How to tell if I am a Twin Flame? 5 signs to know, 9 steps to help

Twin Flame subject is such a hype at the moment. Almost every person who has a relationship likes to call their other half their Twin Flame. The trouble is that when you have not experienced the Twin Flame connection for real, then all other intense relationships might feel like it because it is all you have ever experienced.

I believe that most people do not mean any harm when they post on the internet and try to “help” the Twin Flames without having ever experienced it themselves. However, the advice they give can do a lot of harm to someone already at their wits end.

What is a Twin Flame?

Twin Flame is not your ultimate lover, it is not a split soul or anything like that. It is one Soul having two simultaneous incarnations.

Earth is duality. Soul is singularity. To allow Soul to have a human experience, it has to polarise itself. This is what Twin Flames initially are – one polarized Soul that is still one but has two polarities at the astral level. These polarities are called Divine Feminine (DF) and Divine Masculine (DM).

These terms have nothing in common with gender or the inner feminine and masculine energy of each person. These are just labels that are used to identify the two polarities of one Soul. For human experience the polarisation remains dormant until you meet your other incarnation and have the Soul recognition.

The Soul recognition phenomenon can be explained by quantum physics. I will write in another post more about what happens to our energy at this time.

The Twin Flame term on the internet is mostly used for the DF who has had the soul recognition and therefore the polarisation is fully activated and can be experienced by the DF and DM.

The Soul uses this activation to initiate full-on ascension. Being a Twin Flame is also called an ascension highway. It is just because you cannot get out of the suffering the separation creates without ascending.

The beginning of the end of the false self

First, it might feel like nothing much but for some reason you would notice them and looking into their eyes feels really good. But because the Soul recognition has not happened, you can carry on with your life without any problems.

This is the only stage where you can walk away from it and “step off” the Twin Flame path. After the Soul recognition happens, there is no way out. The trouble is that you usually do not even know that they are your Twin Flame, and you are not going to avoid them or run. This is also because you yourself (Soul) have decided to have a Twin Flame experience to trigger your ascension in this lifetime.

Then a seemingly insignificant thing happens – looking into their eyes, your hands touching, putting your hand on their heart (this happened to me), etc – and BHAM! You are done! The Soul recognised itself in another body.

A random touch can trigger the Soul recognition

How do you experience it:

  • After this, you feel this unexplainable magnet pulling you towards them
  • You are in total pink bubble love – cannot hear or see anyone else when they enter the room
  • You know that you will be with this person forever. Not till you die, not for a long time – FOREVER
  • You know that your life will never be the same and that might even feel like a bit of a shock. I cried all night even though I felt happy, but I also knew that the life as I knew it was gone.
  • Your heart hurts with every heartbeat as if it wants to explode because your heart chakra is expanding like crazy. 
  • You do not eat or sleep much because the expansion of your heart chakra is filling you with so much energy that it seems that you are purely running on that energy
  • If you had anyone very important, like your child, in your life before, then it can be hard to believe but your Twin Flame is so much more important than you kid, that it takes a lot of focus to perform parental duties properly.

You feel unexplainable love, but all your other emotions are also maxed up. When you feel jealous, you are jealous to the tree that your TF is sitting under. This is how ridiculous the energies get. And it is not in any way enjoyable feeling but at the same time you sense that it is like heaven on Earth. Because their energy is so amazing – and that energy is your own Soul energy that you just experience in another person.

This is the time when you will have a bubble love phase with your Twin Flame that can last for a really short time or a bit longer. It lasts longer if you are able to stay in the present moment and not think about the future much.

What happens energetically when you have a Soul recognition?

You become polarised at the astral level. This means all the energy of the DF will flow to the DM. This creates the ability to sense many things that your DM is experiencing but you are actually only sensing your own energy that picks up the information from their field.

This is not a healthy state for a human body. You need your astral energy to keep your physical body alive and well.

You will not feel very well. It can be physically painful even in the bubble love phase because of all the heart center expansion and your energy strongly pulling you towards that other person.

But sensing your own Soul in another person is extremely addictive. Being with your Twin Flame feels like home. It does not feel like you are with another person, you feel unexplainably close to them. This is all your own Soul energy.

The separation - OMG! I’m going to die!

The moment you try to have a “normal” human relationship with them, they give you some unreasonable excuse why you must break up. Like “we are so good together, we should break up”.

What happens to you now is something you cannot miss. Even if you have had many Dark Nights of the Soul (DNOTS)/Ego Deaths before, you have never had something like this.

