During my time in medical school, one of the things we had to learn was the anatomy of the human body. We memorized hundreds of muscle, bone, organ etc names in Latin with the functions that these were carrying out in the body.

It was fascinating – the human body is like a very sophisticated biomachine. There is nothing for nothing and all of it is working together as a clockwork. Or so it should.

However – there was not a single word about the energetic makeup of the body. I have learned about it now after reading lots of books on spirituality, energetics and quantum physics.

Since even people with medical education only get half of the information, it is only natural that most people have no idea how to operate the bioenergetic system that a human being really is. 

Energetic Structure of Human Being

A human being can be described as a multidimensional bioenergetic system. 

One of the people who has been trying to explain how the physical and energetic work together in a human being is Joe Dispenza. That is why his meditations have resulted in miraculous recoveries from diseases that have no cure. He has described these experiences and experiments in his book “Becoming Supernatural”.

Everyone agrees that we do have the physical body. It can be seen and touched by ourselves and others. Many people feel that this is all they are. Or maybe this and their thoughts. And often it is agreed upon that the thoughts are produced by our brain. Actually this is not so. Thoughts are energy forms, just like emotions. These are both part of the human metaphysical plane. 

In the following I will try to describe what I have learned about the energetic makeup of the human body. Let’s start with a little picture that is very primitive, but might give you some idea.

Energetic bodies of a human being
Energetic bodies of a Human Being.
Most people only have conscious experience with one, some with two, very few with all three of them.


  1. Physical plane – physical body. Can be felt and seen by every human being. This is where our physical sensations take place.
  2. Metaphysical plane – our energy body that includes chakras and our physical body’s energy field. This is where the thought and emotional patterns get attached and form our personality. This is where the Ego/Mind is ruling us until we push it off the throne. This is also the plane that allows telepathy, reiki, energy readings to work. Because there are tiny particles of energy and light that can be detected and molded. This can be felt and seen by more sensitive people, the ability is available for all people but most have this muted due to excessive thought activities. It can be measured by certain scientific equipment.


  1. Non-physical plane – Soul energy. This is being, knowing and intuition. There are no words to describe it because the moment you try to say something about it, it is incorrect. Our language is based on duality and there are no words to describe something that just is. It is no-thing. It is the unborn, unnamed as Buddha called it. It can only be experienced, not measured.

All the physical has its roots in the metaphysical. And metaphysical energy is heavily influenced by singularity. This is why there is always an energetic pattern present in the metaphysical field before the disease is developed in our body. I have talked more about how this works in another post.

How does it all work?

As we are born to this world, we start to accumulate energy patterns (thoughts, emotions) through life experiences. This is what we use to make up our personality. That is why most people list their jobs and main personality traits when asked who they are.

The most painful emotions along with certain thought patterns that “feed” these that are especially strongly attached to us form our so-called pain body. As its name refers, the pain body loves pain. The way it feeds can be explained like this:

  1. Some external event activates a certain emotion from our past (something that we have experienced and did not make us feel good)
  2. Then the thought patterns kick in that make the emotion stronger
  3. It also helps when someone else that we can share these thoughts and feelings is agreeing to it.

The only way this energy entity that is not you can feed off your energy, is when you identify with it. The moment you step out of it and acknowledge and observe, it is cut off. Some of the stronger patterns might try again another time, but then these will also be weaker, until totally diminished.

And then there is the Ego – energetic entity that is part of us but not really who we are, who has the job of keeping us alive in a way. But very often it has gone haywire and is controlling our life and very strongly tries to protect the personality. Because this is what it has identified as you. And you are the one who has allowed it. 

You are not your personality, you are not your body, you are not your mind or your job or your great sense of humor that makes you The Funny Guy. You are the energy behind all activities in your life observing it all – your thoughts, emotions, ups and downs.

The reason why we have come so far from the essence of who we are is because nobody has taught us how to operate the extremely complex bioenergetic machine called human being. If we were taught from our childhood what our emotions and thoughts are and how to handle them, our lives and the world in general would be a totally different place.

In order to gain access to our Soul, we have to break through the “package” that we carry in our metaphysical plane. That is why the Dark Night of the Soul/Ego Death leads to awakening. There are also people who awaken instantly, without the Ego Death but these are not as common as the first group.

Energetic field - astral body
This is what our dualistic energetic body – astral body, looks like with all the thoughts and emotions attached to it. This also illustrates our pain body being formed by stronger thought and emotional patterns and our personality.
Our Ego is the one guarding all of this.

