“We are wired for generosity but educated for creed” – Jay Shetty

In today’s society and information age we get bombarded with facts and stories that influence every decision we make in life. And it does not help that the fear of missing out is also pushing us to chase every single thing that we think we are able to do or that might make us happy.

But in order to live a happy and fulfilling life, we have to take our own unique journey utilizing the core talent that we were born here with.

The following is hopefully helping you to unlock your talent and guide you towards the happy life we all dream about.

Analyze your life to find your talent

One way to find your talent has been described in the book called The Celestine Prophecy where one of the teachings is to analyze the strengths of both of your parents. We inherit some of their strongest traits and have chosen these people as our parents just for that reason before our incarnation. You also have to look at the occupation that your parents’ are/were holding.

For example, both my parents were teachers. They loved each other very much and the main values that were taught to us as children were love, honesty, integrity and benevolence. 

After that you could analyse the main turning points/highlights of your own life. What is the common subject or theme that these carry? What was the lesson these came to teach you? 

All life-altering events I had in my life forced me to expand my ability to love and understand others’ pain. So it seems obvious that my talent lies in using this to help others. I can sense people’s thoughts, emotions and often the themes in the collective field as well.

Another way to get guidance to find your talent is to get it directly from your Soul. Your Soul can guide you to the maximum performance in life. And the way to be able to hear the message that your Soul is providing you is to be still. The way to your Soul is presence. It only happens when you can quiet your mind enough. 

It is good to test the messages by checking them with your heart. If it feels great – it is right for you. Your heart will not allow you to deviate from your Soul path.

One good example is from Eckhart Tolle. He has talked about it in his seminars. His Inner Self directed him to move to the South Coast of US without any explanation with such a strong indication that he said that he felt that he would die unless he followed this direction.

He had been sitting on the park bench for months in Hampstead Heath in London just being present. And after moving to the US he started writing his book “The Power of Now”. When he moved away from the South Coast for a short period of time, the writing stopped. When he returned – the writing resumed.

He also has spoken about how his own thoughts and also some people who knew about it, told him that it is such a bad idea to write about spirituality. That it is not very fashionable and he is probably wasting his time.

Now “The Power of Now” has sold more than 2 million copies worldwide. 

It is imperative to trust your journey once it has been lighted up for you.

Analyze yourself to find your talent

As I have also worked as a headhunter in London for a short period of time, I would also list one thing that I used when advising people on how to choose their career. 

You can analyze all the things you enjoy doing. Regardless if these things are somehow related to your regular job, your hobbies or your dreams. One list of favorites and one list of things you really do not like to do at all. By analyzing these two lists there might be some obvious direction that this leads to that helps you to find your talent in life.

Once you have made your list you should go through each item on this list and honestly and ask yourself – where did this come from? Did it come from talking to a friend, seeing something on the internet, hearing about someone doing this or did it come from your own heart?

Only the things that fill your heart with joy are the ones to be kept.

Another similar tool is something called Ikigai – that means “Reason for being”. It is a Japanese concept referring to something that gives a person a sense of purpose, a reason for living.

Using the graph below, write down all the things that you apply to each section. 

The formula to find your talent or reason for being – IKIGAI.

Then going forward choose to focus more on the things that you love and you are good at. And find time to invest more time into what you love and are not good at yet so that you can expand on the skills that fulfill you.

It is said that stress is no stress when you do something that you are passionate about.

Do not ever try to become someone else, regardless how successful they seem to be. Your own success can only come from yourself and focusing on your journey. You can study people who you consider successful, but you have to study their whole life – all the facts, to understand how they went about resolving problems and finding their path. You can use this as inspiration but not a roadmap.

By trying to be someone else you will spend 75% of your energy in the future imagining yourself as that person and only 25% is here and now doing what you are supposed to do. You are going to produce average or below average every time you approach your goals like this.

Follow your bliss to find your talent

In the movie Finding Joe, according to the teachings of Joseph Campbell (The Hero with a Thousand Faces), to find your true talent is to follow your bliss. And in order to find the thing that is your bliss takes some inner digging. A good place to start is thinking back about what made you stand out from everyone else when you were a child. What made you cry in the pillow thinking that you do not fit in? This right there is the key, start digging from there. 

The trick is not to think what others think, not to care when someone else is telling you that it doesn’t make sense. This includes your own inner critic – the Ego/Mind. You have to stay on the course and follow it, no matter what. Always choose from love, not from fear.

When I was trying to find my talent, my then teacher asked me countless times in a row “what is it, that makes you shine?”. In the beginning I tried to think of a good answer, and all of these were wrong. So I got a bit frustrated with my thought process and also a bit annoyed at my teacher – thinking, how can she know what is the right answer, it is my talent after all? How can all these brilliant offers I had come up with be wrong? 

But she did not accept anything, until I got it. It only took about 3 hours before my mind got so tired of trying to figure out the thing that it would never be able to figure out and I got into a state where I started sensing the answer rather than trying to think of one. 

Become the wizard

It might be that you feel some sort of interest towards developing skills that are considered supernatural to fill your soul calling. You feel the calling but do not know where to start. It also might be that you already have some talent – from strong intuition to clairvoyance and you would like to advance this skill.

The first thing that people usually do in such a case is start thinking about what they could do to enhance it. And very often find that the more they do, the less they can manifest the skill. You might be otherwise very intuitive but as you focus on being more intuitive, you find that it totally blocks it.

It happens because you are trying to work on it with your mind. But these types of talents always come from your Soul. The fact is that all people have these supernatural skills that very many “smart” people consider ridiculous.

These people are doing everything in their life with their mind and if there is no logical explanation or their brain cannot dissect it into edible pieces, they will have to label it something so that they can live with it. And this is their right, we all have different lessons to learn.

If you want to advance your supernatural talents you have to focus on being. The hard thing about it is that it is so easy. You do not have to do anything, you just have to be. Let your Soul into the driving seat to guide you. The moment you try to figure out an action-plan using your mind, your talent freezes up.

Let your Soul help you to find your talent

Your true talent is something you cannot make up in your mind. You can think for days and try different ways to go about starting a business or doing something similar that your idols or friends are doing, but you get nowhere. Or you might even get somewhere but you are still not satisfied – no bliss.

Each of us is unique and even when trying something that someone else has already done,
when we focus on our calling, it will succeed. Photo: @crisio

In order to get divine guidance from your Soul you have to walk the road nobody has walked before. That means that you only have to listen to your inner guidance, not your thoughts, not some ideas that google offers you when you type in “10 best business ideas” or “how to get rich fast”… You have to listen to what guidance you get and follow it. When you follow your bliss, the universe will move mountains to help you. 

So how can you get online with your Soul? First you will have to stop thinking, or at least slow it down or quiet your mind enough for you to be able to notice the messages that come from your Soul. When your energy centers (chakras) are all working in full power and you are connected with the cosmic energy/information field, an unimaginable inspiration flows through you.

Now you might think that you don’t even believe in the chakras or energy fields or any of that mumbo-jumbo. Well, you don’t have to believe in gravitation either but it still works on you. 

Most people use only 3 of their lower chakras in life and a tiny bit of the fourth (Heart chakra) which means that they hardly get any energy/information from the universal field. This is where the Wheel of Life concept comes from – that you only have a limited amount of energy and in order to be successful in one area you will have to cut back in another. It is so true if you are running on your survival battery bank. But when you are plugged in, you have no limitations.

To open up all the higher energy centers, all you have to do is open your heart. Once your fourth chakra is open and functioning properly, the higher chakras will automatically start opening on their own with little action required from your part.

So how do you open your heart? You have to give up fear, judgement, control and all other functions arising from your Ego. You have to start trusting yourself, loving yourself, believing in yourself. Stop all the negative self-talk, distance yourself from all people who have a negative effect on you, stop watching the TV programs that pull you into negativity.  

