A New Angle: Health, Energy and Sickness

These days it is especially important to understand how to maintain our health. I bet most people have not really understood the mechanics of how we get sick. And by most people I would also include health professionals.

I have also finished a medical school and none of this what I am about to write here was covered in our curriculum.

I hope this will give you an extra arsenal to fight for your health. And even better, keep yourself from getting sick in the first place.


Modern medicine defines health as physical, psychological and social well being. Seems that all is covered but actually not quite, because a human being is an info-energetic entity. Our body is healthy when the metabolism, energy exchange and information exchange are all operating well.

From the external point of view, a healthy human being is someone who knows the entirety of who they are, accepts it and loves it unconditionally. Such a person is also able to accept and appreciate the environment where he/she lives. Without knowing oneself, it is not possible to grasp the essence of the world.

It is important to understand that we are not our body. We have a body and it is not our slave or burden but our friend. It has to be treated well and loved for it to function optimally. Loving your body doesn’t just mean thinking how much I love my abs or marveling in front of the mirror at the external appearance.

It means being in your body with all your conscious focus, it is experiencing what it feels like to be in your body. You know when you are doing it right, because it feels like all the cells in your body suddenly light up.

It is not possible to have such an experience with a closed heart center. And this is the key to our overall health. We do not get any vital energy flow into our body (all our bodies actually), if we are operating only with our lower energy centers that run on survival programming.

In a healthy human being all energy bodies and the physical body are aligned in harmony. Just as the blood flows in your physical body, energy has to have a free flow in our whole being. 

health is balance
Health is balance in our body, mind and life in general. Photo: Jared Rice @

If the start of the disease originates from our emotions, then traditional medicine is unable to cure it. It might even hurt us even further. In the case of viruses, these are also energy and we can attract these into our field by resonating with it.

Usually, when we get sick, we try to fight it from an external point. We are fighting the symptoms, not the cause. I write about the healing in more detail in a separate post.


This word can be broken into two parts – dis-ease, living without ease. This is quite a straightforward hint that we should be living in a state of ease. If you are not at ease within yourself and in your life, it is very hard to maintain good health. 

In general it could be said that disease is always either a reaper or a teacher. In the first case, it is your time to move on, in the other case, we must learn something. 

Ayurveda is classifying all diseases into five main sections:

  • Teachers – this is when the illness occurs because a person is stepping too far off his soul’s path which forms 60-70% of all illnesses in the world.
  • Friends – these illnesses help to protect the organism from some other more serious condition. These illnesses require a totally different cure from all other occasions. These illnesses form 3-5% of all illnesses in the world.
  • Helpers – these are conditions that have a strong effect on our body and these prepare us to overcome some more serious conditions. These also take up 3-5% of all conditions and usually do not need any cure at all.
  • Leaders – these are illnesses that appear usually a few years before death and are considered incurable because these are here to end our physical life. These are linked into the depletion of our life energy and predetermined in DNA. These are 10-15% of all illnesses.
  • Enemies – these are without exception all caused by external circumstances – like exposure toxic substances, radiation or materials, extreme temperatures etc. These are 5-10% of all cases.
Cancer is one of the most common conditions that is mainly caused first and foremost by the patient’s internal imbalances.
Photo: National Cancer Institute

The mechanics behind getting sick

Each particle in the atom has its own specific vibration. When this vibration is in balance, there are no problems. All imbalances within the atom result with anomalies. Over time the anomalies spread within the atom and it will change the vibration of the atom. Then it spreads to the molecular level. From there to the tissue, to the organ and finally the whole organism is affected.

Over years it affects the vibration of the cells and we start feeling it. Our body signals this to us through pain, discomfort, tiredness and rising body temperature. This is when we are looking for help from doctors. It can take 5 to 10 years from the initial dysfunction at the atomic level to develop into a full physical condition. If we do not balance the vibration at the early stages then it will be very hard to heal oneself later.