Most people have their life run by their Ego/Mind. They think that they are in charge of their life, when in fact they are totally unable to exercise their free will because without knowing all their decisions and actions are executed by the pre-programmed patterns of their mind. These are influenced by society, religion, personal experiences and actions of idols.

There is no coming to consciousness without pain. People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own Soul. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of lights, but by making the darkness conscious.

– C.G. Jung

Living like this is like trying to fill the bottomless cup. There are glimpses of satisfaction but never real feeling of fulfillment. It very often also results in choosing a life path that takes up a lot of energy and causes stress to keep going at it. It is like that because it is not really your path. And unhappy people tend to lash out at others and their environment. We all can see the result of that with our own eyes.

How to Access Your Soul

Most people think that they have to do something in the physical plane to change their life. But the whole world actually works from inside out. This is why they say “As within, so without”. The place where everything starts is actually the non-physical plane. This is what you need to become really familiar with. 

The only way to experience the Soul energy is in the present moment, because that is the only state in the dualistic life that is singularity. The present moment just is… right now. Same as the energy in singularity. When you feel it, the thoughts will lose their power or subside for periods of time.

There is no need to fight the thoughts. You just have to accept them as they are but not to become them. You have to observe them and know that this is not you. You will notice how they fade away – even the meanest ones. And you will learn to distinguish between the energy of your mind and your Soul. As you ascend, your mind also gets sneakier and tries harder to “play” your Soul energy.

Eckhart Tolle has described in his teachings how to access the present moment. It is good to read and live by the book called “The Power of Now”

Being present has to become the primary mode of living. You can still get pulled into thoughts but as you get used to bringing yourself back into the present moment over and over again, your thoughts run out of energy. You do not even have to heal any thought or emotional patterns because these will just subside. Because you are changing your core frequency to the frequency of your Soul, these nagging thoughts or destructive emotional patterns no longer have anywhere to attach and will run their course.

The Two States of Being

There are only two main energies you are operating from – Soul and Mind. This could also be said as being conscious versus being unconscious. Most people operate from their Mind. 

The key to get to your Soul energy is to accept the current moment as it is – it is perfect right now because you designed it for yourself. The next step is to be really present here and now and feel the stillness in it. This will lead you to feel the love, peace, zen energy of your Soul. And that love is not the fear-based love that people are chasing most of their lives but unconditional love that just is.

Access to Soul Energy through being present. Accepting the present moment as perfect and being fully conscious in it. I AM is the Observer, pure consciousness, self-awareness.

In order to move from the Mind energy to the Soul energy, it will take time and patience. It is not hard to focus on the present moment, but it can be hard and painful when the layers of Ego/Mind start to break down. It is not called Ego Death for the fun of it – death is painful.

This is probably one reason why most people end up not doing the job. Even after getting out of the Ego Death, the energy is still fluctuating until it is balancing out. But this is when you are already conscious and can understand what is going on with you. 

Energy balancing
This is just an illustration of how your energies balance out after the Ego Death and during the Awakening process.

There are different phases in this process that you go through. You cannot skip any of these steps or speed them up in any way. You can extend it though if you resist it. In any case, if you decide or are forced to make the shift and work through it, it is so worth it. 

Effects of Being Present

By practicing, you remain in your Soul frequency for longer and longer and it will become your permanent state of being. This affects your metaphysical plane and through that also your physical life. Your life situation will improve and you will find that life carries you to the exact place and people and actions that feel deeply satisfying.

The non-physical energy is the basis of everything you experience in your life. Once you shift into this frequency, your thoughts will change. You become more productive because your energy is only focused on the things you try to achieve, not going all over the place. You will not be back in your childhood fighting with the neighbour’s kid when you are trying to write an article or playing with your kid. You will not be somewhere in the future imagining a happier life when talking to your spouse. 

You are more present with everything and everyone. You become a better person in all areas of your life. 

Another thing that might happen, is that you might change your profession. Your Soul will try to carry you to the life path that you were meant to walk. Sometimes, especially when one fights it, these changes will happen suddenly and there will be chaos for a period of time in your life.

But if you let yourself be carried, the change will happen almost seamlessly and one day you just wake up and notice how you are in a totally new place in your life. And it is always more fulfilling and blissful.

All adversities in life become easier to overcome. The strength that comes from the inner peace and balance is not affected by the external circumstances. You know that you can overcome everything and that it is all good for something. You stop fighting with your life and start living it. You actually start enjoying life and feel amazing. And it is all coming from inside of you. 


So in order to be “a fully fledged human being” as Sadhguru loves to say, you would have to work with all you are. It is much easier to do that once you have some knowledge of it and are able to consciously direct your energy. 