You wish you would die, but the only thing dying is your false self.

You are unable to breathe – it hurts so much; every heartbeat feels like a heart attack. You wish you would die because the emotional, physical, and mental pain is excruciating. You are burning in the fires of hell, and it feels like there is no way out.

For a long time, I was unable to cry because I felt that if I started to cry, I will never stop. And once I started to cry, I was not crying – I was screaming like I was being skinned alive until I collapsed semi-unconscious from exhaustion.

I could only sleep for 1.5-2 hours per night only to wake up at 3:40 AM every morning only to experience the extreme pain again.

When during the bubble love phase, you think about your Twin Flame a lot, then once the separation starts, this explodes – you think about them every single nanosecond. Even if you see something random, you think of them without these things ever having any connection to them.

Your dreams also drive you crazy. Along with all the synchronicities and signs and angel numbers – your Ego/Mind is trying to look for a meaning in everything. Which also feeds your already inhumanly hyper obsessive thinking even more. The only meaning that you are trying it find is that your Twin Flame is coming back. And they never do.

At some point you might find the term “Twin Flames” from somewhere on the internet and if you find a true description of it, then you will suddenly see – OMG, this is all that has been happening to me. And you will find a little comfort in the knowing that you are not going crazy, because there are also others who have experienced it.

None of your friends or family would not understand why you cannot get over this person who wasn’t in your life for that long anyway. I did not tell my family about it. I kept keeping a good face in front of them.

And because it was extremely hard to keep the good face – I just kept away from people as much as I could. The only people who understand what you are going through are other Twin Flames and it is hard to find genuine Twin Flames, even on the internet. Because most of them are Soulmates.

This phase is like a vortex that has the extremely fast energy and keeps you trapped inside of it for years. The extremely intense phase will pass, but you will still be silently suffering and unable to move on or focus on anything else but thinking about your Twin Flame.

I’m a Twin Flame - now what?

Now that you know that you are a Twin Flame, but your Mind constantly doubting it, you have another obsession. Usually, it is reading everything and anything you can find on the internet about Twin Flames. This includes watching and sometimes also buying all sorts of divinations about Twin Flames.

Many Tarot readers have Twin Flame videos on their channel. From my own experience (because I can also read astral energy with tarot), Twin Flame reading must be done differently from general relationship reading because you are reading the astral energy of one Soul in two bodies rather than two separate energies.

One person who is otherwise very good with tarot reading was unable to see anything about me and my Twin Flame because she had never done a Twin Flame reading before.

This phase is also the time when you try and sign up for all sorts of healing modalities in hope that when you heal yourself you feel better, and even more important, your Twin Flame would come back to you.

I have written a separate post about healing if you are in the phase of trying all things possible to heal your way out of it

What helps?

It is very easy to get stuck in this phase because your Ego/Mind will use all its tricks to keep you there. You can stay stuck in there for years until you realise that nothing you have tried helps and you do the only thing that can get you out of this – allow yourself to ascend.

As you start shifting your energy, some emotions might require purging and there are different techniques that help with that. I have written about it in another post.

The things that really help are the things that help with ascension:

  1. Slowing down
  2. Journalling
  3. Detoxing
  4. Balancing your astral energy
  5. Practicing presence
  6. Meditating
  7. Taking real Twin Flame/ascension courses, like NewWorldAllStar
  8. Talking to real Twin Flames in unity consciousness
  9. Listening to people who live in unity consciousness, like Eckhart Tolle

Doing all this with 100% focus and you will start feeling how the ascension happens. Your frequency starts to shift, and you feel better for the first time over a long time.

Once you reach the unity consciousness you will know. There is no need to check the process, it is your Ego/Mind trying to control. You know when you are there when you no longer need to control. You become so stable in your center that nothing can shake you.


Based on the description and video links above, you should be able to identify yourself as a Twin Flame or not.

In case you found that you might not be a Twin Flame, then be grateful for it. Getting over your Soulmate can be hard, but it does not require you to transform your whole energetic makeup in order to do so.

In case you found that you are a Twin Flame and find it hard to get out of the separation phase, try to find a genuine Twin Flame who has shifted into unity consciousness to help you. You can also book an appointment on my website if you find that my energy resonates with you.

In any case – once you decide that you have had enough of the suffering and allow yourself to ascend, all things in your life will start getting better and you will find out what heaven on Earth feels like. Being a Twin Flame is the proof that you can do it!

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