attraction

I am sure you or someone you know has read the book “The Secret” or seen the movie. Or at some point you have thought about manifestation or the law of attraction and maybe even tried it out yourself. Or maybe you just think that it is all one big bubble of fairy-dust.

Thankfully our scientific world has come up with new approaches and theories. The law of attraction and manifestation can be scientifically proven by quantum physics. It is the energy behind everything that exists in this world. 

When so many people know and write about manifestation, then how come so few have successfully managed to use it? The hard thing about it is that it is easy. But it is not easy to understand how it works and the preparation for it takes some serious effort. 

Now, there are many of you that might think that it is all one big hocus-pocus. That people will imagine anything or try to find help in places that are “not real”. Well, there is that and then there is quantum physics. That is a real way to prove that all “things” are energy. 

Basis of quantum physics: everything is made of energy

Everything in this world is energy. There is not a single spot in the physical world where there is no energy. Many people can agree that matter has energy. That the human body radiates some sort of energy. But they fail to grasp that all objects that have no life in them like tiny grains of sand or something as large as planets also have energy. And even less that our thoughts, feelings and moods are also energy.

Using our energy for manifestation
Before starting with manifestation, we must understand who we really are.
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It was already in the 1940s when a researcher in Yale University measured the magnetic field of the eggs of many different species and found that there is always a positive energy field forming on that side of the egg where the chick’s head will grow and a negative field where the tail will form. And that will be like that before there is a chick in the egg. 

The same technology proved that there is a certain energy pattern present in a woman’s energy field years before ovarian cancer develops. And it always did – 100% of time if this pattern was present.

For a long time people had the belief that the matter created energy, but now quantum physics has proven that it is the other way around. There is always a certain energy pattern present before material manifestation occurs in the physical world. 

We know that every atom in the physical world has an energy, that planets have energy but it is so hard to believe that our emotions and thoughts have energy. And yet, this is how we have brought about most of what forms our physical lives. 

A job is a goal, before we get it. A house is a dream, before we build it. A baby is a loving thought before the egg is fertilised.

Quantum physics explaining the mechanics behind the law of attraction and manifestation

First we need to understand the wave-particle duality. It is the concept in quantum mechanics that every particle or quantum entity may be described as either a particle or a wave. ( A quantum itself is the smallest particle that exists and as stated above, it can come in a form of a wave or a particle.

When quantum is in a particle form then it is presented as having a form, when in a wave-form then it is unformed (energy). All particles can be observed at points in time and space and it is the basis of how we perceive the universe as human beings. It is what the material world is “made of”.

When the quantum is in the wave-form, it is energy like thoughts, sounds, feelings, pictures in our head, aura or other states of energy that exist in the “empty space” between the physical objects.

The observation can take place at any point in time, that is why a man created time as a concept placing us in a time-space continuum. We see ourselves moving through time (life) as if walking down a straight line.

A human being is made up by both – particles and waves, body and energy respectively. It is a great mistake to consider ourselves to be only one or the other. We are the very complex mix of the two and in fact the particle part of us (our body) is the smaller part of us and in a way it is the manifestation of our energy. So the source of who we really are is hidden in the part that we cannot see.

A human being can activate its wave-form by meditating. When we no longer define ourselves as our body and manage to totally relax then we start feeling the essence of ourselves as energy/a wave and that is when we access our energy field that is many times larger than our body.

What quantum physics also is suggesting is that the human being using their energy (mind) in a certain way, has the power to manifest into the physical world. The “mechanics” behind it being that our mind causes the object to manifest in a particle form from a wave-form state, because the existence of it in a particle form depends on the mind that is observing it. 

Every moment your mind is creating the reality you perceive. We are connected with everything in the universe through our energy. Most of the space in the universe is filled with the wave-form quantum (energy). Our energy that we are transmitting into this field is working like a stone that is thrown into the water.

At any point in time, the wave-form can transform from that pool of energy into the particle form when observed with intention. So the space is full of endless possibilities.

Now you might think that the “thing” that your mind created will disappear the moment you “take your eyes off it” – quantum physics explains that on top of some abstract criteria, there always will be at least one conscious observer for everything that has been created from energy into physical form. That is the reason why we can still find our jet ski in the garage after not having a single thought about it the whole winter.

And on top of that there is the factor of us creating the space and time. So that the particle created by observation has a place and time when to exist. Every time our mind moves to the same space, time and object, it is nicely fixed there. The same object can be found in another point in time in space when some other consciousness has changed or shifted the object. The mind is the key for the world to exist.

The creation of reality by a human mind has been investigated by creation psychology, creation spirituality, shamanism and enlightenment in Buddhism. By using this knowledge anyone can move from being a victim of life into the creator of life.

In order for the manifestation to really work, you would also need to match the vibrational frequency of the “thing” you are trying to create. You cannot become happy or rich or successful unless your own vibration matches that state.

Every human emotion has its own frequency and when knowing that, it is easier to get yourself attuned to the right channel.

Everything is energy and the vibration is important when using manifestation and for the law of attraction to work
The higher your vibration, the easier it is to use the manifestation.
This is how the law of attraction works.
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Why manifestation fails and the law of attraction does not always work?

When we are the ones creating everything, then why does manifestation often fail? We tend to create more and more of the same thing and it ends up working as a proof of our negative beliefs.

What happens is that we are the source of the first ripple in the energy field with the idea of something we would like to have. After the initial idea is sent out to the energy field, it also reflects back into our mind. Our mind finds everything it knows about the object from our internal database (subconsciousness) from experiences from all the lives lived before.