It can take time and does require patience to step on this journey. The best guide for you is your Soul that speaks to you through your heart. These messages come to you through intuition as knowing or feeling. Something that cannot be explained by your mind and that you have no doubt about. 

I hope that one day all our children will be taught this as they are growing up for this would make the whole of humanity and this planet a much nicer place. Read more



Everyone of us has some low periods in life, but some of them stand out. These are usually the ones that start very suddenly and bring with it the biggest changes in our lives. Sometimes it can be such a big change in life circumstances that it ends up changing our personality and general direction in life. These periods feel like hell and there seems to be no way out. 

This period in one’s life is called the Dark Night of the Soul (DNOTS) or in traditional zen spiritualism, it is also called the Ego Death. The last actually describes it better – it is death before death. Your identity dies. Your brain short circuits because nothing makes sense.

And even though it does feel like death for the brain, it is actually good for your Soul. I know, you do not want to hear it when you are in hell, but retrospectively, you’ll get it.

What is the Dark Night of the Soul?

Your mind has an actual experience of death and it feels like you go through the gates of hell and all rings of it one by one. I have had many of these experiences that have mostly lasted 2-5 months. The last one that lasted over a year and it was the king of all of my Dark Nights of the Soul for me. 

Every single time it has started with some sort of a shock in my physical world. When I was younger my soul actually left the body when that happened and remained floating high above my head in a safe proximity for me to stay alive. I cannot recall much from these periods. Even under hypnosis, all I can see from these periods is me looking down as if through thick fog to my body going about its life. No emotions or sensations can be recalled at all.

The Dark Night of The Soul feels like there is no way out. Your brain thinks you are actually dying. Photo: @sirisvisual

The last one was different because now I have a daughter and I had to force myself not to switch on my usual zombie/survival mode. So this time all of me had the full exposure to the whole experience. 

So how do you know you are going through a Dark Night of The Soul? What do you feel?

I guess anyone who is going through it would describe it differently but what is common in all is that you are exposed to the maximum level of pain – emotional and physical – that your body can take without you passing out or dying physically.

I felt like every cell in my body was on fire, every breath was so painful that I was praying it would be the last, every heartbeat hurt so much that I wanted to scream and rip it out to stop it. My thoughts were racing a thousand miles per hour. My brain did not understand anything, there was no way out, it felt like it would never end. My daughter’s existence was the only thing that stopped me from killing myself. She is such an angel and I cannot imagine hurting her in any way.

Why does The Dark the Night of The Soul happen?

Your Soul decided to have this experience before you were born. You chose this to start your ascension process, your awakening to your true Self, your Soul essence and overcome your Ego. In this process you will have to dissolve at least some of your Ego or pain body as Eckhart Tolle calls it.

The trigger for Dark Night of The Soul can be anything from long term depression, sudden death of a loved one, a painful breakup, job loss, bankruptcy, Twin Flame activation or whatever shocks you deeply. Some people also have a spontaneous awakening, but this is more uncommon. Or maybe people just do not talk about it as much.

In all of these cases you are forced to dissolve at least some of your identity and to start living more from your Soul. 

The pain is caused by your identity / Ego dissolving. Photo: @fodelwdc

How do you get out of it?

The only way to get out of the Dark Night of The Soul is to start inner work. Some say that you have to do a lot of inner work. In a way it is true. Because your brain is trying to figure out what you have to DO to get out of it, it can be in some ways comforting to do something. Like healing your Inner Child or clear some karma etc.

In fact the purpose of the Dark Night of The Soul is for you to collapse your false identity – your EGO – and return to your true self – your Soul. Your Soul does not feel pain, it does not think something is right or wrong. It exists outside of duality. Once you get into BEING, then you experience who you really are. And there is no more pain. 

Teachers like Eckhart Tolle have all emphasized how easy it really is to just be. But your brain makes it hard, because it is impossible for it to understand that there is no doing involved and all it has to do is slow down.  There are many techniques to reach the state of being.

In my experience, I could not get into being unless I was in unbearable pain. And once I reached the state of being, I couldn’t manage to stay in that state for long. My brain was going thousand miles per hour with all the thoughts. So the first thing that I had to do was to slow down. I slowed down everything in my life and then finally my thoughts started to calm down as well.

I also did a lot of energy work – sound healing, shamanic journeys, chakra healing, SRT, SCIO healing, Inner Engineering course, cold therapy, Shambhavi Mahamutra Kryia practice for 40 days etc. Just because my brain still felt that I have to do something to ease the pain. It has all been very useful, of course. 

