– Gaining Control of Your Life –

  • Being Human: How to end suffering for good?

    Most decisions in life are driven by our wish to lessen suffering in our life. To make it more comfortable, more enjoyable, more peaceful and fulfilling. Somehow this life is always in the future and not here. This is because we are so good at creating suffering for ourselves without noticing.

    Every human being who is born into this world will have a pain body, as Eckhart Tolle calls it. A lot of it is formed from the experiences that we label as negative over the course of our life.

  • How to heal? Switch on your innate healing abilities
    If we look at the whole human body, then it reaches far beyond our physical world. It is an extremely sophisticated system that has self-repair programs built into it. In order to keep ourselves healthy and if needed, to heal ourselves and others, it is very important to understand the whole system.

    It is also important to understand the universal laws that govern all things – including our body and healing abilities. It is also important to understand the reason for the illness and approach healing accordingly.

  • How to find your talent: download your maximum life plan from universe
    In this post we see how to analyze your family, your own life and passions to find your talent.
  • A New Angle: Health, Energy and Sickness
    These days it is especially important to understand how to maintain our health. I bet most people have not really understood the mechanics of how we get sick. And by most people I would also include health professionals.I have also finished a medical school and none of this what I am about to write here was covered in our curriculum.
  • Fear – a bad ally, a good teacher. The best ways to fight fear.
    Fear is a false experience that feels real. Very often we imagine that we are somehow in danger from a situation when there is no real threat. Since our brains are highly evolved there is not a single thing in the world that someone was not afraid of. And all these fears are driving from one fear – the fear of death. 
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