The way to a fulfilling and happy life is to give the world your talent that is unique for each person. Photo: @hikarinoshita

As always, meditation is very helpful. I think I have said that in most of my posts. But it really does work. It doesn’t matter if you do it sitting cross-legged, eyes closed or walking in nature being present, it will work. This will let you hear your heart guiding you. You Soul always “speaks” through your heart.


Finding your talent to live a fulfilling and meaningful life is one of the most important things we must do in this lifetime. Unfortunately many people make these decisions using their brain and that is feeding in the total overall dissatisfaction in our society.

Do not get discouraged if someone does not understand your passion. There is no limit on how many very successful and rich people there can be in this world. If you feel it is right – it is right.

The trick is to find something that you love doing so much that you enjoy it even if you fail. 

So I really hope that you can find the passion where to invest your energy and your life. Read more

These days it is especially important to understand how to maintain our health. I bet most people have not really understood the mechanics of how we get sick. And by most people I would also include health professionals.

I have also finished a medical school and none of this what I am about to write here was covered in our curriculum.

I hope this will give you an extra arsenal to fight for your health. And even better, keep yourself from getting sick in the first place.


Modern medicine defines health as physical, psychological and social well being. Seems that all is covered but actually not quite, because a human being is an info-energetic entity. Our body is healthy when the metabolism, energy exchange and information exchange are all operating well.

From the external point of view, a healthy human being is someone who knows the entirety of who they are, accepts it and loves it unconditionally. Such a person is also able to accept and appreciate the environment where he/she lives. Without knowing oneself, it is not possible to grasp the essence of the world.

It is important to understand that we are not our body. We have a body and it is not our slave or burden but our friend. It has to be treated well and loved for it to function optimally. Loving your body doesn’t just mean thinking how much I love my abs or marveling in front of the mirror at the external appearance.

It means being in your body with all your conscious focus, it is experiencing what it feels like to be in your body. You know when you are doing it right, because it feels like all the cells in your body suddenly light up.

It is not possible to have such an experience with a closed heart center. And this is the key to our overall health. We do not get any vital energy flow into our body (all our bodies actually), if we are operating only with our lower energy centers that run on survival programming.

In a healthy human being all energy bodies and the physical body are aligned in harmony. Just as the blood flows in your physical body, energy has to have a free flow in our whole being. 

health is balance
Health is balance in our body, mind and life in general. Photo: Jared Rice @ Unsplash.com

If the start of the disease originates from our emotions, then traditional medicine is unable to cure it. It might even hurt us even further. In the case of viruses, these are also energy and we can attract these into our field by resonating with it.

Usually, when we get sick, we try to fight it from an external point. We are fighting the symptoms, not the cause. I write about the healing in more detail in a separate post.


This word can be broken into two parts – dis-ease, living without ease. This is quite a straightforward hint that we should be living in a state of ease. If you are not at ease within yourself and in your life, it is very hard to maintain good health. 

In general it could be said that disease is always either a reaper or a teacher. In the first case, it is your time to move on, in the other case, we must learn something. 

Ayurveda is classifying all diseases into five main sections:

  • Teachers – this is when the illness occurs because a person is stepping too far off his soul’s path which forms 60-70% of all illnesses in the world.
  • Friends – these illnesses help to protect the organism from some other more serious condition. These illnesses require a totally different cure from all other occasions. These illnesses form 3-5% of all illnesses in the world.
  • Helpers – these are conditions that have a strong effect on our body and these prepare us to overcome some more serious conditions. These also take up 3-5% of all conditions and usually do not need any cure at all.
  • Leaders – these are illnesses that appear usually a few years before death and are considered incurable because these are here to end our physical life. These are linked into the depletion of our life energy and predetermined in DNA. These are 10-15% of all illnesses.
  • Enemies – these are without exception all caused by external circumstances – like exposure toxic substances, radiation or materials, extreme temperatures etc. These are 5-10% of all cases.
Cancer is one of the most common conditions that is mainly caused first and foremost by the patient’s internal imbalances.
Photo: National Cancer Institute @unsplash.com

The mechanics behind getting sick

Each particle in the atom has its own specific vibration. When this vibration is in balance, there are no problems. All imbalances within the atom result with anomalies. Over time the anomalies spread within the atom and it will change the vibration of the atom. Then it spreads to the molecular level. From there to the tissue, to the organ and finally the whole organism is affected.

Over years it affects the vibration of the cells and we start feeling it. Our body signals this to us through pain, discomfort, tiredness and rising body temperature. This is when we are looking for help from doctors. It can take 5 to 10 years from the initial dysfunction at the atomic level to develop into a full physical condition. If we do not balance the vibration at the early stages then it will be very hard to heal oneself later.

Chronic illness can also be caused by a single cell having its biorhythm disturbed that can be caused by many things. The cell cannot absorb energy because of imbalances in the DNA located in the nucleus of the cell where the DNA information field is disturbed. This results with the cell getting exhausted. It can also be caused by too much energy in the cell’s information field, or by physical destruction of the cells, acute infection, poisoning, radioactive damages etc.

Over time, the dysfunction of one cell can lead to the whole organism being out of balance and the outbreak results. This evolves quite slowly, the disease is in hiding for a long time before the first symptoms appear. The symptoms usually only appear once the dysfunction has spread to millions of cells. This can be called an energetically dominating pathological cell group.

All pathological conditions are not as much related to the energy body as a whole but more to the state of the energy channels in the body. These are like arteries carrying energy throughout the body and feeding it. In its essence these are not defined like arteries, these are more energy flowing in a certain direction that is covering everything it envelopes.

These energy channels ensure that the whole organism and each cell has sufficient energy supply and it also provides energetic protection. Many life situations can have a negative effect on the normal function of these channels. 

Physical body is the reflection of our energy body and vice versa. If our energy body is strong, then every malfunction is remedied instantly. The owner of the body doesn’t have any idea how close it was to getting sick.

Sometimes we do feel like we are about to get sick. In case of energy blockages, the energy flows around the blockage using smaller channels, but this means that millions of cells are deprived of energy because of the diversion. When our energy body is strong then our body is able to remedy the blockage itself without any external help.

Also, if we do not depend on external circumstances to be happy and fulfilled then it is very hard for any virus or disease to hook into us, because we are independent of the external energy fields.

Different causes for illnesses

The reason we get sick is always either external or internal. External = caused by some sort of external influence, internal are 100% self-generated.

Just as thoughts are energy forms, so are the pathogens that are one external cause for the disease. But as when we get sick because of our internal energy blockages, the external energy forms can only attach to us if we have the supporting circumstances in our energy body for these to enter. That means that we have to have the matching vibration to the pathogen.

This is why one and the same bacteria or virus can make one person sick and another doesn’t get infected at all. Negative vibrations in our energy field “pull in” the unhealthy condition.

People do not understand that disease can be caused by excess just as easily as from lack. If we do not have enough to eat, then we get sick, but also we can get sick just because we are greedy. It is very hard to look for a cause for a disease from our head. Even harder is to face our shadow side and fight it.

Very often people get sick after a shocking event in their life. The shocking experience breaks down the balance in our energy body and the sickness follows.

In such cases, it is important to deal with the negative emotion in an appropriate way. If you do not pay enough attention and take the right course of action, your unconscious will try to fix it with whatever comes to mind.

This is why when you are really sad or heartbroken, you make yourself feel better by eating a bucket of ice cream or a lot of junk food. It is not good for you and if you do it for months without an end, you end up overweight and eat yourself sick. And the actual emotion is still trapped inside your body.

In case of an emotional shock, our body switches on the survival program. If this is kept on for extended time, it causes extreme stress in the body and starts to break it. At the same time it is common to have a total lock-down of the heart center, meaning the body is cut off from the energy that is able to trigger the body’s self-healing programs. Joe Dispenza has provided few examples of this in his book “Becoming Supernatural”.

Sometimes when we work very hard and dream of the time off, lying in bed and sleeping in, we end up coming down with a cold. It makes us lie in bed and effectively we get exactly what we want. Most of the time even not acknowledging that our wish was granted.