You start to “heal” and your reality changes to the positive. In case of using these practices it depends on the amount of your painbody’s negative wired material you are prepared to confront and release. It is helping your Soul to get on the driver’s seat in your life. All of this works as an increasingly powerful energetic transmitter that will force you towards a new positive reality, release old negative patterns from your current reality, and allow you to step into “creator” mode over time.

It is impossible to create or manifest a positive reality from a negative energetic state. You use all your energy for creation and will end up creating more of the same pain unless you are able to change your energy.

You are doomed to fail If you try to skip the first step of confrontation of your shadow and go straight to trying to be the “creator”.

The mechanics of The Dark Night of The Soul

When we go through the Dark Night of the Soul, we dissolve our painbody, we change our thought patterns and effectively change our brain. In order to become more awake, we have to change the way we use our brain. Instead of leading our life, it should be our best support system in this world. But very often it restricts and sometimes even hurts us instead of providing support.

During the Dark Night of The Soul your brain runs into total shutdown because your logical mind is unable to explain what is happening, why it is happening or how to stop it from happening. This is extremely painful because your body chemistry is governed by your brain and the brain is totally dysfunctional and firing at all cannons. If this extreme state of stress continues on the body, our body will get very sick and we might even end up really dying. You can read about the mechanics of getting sick in here. For the brain, we are already dying, that is why it is behaving like this.

So the only way to get out of this pain is to somehow get out of your head and allow the brain to restart. This can happen naturally in the process of Dark Night of The Soul , but it is better if you understand what is happening to you, so you can help yourself.

The best way to get your brain to work for you is to slow down the automatic uncontrollable and often unconscious thought trail. The best way to do that is to meditate or practice presence. All meditative practices work very well. In extreme cases I also found that cold therapy (dipping into 5C water for up to 5 minutes) also helps.

Neuroscience – train your brain as a muscle

Recent advances in Neuroscience also support these meditative practices. Many practitioners who have studied the subject, like Joe Dispenza and Maxwell Maltz proved in studies that when human beings learn a new skill, plastic changes occur in the brain by strengthening existing neural connections, or by creating new neural pathways and connections.

These studies have shown that those who do a short sharp burst of study or practice, such as trying to manifest, will feel some initial gain as the brain channels that skill through existing neural pathways in a plastic way. However such gains are quickly lost and the skill does not stay embedded as the neural pathways used are not “dedicated” to that task, but are “guns for hire” in that moment that accomplish the task, and then go on to some other task.

Real change involves slow and regular committed practice that actually signals the brain to create new pathways and new connections, which will test the person as they feel inertia, resistance, and slow progress while the neural reorganisation is undergone. This is the basis to change existing neural pathways of our mind distortions and to create new realities. Sustained practice solidifies learning and “rewrites” existing neural circuits with new connections (conclusions and associations). Thoughts create the basis for material changes in our brain.

The only one that can help you out of the Dark Night of The Soul is you. You have to do the inner work. Photo: @dallehj

For example, people who did visualization practice of playing a piano or doing gym workouts, when compared to people who did the physical equivalent of those same practices, showed the same brain changes in the same regions of their brains, and developed competencies similar but not as great as those who did the physical version of those exercises. When the visualization group then did the physical exercise they only needed one-third of the time to reach the same physical aptitude as those who relied solely on physical means.

In an activity that is solely about our mental and energetic impact on the quantum field then the visualization method is the beginning and the end of this type of process. From a neuroscience point of view, imagining and acting and doing an act involve the same motoric and sensory areas of the brain. Visualizing an object tricks the brain into thinking you are really seeing the object. This is the start of manifesting. Create the image or intention and let the brain change “your experience” of reality so you feel that it is real. All change must firstly come from inside us before it can objectively start to be manifested “out there”.

Similarly we can cultivate positive or virtuous states of mind via meditation which actually create the emotional brain neural connections for us to embody and become that virtuous state in real life. We also can direct the mind to heal the body or itself via visualizing this action to be done as studies have shown the brain directs such physical changes to occur via neurotransmitter triggers or nervous system signals arising from meditation states.


All you can do to get out of the Dark Night of The Soul is to be. And in order to get into the state of being you may do many things. You can help yourself to follow the process of the ascension that has been triggered. It cannot really be sped up in any way, but it can be easier to tolerate. Soul has its own pace for your development and this cannot be rushed.

Even though during the period of Dark Night of The Soul it feels like it will never end, it does. If you fight it or try to numb it using drugs or other substances, you can extend it, but eventually it always ends. As do all things external to us. The only constant in our outside life is change. The only constant in us is our Soul. And the only thing constant in your physical life is your breath.