Chronic illness can also be caused by a single cell having its biorhythm disturbed that can be caused by many things. The cell cannot absorb energy because of imbalances in the DNA located in the nucleus of the cell where the DNA information field is disturbed. This results with the cell getting exhausted. It can also be caused by too much energy in the cell’s information field, or by physical destruction of the cells, acute infection, poisoning, radioactive damages etc.

Over time, the dysfunction of one cell can lead to the whole organism being out of balance and the outbreak results. This evolves quite slowly, the disease is in hiding for a long time before the first symptoms appear. The symptoms usually only appear once the dysfunction has spread to millions of cells. This can be called an energetically dominating pathological cell group.

All pathological conditions are not as much related to the energy body as a whole but more to the state of the energy channels in the body. These are like arteries carrying energy throughout the body and feeding it. In its essence these are not defined like arteries, these are more energy flowing in a certain direction that is covering everything it envelopes.

These energy channels ensure that the whole organism and each cell has sufficient energy supply and it also provides energetic protection. Many life situations can have a negative effect on the normal function of these channels. 

Physical body is the reflection of our energy body and vice versa. If our energy body is strong, then every malfunction is remedied instantly. The owner of the body doesn’t have any idea how close it was to getting sick.

Sometimes we do feel like we are about to get sick. In case of energy blockages, the energy flows around the blockage using smaller channels, but this means that millions of cells are deprived of energy because of the diversion. When our energy body is strong then our body is able to remedy the blockage itself without any external help.

Also, if we do not depend on external circumstances to be happy and fulfilled then it is very hard for any virus or disease to hook into us, because we are independent of the external energy fields.

Different causes for illnesses

The reason we get sick is always either external or internal. External = caused by some sort of external influence, internal are 100% self-generated.

Just as thoughts are energy forms, so are the pathogens that are one external cause for the disease. But as when we get sick because of our internal energy blockages, the external energy forms can only attach to us if we have the supporting circumstances in our energy body for these to enter. That means that we have to have the matching vibration to the pathogen.

This is why one and the same bacteria or virus can make one person sick and another doesn’t get infected at all. Negative vibrations in our energy field “pull in” the unhealthy condition.

People do not understand that disease can be caused by excess just as easily as from lack. If we do not have enough to eat, then we get sick, but also we can get sick just because we are greedy. It is very hard to look for a cause for a disease from our head. Even harder is to face our shadow side and fight it.

Very often people get sick after a shocking event in their life. The shocking experience breaks down the balance in our energy body and the sickness follows.

In such cases, it is important to deal with the negative emotion in an appropriate way. If you do not pay enough attention and take the right course of action, your unconscious will try to fix it with whatever comes to mind.

This is why when you are really sad or heartbroken, you make yourself feel better by eating a bucket of ice cream or a lot of junk food. It is not good for you and if you do it for months without an end, you end up overweight and eat yourself sick. And the actual emotion is still trapped inside your body.

In case of an emotional shock, our body switches on the survival program. If this is kept on for extended time, it causes extreme stress in the body and starts to break it. At the same time it is common to have a total lock-down of the heart center, meaning the body is cut off from the energy that is able to trigger the body’s self-healing programs. Joe Dispenza has provided few examples of this in his book “Becoming Supernatural”.

Allowing ourselves to be healthy

Sometimes when we work very hard and dream of the time off, lying in bed and sleeping in, we end up coming down with a cold. It makes us lie in bed and effectively we get exactly what we want. Most of the time even not acknowledging that our wish was granted.

Lack of attention and love can also cause this. This is very common with children. When they do not get enough love from their parents, they can get sick to have that love, attention and care. This is all happening on a subconscious level. The child does not want to get sick or plot it in any way.

It is very important to share love and care to people around us all the time so that they do not have to call for help in the form of a sickness to fill their cup. Even more important is to be able to provide all we need to ourselves.

Many elderly people are feeling as if their children have left them without care. They fill their time with watching TV that provides an illusion of being part of someone’s life, but this does not provide any life energy. Then they get sick and their children are there providing all the loving care.