Lack of attention and love can also cause this. This is very common with children. When they do not get enough love from their parents, they can get sick to have that love, attention and care. This is all happening on a subconscious level. The child does not want to get sick or plot it in any way.

It is very important to share love and care to people around us all the time so that they do not have to call for help in the form of a sickness to fill their cup. Even more important is to be able to provide all we need to ourselves.

Many elderly people are feeling as if their children have left them without care. They fill their time with watching TV that provides an illusion of being part of someone’s life, but this does not provide any life energy. Then they get sick and their children are there providing all the loving care.

Very often people lose their health when they are put in a position where they have to stay on their own like after retiring – people find it hard to find purpose in life and it is very hard for them to have to face themselves. 

This is why it is extremely important to get to know who you really are and understand how to be self-sufficient. This is how we can enjoy a healthy, long and fulfilling life without making ourselves sick or our body to age prematurely. Premature aging is caused by living in the past. People who keep thinking about the good old days age much faster than people who focus on the present moment. Youth is more a state of the being than something tangible.

All people are sick differently, it depends a lot on the person’s way of life. Essentially health is order, and disease is disorder. These days most people have some sort of health disorder, there are very few people who can say that they are totally healthy.

Actually, it is possible to stop the sickness before it manifests in our physical body if we are in tune with ourselves and we can notice the real reason for health problems before it goes too far. Sicknesses are never random – there is always a good reason. We just have not paid enough attention to ourselves and our lives.

Our body is always reacting to its environment – internal and external. It is trying to keep the balance and the moment it doesn’t work, the sickness appears. So the reason for physical and psychological disease, pain and torture is always the imbalance between body and mind. And this balance is individual for each person.

Getting attached to things in life can also cause all sorts of diseases. Once we let go and become free, our stress levels come down and our health gets better.

Our brain cannot distinguish between real and imaginary. So our thoughts can have a devastating effect on our body. Very many people “think” themselves sick by focusing on subjects in their heads that cause unnecessary stress and anxiety. 

Stress – The No 1 Cause 

Stress is caused by our energy flow being blocked. This means our body operates only using the three lower energy centers (chakras). This is when our body runs on the survival program. This is causing weakening of the life energy/ the energy field of the body.

Living in such a state has an effect on our sympathetic nerve system and causes the immune system to be suppressed. As a result our body becomes susceptible to the opportunistic viruses, fungal infections, allergies break out and autoimmune conditions can develop.

Stress is preparing us for a fight. These days this is the normal state in which we operate. Having all the stress hormones ravaging our body and depleting us from energy. Any extended state of stress can cause very serious health conditions. 

Depression appears when a person has lost all positive essence in life. It means being totally blocked off from your essence. It is almost impossible to pull someone out of depression unless the person is willing to fight it. If a person is in a very negative state, then the surrounding environment will “help” it along and provide more negativity. Which in extreme cases can end with death of the physical body.

Negative energy, caused by negative thoughts and emotions, disables us from getting energy from higher bodies and therefore our etheric body will start to starve. At some point if that continues, our physical body will start to suffer.

Genetic diseases and karma

Genetic diseases that are said to come with our family heritage are actually family karma. These are negative thought patterns (that is also energy) that is given down from generation to generation. These become especially strong when our predecessors have passed away. It is like all the energy that our parents were carrying for the family will fall on our shoulders and that is actually how it is.

There is no point in feeling victimized by it. You chose your family and it is your destiny to clear the karma or live with it. You do have your free will so you can choose not to deal with it, but if you do not clear it, then it will be carried over to your children.

Diseases that are caused by our karma usually work so that a certain vice that we carry in ourselves, pulls us to the life situations that result with the disease. It is almost impossible to cure these unless you get to the source of it and eliminate it. Karmic diseases are ruthless and always ready to hit us unless we change our ways.

If you are interested to read more about karma and what to do about it, then I have written a post on the subject that you can read here.


It is important to take ourselves as a whole that we are. Energy body, emotional body and physical body etc are not separate from each other. These are all different manifestations of the one, existing on separate planes simultaneously. 

When we keep our vibration high, it is impossible to catch a cold even when everyone else around us is sick. It is also the best flu jab in the world.

If we are fighting with ourselves and the world, we are harming both. It is easy to get into shape if you live your life fully. The goal should be to achieve harmony and balance within and without. This is when disease leaves us and we can enjoy a healthy body. Read more

Fear is a false experience that feels real. Very often we imagine that we are somehow in danger from a situation when there is no real threat. Since our brains are highly evolved there is not a single thing in the world that someone was not afraid of. And all these fears are driving from one fear – the fear of death. 

Fear vs free will

Fear is one of the best indicators that you have lost control of your life. You are acting out of a mind-made program rather than exercising your free will. It means it is time to evolve, to move higher, to extend your abilities to the next level. I am sure you have all heard that by conquering your fear you can grow the most.

Giving into fear usually makes us feel safe because we think or feel that we know what is coming and we are controlling the outcome. It means you do not have to take the step to the unknown which is strange and scary for the mind. Usually your mind tells you that you are unable to step through it or if you do it, this will be the end of you. But actually you have given your life energy and control over your life itself to fear.

Fear is the rope around your free will, it keeps getting tighter as your fear gains more strength. Photo: engin akyurt

I have seen a man standing at the crossroads in life paralyzed by fear and succumbing to fear and it was the saddest thing that I have ever seen. He wasn’t even able to say what he was afraid of but I could feel the fear oozing out of him. He was terrified of his own happiness.

I have also seen someone step through the fear and it was so beautiful. Even more so because it was my 7-year old daughter who was terrified of water and swimming because it triggered a panic attack that came from a death by drowning from a past life. The moment she learned to swim she was screaming on the top of her voice: “Yes, I am no longer scared of death! I did it! I did it!”

How does fear affect karma?

Fear is created by the unknown. Fear and adrenaline are both the indications of the same process. Very often the unrealistic fear is actually creating the very situation that we are afraid of.

A good example is a modern disease called a fear of missing out (FOMO). People who succumb to it are actually missing out on their life experience and success because they waste their energy chasing after the things they think they are missing out on. It might even feel exciting for some time but then they reach a certain age or get a wake up call and realize that they have wasted their life on nothing.

Most of the time we are not afraid of the actual situation but the fantasies in our head of what might happen. So the thing we are really afraid of is our thoughts.

So the way it affects karma is that once we take one step out of fear, we end up doing many more steps to avoid it in the future. Usually many more or less harmful decisions are made out of fear. This limits our life and the fear is ruling us – we are moving further and further away from our sovereignty. This always results with negative karma.

Fear is never real, but our mind makes it very real and our body cannot tell the difference. Photo: @melwasser

The fruits of fear

Fear creates energy blockages in the body. Sometimes we might not even notice it, but there is tension there. In time this can either start getting our attention via pain or some disease. Mostly people try to then fix the symptoms rather than analyzing the real reason behind the condition. This results with chronic conditions and in extreme cases in untimely death.

All fights and wars are created by fear. Most illnesses are self-created by fear of something that builds up so much stress in our body that it starts breaking down. Since the source of fear is not in our heart but in our mind, there is never any universal energy flow for its creation. So we end up using our limited life energy (that should only be used in extreme life threatening situations) to feed it and therefore also shortening our life span.

How to overcome fear?

This was a question posed to Sadhguru at one of his teachings. His answer was short: “You cannot overcome something that does not exist.” He further explained that fear is created by using up a lot of your life energy and maintaining it takes even more energy. So all you have to do is let go.

Fear is not reasonable and always fictional, even if based on previous experience. The best way to fight fear is by awareness. Acknowledging your emotions by fully allowing yourself to feel them and at the same time by analysing and reasoning. If using only one of these angles, some of the energy from the fear might still stay clogged up inside and gather its strength over time using up your energy.

One might say that if you come across a real danger, fear is the thing that is making you run and hide and sometimes even end up saving your life. Actually, it is your survival instinct that is activating the most effective program to save you. If you really feel fear – you usually freeze and end up being eaten by the polar bear.

