Quantum physics is probably the only science field that is able to explain at least to some extent, about the life on this planet. All of us seem to yearn for something more than we are able to sense with our five senses. Here is a little something that might be able to help you to find your way.

Quantum physics states that all is wave and form simultaneously. And all is born in nothingness. Photo: @juvnsky

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  • Being Human: How to end suffering for good?

    Most decisions in life are driven by our wish to lessen suffering in our life. To make it more comfortable, more enjoyable, more peaceful and fulfilling. Somehow this life is always in the future and not here. This is because we are so good at creating suffering for ourselves without noticing.

    Every human being who is born into this world will have a pain body, as Eckhart Tolle calls it. A lot of it is formed from the experiences that we label as negative over the course of our life.

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There are several books on quantum physics and even people who have YouTube channels to explain it. I was inspired to start investigating due to my ascension process. One would do anything to get out of the suffering that the Ego Death brings with it. Below are some links to the resources I have found helpful.

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