If you are conscious and allow the process to unfold, you will learn a lot and you will also begin to trust your Soul and your life journey. 

Read more
Raise your vibration to manifest

The law of attraction states that you can only manifest what matches your vibration. So in order to get a happy life, you have to vibrate at the “happy” frequency. Raising your frequency sounds like a science experiment. It is not as complicated as you might think.

As quantum physics states – everything is energy. And that energy creates vibration, they have their own specific frequency. I’m sure you have noticed how happy people tend to elevate everyone’s mood in the room. This is because their vibration is higher and affects everyone around them.

Frequency of emotions

David R. Hawkins researched and wrote about human emotions and their frequencies that are mapped on a scale from 0 to 1000 in a book called “Power vs Force”

Our frequency is a collective total frequency of our physical body, our mental body (thoughts) and emotional body (our feelings). This frequency changes at every moment depending on how we feel and what we think or what we are doing. You can have different frequencies for different areas of your life – that is why you might enjoy going to the gym in the morning but not taking an exam at Uni on the same day.

According to the hierarchy of emotions listed by Dr. Hawkins, our lower emotions start from 20 to 75 on the scale of 0 to 1000. These are the emotions of the Ego which carry the message of “things are done to me”.

Shame has the lowest vibration and carries the feeling of misery and humiliation. Going up from there comes feeling guilty, victimised and blaming others. Another step higher is apathy with helplessness and hopelessness. And then there is grief with sadness and depression.

Emotions of low vibration

The next level, from 100 to 175, represents the linear emotions that carry the message “things are done by me”. These start from fear with worry and anxiety. Next one might come as a surprise – the feeling of desire that comes with greed and feeling insatiable.

Then comes anger with hate and aggression which is also a moving energy. And then there is pride that makes us very demanding and dependent on external conditions to make us happy.

Medium low frequency emotions

All these emotions listed above make up the destructive energy that we can create with our feelings and thoughts. These cause all sorts of negative experiences and also can help to create physical illnesses – especially chronic conditions, when practiced on a daily basis.

The next level starts from courage (200) that is the emotion where the power first appears and goes up to reason (400). These are the spiritual emotions that carry the message “things are done through me”.

Courage makes us feel empowered and excited about life. Neutrality makes us feel trust, satisfaction and feeling of inner confidence – our energy becomes very positive. Willingness makes us feel successful and we overcome the inner resistance to life. In this state our energetic growth is very fast.

With acceptance comes a major transformation with understanding that you are the creator of your own life. This is the point where you forgive and take responsibility for your life experience. Reason can only come after all the previous stages with understanding and using your rationality, knowledge, intelligence and education to create a happier life for yourself.

Medium high frequency emotions

And the highest level of emotions starts from love (500) that eliminates negativity and goes up to enlightenment (700-1000). These are the enlightened emotions that carry a message “things are done as me”. 

Love brings true happiness, heightened intuition and decisions made from the heart. Joy has a huge effect on everyone around you, your life feels effortless and you may notice synchronicity.

Peace makes you feel that your life has a higher purpose to make the world a better place. With enlightenment comes powerful inspiration, higher understanding of life and our experience as a human being. It also has a huge effect on other people and the world’s energy field.

High frequency emotions

From courage upwards, all feelings carry creative energy and help your life to expand. 

If you are in a high vibrational state then you can perceive mainly positive things in life since your vibration attracts that type of energy to come to your life. Your reality reflects your frequency. You can knowingly raise your vibration and through that create a better life for yourself.

You can look at the chart below and map which emotions dominate you and consciously step up and raise your vibration.

Frequencies of your emotions

What affects your vibration?

There are many things that affect your vibration. Pretty much all things that influence your body, emotions or thoughts can change your frequency. So it is important to take notice of your environment –  food you eat, people that surround you, the music and other sounds, the words you speak, the thoughts you think and even the smells that surround you.

The very first step is to start noticing your emotional reaction to the external environment. We cannot always control what goes around us but we can always-always control how that affects us. But there are things we can control.

For instance, many people are used to following daily news but very often do not feel very good after getting the list of negative information. They end up thinking about these things for hours and talk about it with others. Which kind of spreads the negativity even more. If there was a news channel that only covers positive news in the world, then it would be totally different.

And you might have noticed how watching a good stand up or after laughing with your friends you feel much better then before. So laughter is one of the easiest things that you can access anywhere to help you raise your vibration.


People that you have the most interaction with every day have a huge effect on your vibration. There are some people who are amazing and you will always look forward to catching up. And then there are the ones that have very bad influence on us. 