If we bury our fear deep inside us and focus on positive, we tend to avoid the negative event from manifesting but our life force and energy is still tied up maintaining it. The negative karma is on hold in a passive state. This is very dangerous since at our weakest moment, it will unleash at full force.

Fear is always constricting our freedom. Fear should be treated as a teacher – it comes to show us where we can evolve. The bigger the fear, the greater the lesson and reward. Every time we face fear and conquer it, we get back some of our freedom. And since maintaining fear takes up a lot of energy, every time we do something to step out of it we also get a huge energy rush from the release.

How to end fear for good?

Based on my experience and after studying a lot of teachings of many wise people, the only permanent remedy towards fear is total awareness. Eckhart Tolle has talked a lot about the benefit of awareness in his books.

In order to get rid of all fear in your life you would get rid of the root of it. And the mother of all fears is the fear of death.

The way to overcome fear is to become “friends” with death. This does not mean that you are wanting to die every moment, quite the opposite. You live fully, but without fearing death. 

So the key is enlightenment. Especially a part of the soul awakening process called the Ego Death. Once you have experienced death before physically dying, death becomes your friend that walks beside you as you live fully every second of your life. 

However, you cannot make Ego Death just happen. All you can do is work on your soul development every day and it will happen as a natural part of the process. There is a separate post talking about this subject in more detail.

So what should you do?

Jim Carry said in one of his speeches: “You only ever have two options in life: choose love or choose fear.”

So you should try to live consciously every day. Be aware of what you feel, what your heart is trying to whisper you behind all the mind chatter. And if the fear rises, acknowledge it for what it is – a fictional story in your head that is trying to control you. Step out of it, feel it and analyze it to pieces to never feel it again.

Read more

Definition of karma

Karma is a sum of all previous actions. And it is not defined by only this lifetime but all existence that your soul has previously gone through. And it is the energy from where your future arises.

It can also be defined by Newton’s 3rd law that in simple terms says that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

The laws of karma are really all based on one law – the law of a cause and consequence. It is also important to keep in mind that as long as these laws govern us, we do not really have free will as such. We do have a will but the state of freedom depends on how much the karmic laws govern our life.

The law of karma Picture: newtondesk.com

People tend to refer to karma as something negative but actually it just is – all good and bad. Since at the energetic level there is no duality, no good or bad – it just is. So how do we go about understanding karma and freeing ourselves from its grip?

How to clear karma?

There is a way to clear karma and create “good” karma that is considered the basis of a good future for oneself. In order for the “good” karma to work, we obviously have to clear all the “bad” karma generated before. Now to be realistic, it will take lifetimes to clear the karma of all previous lifetimes. However, you can be very mindful not to create any more unwanted future from this point forward.

And there is also a way to live so that we are free of karma and create our life from the present moment – this is called enlightenment. It is simple but not easy and what makes it hard is our brilliant brain.

Very often the way to enlightenment actually starts with clearing up at least some of past karma before our soul starts ascending and we become fully conscious. Some people “wake up” overnight, but for most people it happens after going through some extremely painful or challenging experience in life.

This is called The Ego Death in traditional zen spiritualism or The Dark Night of The Soul in modern spiritualism. This can be triggered either by losing a job, the death of the loved one, the Twin Flame activation, divorce etc. I will write about this in more detail in another post. In any case, it is the undesired disruptive change in one’s life that is the trigger.

And yet, change is the only constant in the universe. So constantly changing and evolving is the basis for a more balanced and naturally flowing life. It is always good to flow with the changes in your life, because these will happen anyway. When life is forcing you to make the changes, then it usually makes you upset, miserable and unhappy. It would be wise to accept the changes before it gets too painful not to change.

And change does not mean walking home another route as usual or stepping out of the bed with another foot. I have found some YT videos that claim that already that is helpful, but you have to remember that the universe is energy. Every thought carries energy and the extent of the effect of this energy is depending on the intensity of the frequency it carries.

If you walk home or step out of the bed every day thinking the same thoughts and this change is not moving you along on your soul’s development then you can take 1000 different routes home but you will find that the universe is still throwing you a curve ball. A person is usually starting to change when not changing ends up being more painful than not doing it.

When it is time to make a change, you might notice some subtle signs in your life. You have to be at least somewhat conscious to notice these. But these are there to give you a nudge to let you know that it is time to move on and evolve. If you ignore these, then all hell may break loose, because the next nudge is carrying way more force.

In order to understand which way the change should take place, it is essential to be in contact with your soul. Otherwise you might start running in the wrong direction and the universe will use all means possible to direct you back to your soul’s journey. 

We have a free will to choose the road to get to our destiny. Our soul chose it long before we were born. So it is best to use our free will to choose the path of least resistance, that will take us to the heights by the shortest and easiest way so that we can get even further and aim even higher.

“Unlocking” yourself

So all we have to do is become conscious. It has been calculated that we create 95-98% of our life from the unconscious state. It is very easy and even comfortable to follow the rules of the culture, society and embedded beliefs in our mind. Most people never get to understand or sometimes even question why they are here living this life. But even a slight increase in consciousness makes a big impact.

A human being, or rather the human brain, is the pinnacle of evolution on this planet. Yet the majority of human beings tend to live like an advanced version of the animal kingdom and focus mainly on eating, sleeping, procreating and gathering more and more stuff. However the human brain was not created for that – we were created to be so much more. And once we become conscious human beings we can unlock the unlimited potential hidden inside of us.

It is very hard to engineer our own life and future when we do not understand how all the pieces in the puzzle fit together. Many spiritual and more awake people think that their mission is to make the world a better place, but they do not understand that the only way they can do it, is to fix themselves first. Only then can they have a positive effect on everything outside of them. 

We create our reality every second of every minute we live. And we are doing so mostly unconsciously, running the previously recorded karma again and again and then complaining that life is always such a misery and never gets any better.

Unless we make ourselves conscious, we are living our lives like in a dream where there is no control over anything except that one karma cycle that we have been caught into in this life. All we can do is add to the same cycle by supporting the same pattern with our thoughts.

We can only change what we have acknowledged. So it is essential to become conscious. This is the only way to make life happen for us, not to us.

If your happiness depends on external factors, then it is an illusion. It can only be real if it is generated and maintained by yourself internally, regardless of what is going on in the outside world. So if you want to have a good tomorrow, become happy today. The trouble is, many people have no idea what happiness is.

Some think it’s the new car, new job, new relationship… but once they get it, they might find themselves “happy” for a short while and then they are chasing after the next thing to make them “happy”. They are always miserable in their heart, waiting for tomorrow that never comes, to make them happy without even knowing what it means. Sometimes they are so submerged into covering up their misery that they are unaware of it. But there usually comes a moment when the truth hits them and that can be very painful. Even if it happens a few minutes before they die.

One can decide that life is what it is and this is how you want to live it – it is ok, to choose that. After all – we all have free will. But it is not ok to choose that and blame anything or anyone for your misery or lack of happiness. You are also the creator of your own life experience.

People tend to spend their days either fantasizing about tomorrow or thinking about the past. This is how they miss everything that really is and create unnecessary misery to themselves. The only thing that really is, is now – the endless present moment. We can only exist here and now. Eckhart Tolle has written about it in his book “The Power of Now”.

If someone decides that this is it, I will now clear all my “bad” karma and have a good life, then it is a good decision. This person is trying to make his life better and gain control of his/her own destiny. Some people think that they can clean up the past karma and then it is done.

However, it may take many lifetimes to dig up all the “bad” karma and what one defines as bad can also change over these lifetimes. This does not mean that you shouldn’t do this, but just that it doesn’t have to be that hard. The energy that we possess should be spent on living here and now, experiencing life as a miracle and expanding our unlimited potential. Also – once we get to enlightenment, there is unlimited energy inflow that we can use for creating even more.

