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Here are some YouTube channels that I have found useful at times. It is interesting how certain subjects have happened to grab my attention and each of these have broaden the way I see the world. Just as with books, it is good to always keep an open mind and based on the information consumed, form your own truth.


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Aubrey Marcus
Jay Shetty
Lewis Howes
Aaron Abke

Mindfulness and Manifestation

Aaron Daughty
Eckhart Tolle
Abraham Hicks
Sync Mind
Jordan B. Peterson

Quantum Physics Channels

Arvin Ash

Bonus – Courses and Meditations


I have completed Isha Insitute’s Inner Engineering course and been initiated by Sadhguru to Shambhavi Mahamudra Kriya. Even though Sadhguru has been referred to as a mystic, he really teaches an ancient technique that he calls technology. Even people who have never done yoga or practiced meditation will be able to do that. Due to the current situation in the world this is now also offered online.


As with all meditations, it is good to do it with an empty stomach and it is very beneficial to have a cold shower before meditating to cleanse your energy field. The best time to do a meditation is either right after waking up or just before bed. Also – keep in mind that meditation is not really doing but more just being in meditative state.

The best place to start with is to create space between yourself – your body and your mind. Isha Kryia is a good guided meditation that helps with this.

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