There is no point in trying to get someone to get into your frequency when they are not ready. It is therefore easier to keep your distance from some people and minimise the contact with them. If you know and know how to notice this then you can also protect yourself.

I have some people in my life that I have to interact that are extremely negative about everything. I have used crystals to help me to shield my energy field. If such people love to call you, it is good to do something else at the same time or just to get the tap flowing. For some reason running water has a protective effect during phone conversations with negative people.

Here are some suggestions of the crystals that have worked for me: hematite, black tourmaline, onyx, tigers eye.


Freshly prepared foods vibrate at 10-15MHz, therapeutic grade essential oils can have frequency of 52-320 MHz. Fresh herbs have a frequency of 20-27 MHz and dried ones have 12-22 MHz. It is also good to know that processed canned foods have the vibrational frequency of 0 MHz.

If you believe that you can raise your vibration by eating some specific diet then it can be true. But there is no universal right diet to raise your vibration.

The foods that raise your vibrations are the ones that are good for your body. You will just have to feel what works for you. Our bodies are so very different. I know many people who are full vegetarians, and some who are on total keto and both have high vibrational frequency.

I have noticed that for some reason some of my vegan friends seem to be the ones more in trouble since they focus a lot on the animal cruelty and therefore are preaching the negativity and this is not good for anyone’s vibration.

I am not about to argue with any of them, but I also do not think it is right to force your own beliefs on anyone. Especially by using fear and horror. Everyone has to find their own way to feel good.


In order to understand what sound is and what is higher frequency, we first must understand what 50Hz stands for. It means that the sound produces 50 waves of energy per second of time. The higher the number of waves per second, the higher we hear the sound.

Humans can hear sounds from between 20 hz to 20 000 hz. This range decreases with age and most adults can only hear up to 13 000 to 15 0000 hz. You can check your ability to hear using this video below.

Sounds below 20 hz and called infrasound and sounds above 20 000 hz are ultrasound. Many animals can hear far lower and higher frequencies than people. 


Colours are the light visible to the human eye. Each colour vibrates at a certain frequency in the electro-magnetic spectrum. And through that vibration it also influences the environment.

I have a habit of wearing black when I feel like I need extra protection. It feels like a shield that protects me from everyone’s energy.

The frequency of colour is also the reason why people in the business world prefer blue since it supports confident speech and clear communications. And why baby’s room is coloured green or pink to emphasise love.

People who are depressed also want to pick red, black or grey colour clothes. However, it is advised to pick some higher vibrational colours to help to lift your spirits.

Understanding this can help you to choose the colour of your next garment, wallpaper for your bedroom or a car you’ll buy.

How to raise your vibration through chakras?

Chakras are energy centres of the human body that each have their own corresponding frequency – colour and sound. Each chakra is related to a particular set of DNA codes within our body, an organ, nervous system, plexus, hormones etc. 

If one of them is not functioning properly, it is likely that your physical body is starting or already is hurting in some way. It is a sign that something is not right in your energy body. As was written in a previous post, there is always an energy pattern before something physical appears. 

It is good to know the frequencies of your healthy body and below which level the diseases can get to us. Cold symptoms come up with 58MHz, flu 57 MHz – cancer at 42MHz and our body starts to die at 25MHz. 

Using colours and music to raise your vibration

By using the energy of colour and sound you can also transmute the discordant energy and align the body’s harmonic energy to increase health, vitality and well-being. Note that the frequency for corresponding colour is 42 octaves higher than the frequency of the sound.

Music and colour frequency for chakras

If you feel that one or the other chakra is blocked or you would like to raise your vibration then it is good to start listening to the music that corresponds to the frequency you are aiming for. You can also start wearing the clothes that match the frequency you are trying to get into.

You can find specific Chakra music on YouTube if you feel a need to focus on one. Here is a meditation that helps to balance all chakras through sound and raise your vibration.

How semi-precious stones can raise your vibration?

You can also use semi-precious stones to support your chakras. It is good to wear the stone close to the location of the chakra. For instance if you want to influence your throat chakra you might wear turquoise earrings or for your heart chakra have a rose quartz pendant that hangs over your heart.

Root chakrafire agate, black tourmaline, bloodstone, hematite, tigers eye

Sacral chakracarnelian, citrine, coral, moonstone

Solar plexusorange calcite, citrine, malachite, topaz

Heart chakra – green calcite, green tourmaline, jade, rose quartz

Throat chakraaquamarine, Lapis Lazuli, turquoise 

Third Eyeamethyst, black obsidian, purple fluorite 

Crown chakraamethyst, diamond, clear quartz, selenite


Now you know why on some days you like certain type of music. You also know why certain people have a positive and others negative effect on how you feel.