Some people find it very hard to fully experience life because they are “forced” to kill time. They are trying to run from themselves so hard that they end up filling their life with many activities, joyful or destructive. It is their choice to live their life like that but in the end it is not a life anyone desires. 

Stepping out of karma

You have to understand and experience who you really are. You are not your body, you are not your gender, you are not your job title, you are not your self image, you are not your mind, you are not even your thoughts. You are your soul, the energy observing and experiencing everything. It is not something you can learn, it is purely experiential. It is I AM.

The moment you experience this, it is impossible not to want to get back into this state. You feel endless joy, love and peace in you. The whole world and everything you see feels different – abundant and beautiful. This is when you start to “see” through the veils of the physical world and really understand it all.

Once you understand or rather experience your essence you also understand that you are love. You are the energy that everything is made of. It is not the Hollywood movie’s romanticized love, but the force of creation. And this is exactly what you have to harness to create your life from now on.

Only from this state, it is possible to create a better life for yourself. And through being in that state you also have a profound effect on your surroundings. This is how you can make the world a better place.

Living a good life and reaching your full potential is not hard work. It does take some work, but not on the external but on the internal level. And you cannot even imagine how far you can go. The dreams your brain has come up with are usually very primitive compared to what you can achieve once you have accessed your unlimited potential.

This is when you can start listening to the wisdom within you, not forming your opinions and setting your goals based on rules of the society or advice from your friends and family. It is ok to listen and discuss with others, but all the important decisions about your life and goals should come from you. The real you.

This is the only way to actually feel fulfilled and happy every day of your life. Until then you can buy 10 cars, live in 5 houses and have the most suitable person to live with but you would still feel empty and missing something. Missing something you cannot even name, because your mind can never reach it. Your brain never knows what you heart and soul need. It is like trying to solve the most complex problem on a piece of paper (your brain) versus AI (soul wisdom).

What to do about your mind?

Your mind is there to help your soul, not the other way around. They say that the most brilliant minds are the most miserable very often because they do not know how to handle their intelligence. People get sick and die way too early because they do not know how to use their brain.

In another post I wrote about gaining control of your life through thinking good thoughts. It is not a very easy thing to do. Even harder is not to think at all. Our mind works so that if we are thinking about something or trying not to think about something then our mind either adds to it or multiplies. It is not possible to deduct anything or even stop it. 

So by focusing on our thoughts or mind will only make it work harder. The only way to get a handle of our thoughts is to set it free. To detach from it. Once you have managed to do that, nature’s most brilliant creation – your brain – will start working for you, not against you. So one of your goals should be to liberate your mind, not to control it.

Your soul is pure freedom and love, your mind should be free to match your essence. Otherwise you will have a war inside of you. It is not possible to create joy, happiness and peace from the state of war – not in your own life or in the world.

Once you are able to detach from your mind, you will also get a very clear understanding of how to use the mind. It is almost like you have liberated or gained access to much higher intelligence than before. Things start working out for you, your world will be filled with miracles and even people and animals react to you differently.

Once you have managed to create that balance and harmony between your mind and soul, you will also start creating amazing things outside of yourself. You do not even need rules or laws, you will become the highest version of yourself effortlessly. This is when you can create a better life for yourself and everyone around you.


So the only thing to do about karma, is really not to do anything but to be. To be in your authentic form. Because when you are living from your heart, walking your soul path from love, joy and peace you do not need to control your actions. From that place it is impossible to do anything that would create “bad” karma.

Once you get into that feeling of being in the state of “I AM”, it is like lights come on inside of you. People say that you radiate and they feel better after talking to you. All things look vibrant and amazing. That creates even more joy for you. You feel elevated emotions that can only be described as bliss.

Everything around you gets healed just by being in your energy field. The best part of it is that you do not force it or have to learn to do it, it just happens as a side effect. All you have to do is to remember how to be you. And that is some seriously GOOD KARMA :). Read more

Egregores aka energy fields influence humans

It is said that we live in the age of information. Yet we rarely hear people mentioning egregores. Most people have never considered what information is and what it does in the world. And what is an egregore?

It is also said that information is power. How to use this power? Or does this power sometimes end up using us?

What is information?

Everything we know about the world and that we believe in is based on the information we have processed. Information is gathered from the surrounding environment continuously. This is why it can be said that information is the starting point for everything. But how to explain what information is? It cannot be seen or touched.

Information is energy that triggers material manifestation. We can rarely see the reason for the things materialising in our life, only the end results. Since everything that is happening is creating a chain reaction. It all must have started somewhere, but this was long before us and is not even that important right now. 

It is not possible to see information, but as energy it surrounds us. Image: Pixabay.com

Important is the fact that we are living in the world of consequences. And we experience this world through our mind. So for a human being the mind is creating everything that is experienced.

Information should be understood and defined as certain energy in a space and time. Information cannot exist without its sources – processes or events. These three are inseparable – information, process and event/consequence. These three make up one energetic form.

Energy does not exist without information and vice versa. Different energy forms affect each other constantly. There is constant change and mutation depending on the events taking place in the energy field that is all connected throughout the universe. 

The connection between information, process and event/consequence is also the basis for explaining the karmic laws that is a subject of another article.

The Old (Material) World View

Before relativity theory and quantum physics made us see things from a totally new angle, we were sure that the world consists of material only. It was stated that the basis of our world were indivisible and indestructible atoms. These atoms existed in three dimensional space and the way the atoms moved was based on certain immutable laws.

We saw the world as one big machine and were certain that after unlocking the secrets of the laws driving it, we would be able to recreate everything that has ever happened and foresee the future. It was believed that as soon as we have the knowledge of these laws we will have the power over the universe.

Life, mind, people and creativity were all considered a byproduct of this machine that was created by chance from the materia. Humans were considered pieces of materia, highly developed subjects of the animal world or thinking biological machines. The brain created the consciousness and our skin was considered the border of who we really are.

Based on this material model human consciousness, intellect, ethics, art, religion and science itself was a byproduct of the brain processes.

The New (Energy) World View

Every person is a soul in a closed energo-informational space. The visible part of it is our body, where the soul “lives”. Human body reflects the state of the soul – sick soul, sick body etc. The physical body from an individual cell to the whole organism is a copy of the energy body, not in detail but still. Physical body is supposed to help the energetic body, It acts as its extension in a physical world. 

Human energo-informational structure is entwined with the surrounding world. It constantly reacts to the changes in the environment. One of the main purposes for the energo-informational field of the living organism is to ensure its existence by eliminating all negative influences possible that affect the organism within it and outside.

The health or malfunction of the body, its organs and processes are directly depending on the state of its energetic field. If the energetic field is not functioning properly, the harmony in the organism is also affected. The reason for such malfunctions in the energetic field can be caused by external influences or internal processes – unprocessed feelings, emotions and reactions.  I have written about health and sickness in a separate post.

The strength of our health and harmony depends on how strong our energy field is.
Image: Pixabay.com

The strength and quality of each energetic field is determined by the harmony in it. The quality of it is based on the information. Our energetic field is constantly in contact with all the energy in our space and most of us are not conscious about it. We do notice the feelings that certain people and situations create in us and our reactions. 

Body’s energy systems are forming “the structure” for a human body and include the energetic information of each cell, organ, system, energy channel and chakra. An Etheric body is formed of the internal energy of each cell. 

Every day our energy field gets “contaminated” by the energy of our environment and the situations we live through. Each interaction with someone else is performed as an energy transaction which is not always a fair deal. If this is done unconsciously, we can end up very tired and sometimes even notice thoughts and emotions not native to our character disturbing us.

Sometimes we end up tuning out of situations and become passive when our energy field is “contaminated”. Other times we end up going with the general energetic pull and do something out of character (“mass psychosis”).

Sleep is required for our energy body to recover. It is like a memory foam that recovers itself to its former shape. Meditation has the same effect on our energetic field, as do walking in nature, music, incense, aromatherapy, and even food.