This data is also projected to the quantum that we wake up from its wave-form to become a particle. Not all the data that is sent out is therefore adequate and not a match to what we would actually like to create.

Next the data is again sent back to us and now we take all of it as it was the original data of the object. Moving us even further away from the original idea – this is the source of most suffering in the world. So we have created the self-sustaining pattern of behaviour regarding a certain object. Our life seems to go in the same circle over and over again with the same obstacles on our way to happiness.

The way out of it is to make the whole process conscious, give it an intention and a focus. Very important part of the process is letting go – you do not need to come up with the ways to achieve the end goal. That’s what makes it easy and hard at the same time.

You just have to trust the process to deliver. Also – you can hardly ever make an order by a certain date. The manifestation occurs in your life when your own vibration matches the vibration of your goal.

There are also external factors that influence the final outcome. Quantum physics states that the observing mind is important but not the only driver, but it is the only factor that we can control.

Since the universe is ruled by the law of duality, it means that every positive intention causes an equal negative intention to arise which can occur either in conscious or unconscious forming the human experience.

It is important to understand that this is how the law of attraction and manifestation works. And also keep in mind that our mind works from conscious and unconscious state when creating.

Many of us are living our lives from a reactive unconscious state of mind – creating the reality without understanding what we do. So we end up living a life that just happens to us rather than making it happen. We have forgotten that we are the creators.

How to use manifestation like a pro?

There are four basic themes to consider for the manifestation to work:

Table 1. Four steps of manifestation.

This is the order of steps you have to take to manifest anything. You cannot skip any of them or it will not work as expected.

The first step – empowerment – is not hard, but it is one that you cannot go back on. I have written more about it in a previous post.

Relaxation can be achieved using different techniques like meditation, yoga, mindfulness or even deep tissue massage. My favorite one is meditation. You can get into contact with your energy self only when you focus is not on your physical body or surroundings. There are many guided meditation videos on YouTube. You can go through these and find the one that works the best for you.

Clean-up aka The Shadow Work is the main step that gets skipped when teaching or trying the manifestation. It is not pleasant to go through your memory bank to look for the hidden stuff. It can often be hard and emotional, but also rewarding since on top of the peace you gain, you can also find some hidden treasures.

There can be negative emotions that have to be reprogrammed but also the ones that will lose their power already when simply brought out to light. The hidden treasures can be some skills or “superpowers” that you have blocked due to some event in the childhood or past life.

The important thing about visualisation is that you cannot force it. It can take time. First you have to focus on the idea or the goal. Then you have to let it go and imagine how it feels when you have achieved it. And from that feeling the images start to come up. 

There is also one more general rule for manifestation – you cannot manifest what you do not need for your growth. Your ego might want a million things, so why not manifest everything? You cannot manifest from your ego. You can only manifest from your heart – your Inner Self. You can read more about Ego and Inner Self here.

So, one very important step on the way of manifestation is always getting in contact with your Soul. And to do that there are many techniques. Again, meditation is one option to get to know yourself and also find out what you really need.

If you focus your thoughts and emotions on something you would like to have, you radiate the energy of not having what you want. In order to successfully manifest anything you have to focus on how you feel when you already have what you want. This will get you in the right vibration to match your goal.

If you manage to stay in this feeling for longer than 60 seconds, your subconscious mind starts to work on it. In a way, it provides you with an action plan. And yes, you yourself will also have to take steps towards your goal. And it will usually take a fair amount of time because you also have to match the vibration of the goal you are trying to achieve.

How do I know that the law of attraction is working?

Now this is what makes this easy thing so hard. It is extremely hard to constantly trust the universe to work on your goal if you cannot control the process. Very often you don’t even know what the process is.

If you are really tuned in and manage to keep yourself in alignment with the feeling of your goal then there are signs that assure you that you are on your way. First, there is the feeling of excitement as if there is something really good about to happen without any apparent reason at all.

And then there are often signs from everyday life that surprise you – you might see something that gives you the “a-ha moment”. It is usually something that is somehow related to your end goal and it is always accompanied with the same feeling you would get as if the goal was achieved already. Even reading these signs actually requires en open mind and trust in yourself.

The key is to continue working with yourself. Keeping your vibration high at the target and listening to your Inner Self. It will tell you what you can do to take steps towards the future you are trying to manifest. Sometimes the ideas come up during the time when you are going more unconscious like during a long run or driving a car or in meditation or just before falling asleep. 

It can be hard in the beginning. That is why it is advised to start your career as a “Life Creator” with smaller things that take less time to manifest. Once you start getting these little miracles in your life popping up then it is easier to trust the process, yourself and the signs sent to you.


Life can be a joyous and fulfilling journey of success stories if you take responsibility for it and drive it to your greatest potential.

The universe is neutral and can give you everything or nothing, it is up to you to “ask” for it. Remember to focus on the feeling of success and create from your heart and miracles will start popping into your life. The same as particles pop into existence from energy as explained by quantum physics. And it is not some magic spell but science.

It will feel a little like magic once you achieve something though. So you can turn your life from something ordinary to exceptionally magical and all the powers to do that are within you.

It is always a great feeling to be able to create something. I hope this will help you to understand how to get the hang of the greatest creation of all – your own life – and enjoy the process.

If you would like to read more about quantum physics yourself I recommend The Theory of Almost Everything by Robert Oerter or Quantum Evolution – Life in the Multiverse by Johnjoe McFadden. 

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