You can also knowingly dress yourself in certain colours to feel better and use crystals to protect and heal yourself. Even if you don’t believe it because you cannot see it, it still works – like gravitation.

It is good to know how to operate in this world full of vibrations. It is also good to know how your environment influences your vibration. This is one of the main things that explains why we feel the way we feel or what our life experience is like. Once you start knowingly using this knowledge, your life can become much more enjoyable. Read more

your thoughts unlock your full potential

What if I told you that if you want to be healthy and successful you should reprogram your thoughts? For most of us thoughts are just something that happens. We don’t really give it too much thought. Not sure if you have noticed but very often the events going on in our head end up happening in our life.

Your thoughts have a huge impact on the achievements and happiness in your life in general. So learning how to think is probably the most important skill that they don’t teach us at school.

Ever thought about your thoughts?

It is funny but most people do not ever think about their own thoughts. They don’t analyse where these come from, they just go with it. Some think that it is the voice of reason coming from their brain. Well, the brain has something to do with it but I’m not going to go into that here since it will not help us in any way. There is no pill you can take that makes you think “right”.

Control your thoughts
Gaining control over your thoughts can also change your personality.
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Your thoughts are heard as words in your head. And these words can come from either your Ego or the Inner Self. You can read more about the Ego and the Inner Self in my previous post here.

In any case – if your Ego is responsible for your thoughts then these words are fast and loud and clear. Often not carrying the best of sensation. Most of the time these thoughts actually stop us from advancing as much as we would expect. This is what we should try to avoid.

Your thoughts should originate from your heart (Inner Self). It is just a feeling first and then after carefully listening, we get to the message that this feeling is carrying. It is not fast or loud and not very clear in the beginning. Sometimes is comes as pictures, sometimes as just knowing that are formulated into words.

When your heart is the source of your thoughts and ruling your will-power then you are filling the purpose of your Soul. This is the main reason why we should practice thinking.

Gain control over your thoughts

There are very many different practices that can be used to gain control of your thoughts. Usually our subconscious is already filled with negative memories that make reprogramming your thoughts from negative to positive very hard. 

Every time we experience something that is labelled negative in our memories, an energetic nod forms in our energy body. If there are big ones or very many these will manifest as illnesses in our physical body. Some people use the tapping method or liberation breathing technique in order to release such blocks. 

If you have a feeling that you have more than one thing eating you away and you do not know where to start then I strongly suggest getting some professional help from a holistic therapist. One very powerful technique that also gives you a list of tools to continue the work whenever something pops up, is subconscious mind cleansing therapy. 

I went through two week subconscious mind cleansing therapy over 10 years ago and that really triggered a great development in me. During this therapy I learned some techniques that I have used over all these years to reprogram my thoughts and clear negative memories.

I remember my first session at the subconscious mind cleansing therapy. I cried a lot but when I walked out of there, it felt like a boulder had been unattached from my feet and I was flying.

It is interesting how a strong negative memory can totally fade away once you have taken the emotion out of it. You can still remember it, but it is very vague and almost like black and white movie with a very bad sound quality that you are observing rather than living through again.

Very often I use meditation to find the source of the negative feeling or the origin of the negative thought. Usually it is either a fear for something or some sort of painful memory. Once it is located, it can be neutralised and if done properly, it will never come back. That sounds so simple, doesn’t it?

Few examples how reprogramming your thoughts improves your health

Recently I had such experience that had to do with my fear of getting hurt. It felt like I was standing on guard all the time for getting hurt by something or someone since I had just come through a rather hard period in my life that was very educational but nevertheless – hard.

That had caused an energetic block that was causing muscle tension in the upper back and shoulders. Fear of getting hurt can even cause a slight tenderness or headache at the back of your head. Not a nice feeling. I noticed that it was really eating me up inside since my Ego loved it and had started to expand it. For me it actually feels like a burn or acid if the Ego is working on me.

During the meditation I first concentrated on the tension in my body and started to go deep into it to find the source for it. After understanding the reason behind the tension, I acknowledged that it is there and then released it.

I was not only thinking feeling safe, but also really felt secure and safe. That relaxed all the muscles in my body that were affected. I imagined being somewhere where I felt the safest and the feeling started to fade and my body relaxed.

Another very common physical symptom comes from feeling that someone has been unfair to us – the common cold. Every time I get the feeling that I’m about to go down with it, I analyse – who has wronged me in my opinion. After saying it out loud the cold already gives in. If you manage to talk to the person and clear it out, the effect is very strong and instant.