Nature acts as a charger for human body. It balances and purifies our energy fields.
Image: Pixabay.com

Things that hurt our energy field on top of the environment are the things we do to ourselves – even something as simple as saying “yes” to things we do not resonate with to please other people and all the obvious things – drugs, alcohol, medication, self loathing etc.

The higher our energy vibration and healthier our energy field, less outer energy can push us out of sync with what we really are and healthier and happier we feel.

At the same time we are receiving information, we are also creating and submitting it continuously. We are creating collective information fields that have a huge effect on the environment and other people. This is called collective consciousness or egregores.

What are egregores?

Most egregores are created by humans – these are psychoenergetic energy fields that are created by human emotions, beliefs, energies etc.

We are surrounded by egregores continuously. Image: Pixabay.com

People can sense the atmosphere of each individual group of people or even a country as either light or heavy. Every collective creates their own psychoenergetic informative field, sets the rules of its existence and existing internal and external relationships. In psychology this is called collective consciousness, psychoenergetic field or collective energo-informative field.

This is the sum of the psychoenergetic state of all the members of the group and many other conditions – goals, tasks, ideology, external conditions and a lot more. But the main influencer in setting the stage is still the human factor.

Every human association has a psycho-energetic field – family, organisation, nation, nationality, state and whole humanity. A loving couple who has lived in harmony their whole life investing in creating the atmosphere of goodness, peace and love has much bigger effect to the evolution of the nation then some spectacular leader.

Egregore is a non-material entity that is created from separation of human psychic energy into the collective like tribe, state, political party or religious organization. They do not have monades, but have temporary concentrated charge of will and equivalency to consciousness.

Where do egregores come from?

Every egregore carries in itself dependency. Egregore depends on the energy of the people that feed it and people in return depend on the ideas, worldview and energy that the egregore carries.

Even a little dissatisfaction with today ruins the harmony in a human being, resulting with his life here and now being less worthy. This dissatisfaction with oneself and one’s life makes a person take action and if there is not enough strength to amend the problem, then that person turns to egregore or creates one.

Self-sacrifice is necessary for egregore. The basis for this is losing part of one’s individuality. The further away a person is from his real self, the higher his ability and readiness for self-sacrifice. The more unreachable the goals, the more these appeal to an unsatisfied person.

Egregores almost always use (consciously or subconsciously) the magic of thoughts, words and actions. Traditions, holidays, rituals, miracles, visions and other such things – these are all magical deeds. The more precise these are, the more power they carry and the bigger effect these have on people.

The negativity of the egregore is coming into full force when it is trying to push down the individuality of a human being. This is when a person becomes its slave. Another negative moment appears when a developing egregore is starting to fight with other egregores to make room for itself. This brings on energetic wars.

Giving up some of your own individuality is a minimum price for joining with egregores. Image: Pixabay.com

Being constantly busy supports people to start imitating others. Imitation and obedience help to connect people and create an egregore. Rushing also encourages uniformity. This is why it is always important to be yourself, even in details. 

Even diseases have their own egregore, more strength the egregore of the disease is collecting, the worse the condition to endure. When a person gets diagnosed, he or she plugs into the egregore and that person starts to feed the egregore with his thoughts, emotions and energies of suffering. Egregore in return starts to feed the illness inside the person.

Very often the doctors who are supposed to help the person to get better, also end up feeding the egregore. If the doctor is subconsciously living off the existence of the condition, it might actually work against the patient with the best intentions. The right approach would be for the doctor to focus on restoring the health of the patient, not fighting the disease. 

“Working” with egregores

Egregores are part of our life, they are usually influencing huge groups of people who are also inseparable part of humanity and the world. When we try to divide something from the whole then it is not whole any more. That is why it is important to learn to work together with egregores that could help to change the egregores that stop evolution and people from having a happy life.

Egregore gains consciousness when there is a critical mass of people who are supporting it. Very often egregores use fear to control people. There are also (sometimes extraterrestrial) egregores that try to help people and the planet.

There is a key to live your life fully – to feel love for oneself and for people, not for egregore. It is also possible to gain friendly partnership between people and egregore but that requires for people to act with integrity, wisdom and honor with all people and egregores. This can only be achieved by these individuals who are pure of heart, live their life from their heart and use love as their main life force.

Nothing can happen to a person without it giving permission for everything. For one person an egregore can be helpful, for another the same one can cripple evolution. So each and every one of us should work out with which forces we want to join.

All energies are interconnected and every human has an effect to the overall vibrational levels of the universe. Image: Pixabay.com

There is polarity in each and every egregore – there are no pure good or evil energies. That is why each energy can be modified to become more positive.

Disharmonious person who is looking for freedom outside of itself is perfect material for creating an egregore. Not a single egregore will ever be able to gain control over all people in the world.

It is important to understand that the characteristics of the type of egregore we live with are dependent on each and every one of us and it is also the flavour of our life.

The biggest global egregores ruling the masses in the world are:

  • Money
  • Power
  • Sex
  • Society

Depending on which egregore has the most power in the world, there are certain things happening in history. There can be wars, there can be global movements, there can be pandemics etc.

Good or bad?

The only thing constant in this world is change and when someone is trying very hard to fight against evolution, it is a total waste of energy. If a person is working on evolution within, the changes will also happen in the outside world, but it will happen without cataclysms and suffering.

If there is no development within a human then external force will be applied to provoke evolutionary change. This can happen when a person gets stuck with an egregore that does not support the growth any longer.

For example, when a person is not ready to change and is holding on to the old with all its might, the need for evolution can be performed by external forces. For instance the person might lose their business, their home or their job for no good reason.

The same thing applies in the relationships, when there is a standstill, then the tragedy will follow. This explains the need for continuous development, even if the changes made are very small.

If you think that the egregore that you are part of is good then you must always keep in mind that accession is not part of the aggregation but subtraction. Eventually we are giving up part of our individuality, freedom of choice, freedom of decision and natural behaviour. This is why human beings are destined to be inferior within egregore.

Fear is making a slave and a master out of a human being. Fear forces us to want the power and submiss the others. Love is the greatest energy that is limitless and exists in every human being. Knowledge, faith and love liberate a person from submission. 


When a human being understands the purpose of his life and opens the full potential within then there is no need for egregores because he is happy and content within himself.

If we are not in our full power then when joining with someone always lose a part of ourselves. If we know our real self, we are able to see the possibilities and have freedom to stay ourselves when being part of something else.

This is not possible until we have consciously acknowledged who we are and why we are. The basis for the balance in life is listening to your heart. The main aim for any human is to become independent of the external energies by knowing oneself in the full force.

If you are more interested in egregores or how to gain control over you destiny then there are following books that are great:

Read more
live in alignment with yourself

Being in alignment with yourself means that you are living in harmony with your Inner Self, your life purpose. You might think that you are doing ok, even though things could always be better, but why should you change anything? It is all good. Well, what if it could all be great, amazing, wonderful? What would be the 1st step to achieve a better life?

Where to start to get in alignment with yourself?

That is an easy question to answer, not so easy to put in practice though. The answer is – you have to take control of your life.

What it means is you have to understand that you are responsible for everything in your life. And it does not mean that you are finally starting to pay your own bills. It means you are literally responsible for everything that manifests each moment in your life. 

For example, if you had an unhappy childhood – it was you. You chose the parents before you were born into this world so that your childhood could help you to become the person you are today. This was necessary to give you these exact experiences in life to help you learn and grow.

You have to be thankful for all the people and circumstances in your life that have helped you to get here. As you stand here today and look at yourself – you are stronger and wiser and have your unique knowledge and skills in life only thanks to all of this.

Now you might argue that surely if someone else is nasty to me then it cannot be me who is responsible. I am good. The moment you think that it is someone else’s fault, means that someone else is ruling your life. That sounds rather odd and a bit scary to be honest. 

No one but you can see your life for what it is and no one else really cares for how all the tiny details in it work out. And if someone who is actually blind to see your life in its entirety, is ruling it, it is like you have given the wheel to a blind person and you are standing next to them screaming and blaming them for not seeing the tree in the middle of the road. Did you forget? – they are blind. 