Very often people lose their health when they are put in a position where they have to stay on their own like after retiring – people find it hard to find purpose in life and it is very hard for them to have to face themselves. 

This is why it is extremely important to get to know who you really are and understand how to be self-sufficient. This is how we can enjoy a healthy, long and fulfilling life without making ourselves sick or our body to age prematurely. Premature aging is caused by living in the past. People who keep thinking about the good old days age much faster than people who focus on the present moment. Youth is more a state of the being than something tangible.

All people are sick differently, it depends a lot on the person’s way of life. Essentially health is order, and disease is disorder. These days most people have some sort of health disorder, there are very few people who can say that they are totally healthy.

Actually, it is possible to stop the sickness before it manifests in our physical body if we are in tune with ourselves and we can notice the real reason for health problems before it goes too far. Sicknesses are never random – there is always a good reason. We just have not paid enough attention to ourselves and our lives.

Our body is always reacting to its environment – internal and external. It is trying to keep the balance and the moment it doesn’t work, the sickness appears. So the reason for physical and psychological disease, pain and torture is always the imbalance between body and mind. And this balance is individual for each person.

Getting attached to things in life can also cause all sorts of diseases. Once we let go and become free, our stress levels come down and our health gets better.

Our brain cannot distinguish between real and imaginary. So our thoughts can have a devastating effect on our body. Very many people “think” themselves sick by focusing on subjects in their heads that cause unnecessary stress and anxiety. 

Stress – The No 1 Cause 

Stress is caused by our energy flow being blocked. This means our body operates only using the three lower energy centers (chakras). This is when our body runs on the survival program. This is causing weakening of the life energy/ the energy field of the body.

Living in such a state has an effect on our sympathetic nerve system and causes the immune system to be suppressed. As a result our body becomes susceptible to the opportunistic viruses, fungal infections, allergies break out and autoimmune conditions can develop.

Stress is preparing us for a fight. These days this is the normal state in which we operate. Having all the stress hormones ravaging our body and depleting us from energy. Any extended state of stress can cause very serious health conditions. 

Depression appears when a person has lost all positive essence in life. It means being totally blocked off from your essence. It is almost impossible to pull someone out of depression unless the person is willing to fight it. If a person is in a very negative state, then the surrounding environment will “help” it along and provide more negativity. Which in extreme cases can end with death of the physical body.

Negative energy, caused by negative thoughts and emotions, disables us from getting energy from higher bodies and therefore our etheric body will start to starve. At some point if that continues, our physical body will start to suffer.

Genetic diseases and karma

Genetic diseases that are said to come with our family heritage are actually family karma. These are negative thought patterns (that is also energy) that is given down from generation to generation. These become especially strong when our predecessors have passed away. It is like all the energy that our parents were carrying for the family will fall on our shoulders and that is actually how it is.

There is no point in feeling victimized by it. You chose your family and it is your destiny to clear the karma or live with it. You do have your free will so you can choose not to deal with it, but if you do not clear it, then it will be carried over to your children.

Diseases that are caused by our karma usually work so that a certain vice that we carry in ourselves, pulls us to the life situations that result with the disease. It is almost impossible to cure these unless you get to the source of it and eliminate it. Karmic diseases are ruthless and always ready to hit us unless we change our ways.

If you are interested to read more about karma and what to do about it, then I have written a post on the subject that you can read here.


It is important to take ourselves as a whole that we are. Energy body, emotional body and physical body etc are not separate from each other. These are all different manifestations of the one, existing on separate planes simultaneously. 

When we keep our vibration high, it is impossible to catch a cold even when everyone else around us is sick. It is also the best flu jab in the world.

If we are fighting with ourselves and the world, we are harming both. It is easy to get into shape if you live your life fully. The goal should be to achieve harmony and balance within and without. This is when disease leaves us and we can enjoy a healthy body.

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