I suggest you try it out next time Mr. Sniffles is about to attack you.

Different sources of negative thoughts

The truth is that our strength gets tested all the time or we would not grow. Our Soul is here to grow and expand. For most of us all positive and negative sensations originate from ourselves. 

Negative thoughts come from our Ego that keeps questioning everything and trying to keep us from development. The Ego feeds off the negativity, so it uses every chance it gets to spread it in your thoughts. 

For some of us who are more sensitive to all energies around us, the things happening in the world around us can also have a huge effect on how we feel. Sometimes there are some large scale global energetic changes that can cause sensitive people to feel really bad or simply edgy.

Usually, the sensation is different then. We don’t feel these global energy changes as sharp and personally attaching us, these just linger in the back of your mind. Also you are not getting any of “the Ego talk” accompanying these feelings. 

For example, about 4 months before the COVID-19 pandemic reached our country, I had this weird feeling that something really big is about to change. I couldn’t say what it was or even guess anything like that. 

There have been many cases of different viruses in the world during my lifetime but none of them have ever been so extensive as to reach our country. We were all forced to work from home, spend time with only our family and keep away from everyone on the street.

It ended up being a very interesting and relaxing time for me. I got to work from home that stopped my growing over-working cycle. I read a lot of books. One of which was Quiet : The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain. Reading this made me realize that I’m actually an introvert and I really do not need that many people in my daily life.

In case of this type of global energetic shift, we can only stay strong and positive. But in case the origin of negativity is inside us, we can do so much more. After all, we are in control of our life, right.

How to know where your thoughts originate from?

You know that it is your Ego talking when your thoughts are either attacking you, questioning your abilities or seem to know that other people are negative or against you without even ever having spoken with the them. Ego wants to survive and it cannot survive or prosper if your Inner Self is calling the shots.

There are few questions you can use to determine if the source of your thoughts is your heart (The Inner Self) or your Ego.

1.    How does it make you feel?

The Inner self is always „talking“ with love and its words will always make you feel good. Even in the worst of circumstances. In case you feel fear or guilt or worthlessness or anything else negative, then it is your ego talking.

2.    Where does the message come from?

Some people are able to determine the place in the body where the message originates. My Inner Self always talks from my heart, my ego usually from my gut or head, it moves around.

Also, your body is relaxed and warm when it is your Inner Self, and gets stressed and tensed when your Ego is speaking. You can even feel very sharp physical sensation at the source of the thought on your body.

3.    What is the nature of the message?      

The message of the Inner Self is more like a certain knowing that starts with a feeling rather than a thought. Ego’s messages are always thoughts/words and often accompanied by negative emotions or doubt.

Ego vs. Self

There is another benefit from learning to listen to your heart. Your Inner Self is the one guarding your Soul. This is the way to gain access to your Higher Self. The Higher Self has access to limitless universal knowledge. 

If you want to know more about the Ego, the Inner Self, the Middle Self or your Higher Self then I wrote about these in my previous post.

How to communicate with the Higher Self?

If you meditate or even sit quietly very still then the Inner Self is the one observing your thoughts. Once the random thoughts subside then you have the knowledge of the Inner Self. This is when you can ask your Higher Self anything. It is very powerful. It takes a lot of practice but it is so worth it.

If you approach your Higher Self it must be respectful but not submissive. You have to ask a clear question simply with trust and respect. It is good to write the questions down since the answer might come in many different ways and not always at the time when you ask it but some time later.

You have to be alert to not miss the answer – it might come as a symbol, synchronicity or sudden happening in your life.

If you have never mediated before then it is good to use some guided YouTube videos. I am adding one here that is directed for connecting with your Higher Self.

You can use this guided Higher Self meditation to help you reach contact with your Higher Self. All types of meditation can help you quiet the Ego.


It is very important to think good thoughts or not to think at all. And it is not easy to train yourself to do that. But there are so many ways to learn it.

Clearing out your negative emotions is not an easy task, but probably one of the most rewarding things you can ever do for yourself. You can forgive many people without having to see the person that hurt you. It will make you feel so much better and your health will also improve. Your physical body will feel it instantly.

Once you know how to control your thoughts, there are so many more things that you can learn that use this technique. Like manifesting, but I will write about this in a separate post.

So I guess that the saying that your happiness is in your own hands is very true. I would re-word it and say that your happiness is in your thoughts. You are the only one who can control your thoughts and feelings and by learning how to do that we gain control of our life and unlock the happiness. Read more