Now, some of you might want to argue – but my mum did everything for me. No, don’t kid yourself. Even your mum can only see her own life in its entirety. If she is trying to live yours, she is simply not wanting to look at her own. And she is most loving but still a blind person behind the wheel that rules your life.

Why does it feel so hard to take control of your life?

Even if you don’t want to admit it, the reason probably is that you are scared or just lazy. If all the things happening to you are someone else’s fault, then there is nothing you can do about it. And yet, only you can do something about it.

It is not what you tell other people that matters. It is what you honestly tell yourself. What do you do about it? You only live for yourself. No one else really cares for your life as much as you do. They are far too busy with themselves.

And, yes, it feels sooooo hard in the beginning. You contradict yourself every moment you get. It is actually your ego that is trying to “keep you safe”. You can read more about the culprit called ego from my previous post

It takes some serious work to convince yourself that you will be safe if you take responsibility for your life. The blaming game is one very hard habit to break. Also – you actually have to make “ruling your life” one of your hobbies in a way. You need to put some time aside every day to analyse why things take place in your life and what is the trigger of it. It means your pace of life might get quite a bit slower but the quality will also improve as you do it. 

For example, if you have a conflict with your co-worker or boss, instead of blaming their actions or attitude, you would take time to think about what you have done to cause it. It is impossible to be in conflict with a person who is not in conflict with themselves. And the cause of the reaction from the world might lie in a totally different part of your life. It is usually something you did against your own character. 

We get so caught up with blaming the others and reacting to their reactions to our inner problems that we very often miss the signs. These conflicts are always indicating that we are not living the life we are supposed to. We are missing something really important. We should stop, think and feel. I’d say that the last is the most important one. Since we do tend to lie to ourselves more than to anyone else.

Now, how do you know you are lying to yourself or let’s not be so hard, try to convince yourself that you are on the right track with your life even though you are not. If you learn to feel your inner calling, your Inner Self, then you will know that the plan you are trying to force into existence is not right for you. It will feel wrong for you. 

It doesn’t matter how much you try to rationally convince yourself – it will still not feel 100% right. Remember, it can sound perfectly rational though. But if you are in alignment with yourself, you feel amazing, excited, happy and have no doubt that you will achieve it. Even if it seems impossible looking at your current circumstances.

Sometimes we try to convince ourselves so hard very hard that we are on the right track because we cannot see any alternative. Sometimes we get so busy with it that we cannot imagine anything more and we cannot imagine how to get there. And if we cannot see how to get there, then it cannot be right, right?

Universe will try to guide you to get in alignment with yourself
You have to look at the hardships in life as messages and analyse the reason behind it.
Photo: https://www.instagram.com/p/CFQ_lMHjxKx/

That is exactly where we usually fail ourselves. We do not have to see the whole road to the top of the mountain from the bottom of the valley. All you need is to just know that the top exists. And that there is always a way up there, but you do not need to know every step you take to get there before you set out to conquer it.

The many benefits of being in alignment with yourself

The first one to see the goods of living the life that is true to your Inner Self is, of course, you. And that will make you much happier. It would be silly to think that you are isolated from the world, you are actually part of a bigger picture. And a very important part – all people connected to you will benefit from you getting in alignment with yourself. 

Magic of living in alignment with yourself
Life feels so much better when you get in alignment with yourself.
Photo: https://www.instagram.com/p/CBzKY32noGD/

You will see how others in your family might start getting lucky breaks. Surely, it is a coincidence. Yes, it is, until you understand that you are responsible for your life. And you are not responsible for your family members but if you take responsibility for you, then their life will also get better and you can be happy about their successes as well. 

It can be scientifically proven by quantum physics, but I am trying to keep this post an easy read. I will write about it in another post. Just saying that we are all living in one energy field and if one member of the close connections is raising their vibration, it will have a pulling effect on everyone else in the same grid.

How to know if you are on the right track?

Now you might have done all the hard work and follow the right path in your life… for the whole 2 hours or 2 weeks. And you start to doubt if it is the right thing – is there really a way up to that mountain you are aiming to conquer?

You might even think that you need someone to confirm that you are on a right track and ask your friends or family. It can help you or it can stop you – it very much depends on the person you are asking. Sometimes we can have too high aims for the person who we are asking for confirmation and then if they doubt in it, our own doubts only grow bigger.

The easiest way to know if you are on the right track is to check with your Inner Self when starting to doubt. Does this still feel right? There are also many signs that can confirm you are on a right track. Some might say that you will always see what you want in the world. But the trick with these signs is that you are not actively looking for them, you discover them. 

It is like a story of the expedition of Kon Tiki – when the Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl set out to cross the Pacific Ocean from South America to the Polynesian islands on a raft. He did not expect that the knots in the ropes would tighten as the wood expanded when it got wet. Or that the flying fish would jump on the raft so that he had a fresh fish for breakfast every day.

If you do the right thing, you will find that life and people “accidentally” help you with your cause. You start your business that follows your life purpose and your friends will give you the books to read. Or some random post on Facebook will provide you the exact information that will help you over the obstacle that you thought will need some professional help to get you over.

Also, you will notice that people are friendlier with you and life seems better. It feels like you are doing much less, but constantly getting more than you did when you were trying very hard on the wrong track. It is the sum of all positive signs that the universe is giving you. Same as with the warning signs that we talked about before.

This is called synchronicity.

what is synchronicity
Synchronicity is like a message to confirm that you are in alignment with yourself.
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What is synchronicity?

The term synchronicity was first introduced by analytical psychologist Carl Jung which holds that events are “meaningful coincidences” if they occur with no causal relationship yet seem to be meaningfully related (wikipedia.org).

In other words synchronicity occurs when the “random” events that happen in your life that help you to become and stay in alignment with yourself. If you are in alignment with yourself then it feels like miracles. It really does feel like a miracle when something helps you with your project out of the blue.

If you are in alignment with yourself, it seems that the universe is making you little presents every day that make your heart sing. Now you can imagine the universe to be a heavenly father to all of us who pets us on the back and gives us candy when we do something right. But it is actually us who make things happen and attract all events into our lives. We have just stopped ourselves from stopping these good things from coming into our lives.

Now synchronicity is usually used to describe positive events in our lives but it can also “confirm” that you are off the rails. If you notice that things are moving backwards in your life. It is sometimes hard to notice the signs in our own life since we are too close to it. But you would definitely notice if something is up with your family members.

When you get in alignment with yourself, you might notice that your closest family members start telling you their happy news. Your brother might get his dream job. Your sister might get married.

If you see the opposite, that your nearest and dearest seem to take steps back in their life, you should take it as a warning sign to re-evaluate your life. As we are part of a big network, we are also responsible for affecting those closest to us. There is a karmic connection between all family members. I will write about karma in more detail in a separate post.


So being in alignment with yourself feels like your life carries you to all the right places and right people at the right time. You might think that it is too hard work, but when you try it even a little, it feels amazing. If you decide not to do it, then you should also understand that has also been your own choice.

There is really no point in saying that you don’t want to be responsible for this or that. You are responsible for your life. It is your karma – there is no running away from it. If you try to run, it will catch you with bigger vengeance and can only hurt the ones you love the most. Starting with your dearest self.

So I hope you are brave enough to grab the wheel and go for your highest goals. You get the hang of it quite quickly and it is an amazing ride. Enjoy! Read more

Some think that Ego is who we are, some consider egoistic people the worst in the world. Until Ego runs free, it is the main thing ruling you and therefore extremely important. After reading and researching the subject quite a bit, I found out that Ego is actually not very important at all after you have gained control over it.

How did I get to finding out about Ego?

Now, I must emphasise that the following is purely my understanding of human energetic setup. It is based on the books I have read, visions I have had during deep meditations and things experienced during the past life regression hypnosis that was performed on me years ago in London.

Each of us should form their own understanding of life, but reading about other’s experiences can help you to find your own truth and this is exactly why I share this with you.

I have always struggled with believing that we are only the physical body that comes to this world so helpless and usually exits again in a quite helpless state.

I have graduated from medical school and studied human anatomy. It is quite clever machinery. Yet it is obvious that it takes something that we cannot put our finger on, that gives us personality and drives us through life.

I was about 28 when my friend gave me a book to read. She was trying to convince me to do the past life regression hypnosis with her. It was done individually, but still, this is how the girls are. The book was called „Life between Lives“ by Michael Newton.

The book was very interesting and it was hard to dismiss the things written in there since it was based on the past life hypnosis of more than six thousand people, or so it claims.

Anyway, I got interested enough to sign up for the hypnosis. And to be honest, I was not ready for what was expecting me. It was a life-altering experience. It took 7 hours and the things that I experienced during that time cleared up so many questions I had about myself as a human being.

In a course of that I also experienced my death and the world beyond it. You really can’t explain what it feels or looks like. All I can say that I have not yet experienced so much love and peace and light anywhere in this world.

Past life regression hypnosis
Past life regression hypnosis takes you through your previously lived life, death and to the world between lives. It may be performed only by a certified practitioner.
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It really opened my eyes about being responsible for everything in my life. From the parents we have chosen, to the gender and body and country we live in. There are many things we have decided before entering this life that are driving us. There is a purpose for the Soul to accomplish certain things and all we can do is to toughen up and get on with it.

Years later when I met up with my mentor, I had got to a point where she felt it necessary to introduce me to the different „rulers“ of the human being. I had seen these during one of my meditations and could not put it into words.

Ego and the Self who should be ruling us

To list the few of the energy bodies that are playing bigger or smaller role in moving us along in this world – there are the Shadow, the Ego, the Body Self, the Inner Self, the Middle Self, the Higher Self, the Spirit, the Soul, the Collective Consciousness and so on.

I will go through the few main characters in this post, starting with the most popular one.

The Ego-Self and the Middle Self

In Hawaiian it is called A-uhane – it translates to “the spirit that talks”. Which is You, the conscious self. It is the voice in your head you like to call you. Most of the time people don’t even think about it and consider it to be the voice of their physical body – their reason.

The Middle Self is the one giving the voice to the messages. But where do these messages come from. There are two sources – one of them is the Ego and another is the Spirit or the Inner Self.

It is also called our Ego-Self if it carries the message from the Ego. And in most cases, it is exactly who rules our lives. Ego is the one that we are all aware of since it is the easiest to identify with. In very many cases it is the only part of Self that we ever know in this life.

The Ego is only interested in fulfilling its endless needs and it enjoys the current status. The Ego hates development and change. It rules with fear and negativity, self-doubt and self-worthlessness. When the Ego rules our life there is a certain limit to what we can become or accomplish in life.

Ego is limiting your abilities to learn and grow. Therefore it is not good to have Ego set your goals in life and direct your will-power.
The Ego is limiting your abilities to learn and grow. Therefore it is not good to have the Ego set your goals in life and direct your will-power. Photo from: unsplash.com

I once heard someone say that the ceiling of what Ego can come up with as our life goal is in the cellar of what our Spirit is capable of. Therefore it is quite a waste of a life to let „the voice of reason“ as we also call Ego’s voice, rule our lives.

Everyone can still hear the quiet whispers of our inner Spirit every now and then amongst the loud chatter of the Ego. But we must learn to listen to it more and quiet down our Ego. That is the greatest challenge of all.

The Ego’s language is negative thoughts and feelings that are put into words. It reacts to our own and also outside power of thought. It always reflects itself.

Some believe that Ego is the one keeping us alive but that is actually our Body Self that warns us of the dangers that might danger our physical existence. I will go into this subject more deeply in future posts. Now back to the Middle Self.

The Middle Self’s language is words and it labels all memories either bad or good. Memories that are stored in our subconscious. So it is very important not to let the ever negative Ego to label our memories and program us.

We have to work hard to switch the source of our voice of the Middle Self to become the voice of the Inner Spirit (Inner Self). It is also very important since the Will-power that makes us act and channel our energy to achieve goals in life has to serve the needs of the Spirit not the insatiable wishes of the Ego. The malfunctioning of the Will derives directly from connecting the Will to our Ego rather than to our Spirit.

If we gain ability to access all levels of our Selves with our Middle Self then our full potential is released.

The Inner or Lower Self

In Hawaiian it is called A-unihipili – it translates to “the spirit that clings”, the subconscious. It is also called the Inner Child and it clings to our Middle Self for information. The Middle Self is a god for the Inner Self. So, you see how important it is to gain control over the messages from the Middle Self and restrain your Ego.

The Inner Self is your Spirit force that should be leading all our other Selves within us. Unfortunately, Ego is the loudest one and in most cases pushes the Inner Self off the throne. our goal is for the Inner Self to take responsibility for this life.

The Inner Self stores all conscious and unconscious memories, including all ancestral memories. It is responsible for genetic programming and cell memories. The Inner Self saves all the  experiences from all our lives ever lived. The label of the memory being good or bad always comes from the Middle Self.

The Inner Self can access the collective unconscious through the Higher Self. It also regulates unconscious bodily functions. We can access the Body Self through Inner Self. In a way it is the middleman to „talk“ to other Selves besides the Middle Self.

The development and growth of the Inner Self is dependent on learning and knowing more. It learns through repetition or command. It gets all its information from the Middle Self that determines which facts are allowed to be stored in the subconscious.

The things your heart believes in (subconscious) are the things you expect and therefore perceive in your life. People who only believe in extremes have only one way to be happy. This subject has actually been researched thoroughly over the years by scientists and has been known for many decades.

The language of the Inner Self is not words but imagery and impressions. In order for the Inner Self to understand and decode the messages in images, it needs feelings that are genuine. Often, it is required to really go deep into the feeling so that you sense it with the physical body.

The Inner Self is sometimes also referred to as one’s Power Animal. It is not something from outside that possesses you but rather your internal energy pattern that you own.

Your Inner Self is the one supposed to rule you instead of your Ego. In order to get to know it meditation and shamanic drum journey can be used.
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The Inner Self uses the aspect of the mind that is below the level of your consciousness. So we might say that our Inner Self uses a process (mind) that is hidden beneath the surface of the awareness and which is not analytical or logical, but literal and factual. In other words – it takes all that it gets from the Middle Self literally and exactly. It processes words and verbalised thoughts and converts them into imagery patterns and stores them in its memory bank (subconscious).

The Inner Self is rooted in love. Choices made from this place are always for your highest good and greatest benefit, and for the best interest of everyone around you.

It lives in your heart.

The Higher Self

In Hawaiian it is called Aumakua – it has many translations but my favourite one is “to flow through that which holds together generations”. The Higher Self, also called our Soul Self, is our unconscious.

The Higher Self functions in the Soul body. It is located above our head. It can see our past, present and future. It is our link to the Universal Source of knowledge and to the Collective Mind. It functions as an observer.

We can tap to its knowledge when we connect to our Inner Self. In order to be able to communicate with your Higher Self you must first understand that you are inherently linked with the creative Intelligence that exists outside of Time and Space. Next, you must want to communicate with it since it only responds when it is asked to do so.

The Higher Self will not intervene in your life unless you invite it. It can only be approached through your Inner Self. The unconscious of your mind can only be accessed through the subconscious. Your Inner Self also guards the entrance to your Soul.


So you see that by knowing your many Selves and learning to control your Ego can help you greatly to gain control of your life. Instead of letting life happen to you, you can make it happen for you through following your true potential and fulfilling the goals of your Soul rather than the needs of the Ego.

If you would like to know more about how to reprogram your thoughts, you can read about it in my other post here.

If you would like to read more about the many spiritual rulers of a human then I suggest a book „Shamanic Spirit: A Practical Guide to Personal Fulfillment“ by Kenneth Meadows. Read more